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introducing… character n.2:


Sayuri Kurosawa was the wife from a farmer known as the chief of Osimyaka village. Married for over ten years, they suddenly discovered why they still had no baby, even though they tried countless times: she wasn’t able to get pregnant. This sad event instigated her husband to cheat on her, since he was desperate to get an heir. Sayuri caught her husband with her sister in the act, and due to a deception rage, she ran to her room, locked herself in, and pierced her eyes with the chopsticks she was using in her hair, so she wouldn’t ever see any other disgrace in her life. She bled till dying at the tatami of her room. Her sister got pregnant by her husband and now, as a ghost, she haunts, till today, the houses they live in, making them moving again and again.

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Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

I feel the need to write my interpretation of the 2017 GitS adaptation/remake, because it amused me so much.

It received mixed reviews, since the plot is somewhat disconnected and it feels like there are scenes missing (like how Batou got rid of his assassin). And it got panned for its plot twist which I’ll assume you know by now. Spoilers, the Major who looks like Scarlett Johansson is actually the Japanese girl Motoko (Ghost) transferred into a cyborg body (Shell) and for that she wants vengeance on the guy behind the program. The movie is basically a revenge story that borrows the setting and style of the original movie.

It’s arguably not as good as the original but a lot funnier. I’m not sure if it still counts as subtext if it’s chiseled on a tombstone - Motoko visits her own grave at the end - but I am not a clever man, so I’ll call it subtext. The movie is actually about whitewashing and remakes: Cutter, the guy who is responsible for the cyborg experiments which “gave birth” to the Major. So Motoko Kusanagi becomes Scarlett Johansson.

 But then she doesn’t “work” as Cutter intended!

Get it?

He took someone/something Japanese, westernized/whitewashed it and then it didn’t work! It’s a remake how remakes fail, it’s amazing! Even the guy’s name is “Cutter” - like someone who works on movies. Also, Scarlett Johansson doesn’t kill him in the end, it’s Takeshi Kitano who shoots Cutter for what he did to Motoko.

And that’s why I think this movie was great.