japanese girl gangs

agoddamnrayeofsunshine  asked:

okay but like what if Mari used to be in one of those japanese girl gangs? She loves her brother and eventually all the other girls get attached to the cute chubby kid that ice skates that Mari is always bringing around (as some point they might even make him an honorary member). So Yuuri has a bunch of scary older sister type people with bright pink motorcycles ready to Kill A Man for him and Viktor only finds out about this when they all team up and threaten to off him if he hurts Yuuri (p1)

(p2) Bonus for Yurio finding out and being both terrified and amazed simultaneously, Minami meeting them and somehow revealing they were the initial chapter of the Yuuri Katsuki fan club to everyone in the vicinity, all 17 of them showing up with Mari to cheer him on at a big competition (World/Four Continents/GPF/whatever else idk) and freaking out the other competitors, Mari dating one of them, etc.


OH MY GOD? I love this so much!!!!

This is absolutely adorable and I love it and I 1000% accept this as my headcanon from now on!

But also, have you considered? Mari is 30, so all her friends and former japanese girl gang members are around her age or older.

So like, more than half of them are probably married by now and have young kids. Which just makes the entire thing even cuter.

Because like, you know that all these kids know Yuuri as “uncle Yuuri”, and they’re all super huge fans of him, and stuff. And the Nishigori triplets are probably the leaders of the Katsuki Yuuri Junior FC.

Looking at them now, you wouldn’t even believe some of them used to be in a girl gang, because these girls grew up into polite, respectable members of society.

But as soon as they get together? It’s like their public personas are shed away, and they become the beautiful, terrifying savages they truly are.

Viktor is terrified of them at first, but then they start showing him childhood photos of Yuuri, and he gets along with them perfectly after that.

And because Minami is a cute lil chicken nugget who adores Yuuri to the ends of the Earth, the girls probably adopt him into their group and he becomes an honourary lil brother and gets the same treatment as Yuuri.