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may 18, 2017 - little victories

i recently decided to start learning japanese, and it’s been a fun and enjoyable experience! i still have some hiragana left to learn before i dive into katakana and kanji, but i’m happy and proud of the progress that i’ve made so far.

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“Urgh, Flashcard…” you said…
“I’ve tried it and it didn’t work” you said…

Yes, it is the old, ordinary flashcard, but there’s some bit of detail which will create enormous difference when applied. It’s a psychology thingy,lol…

1. Use your own list of words/phrase you want to memorize.
This will create a good foundation for your brain. Your brain will not memorize something which doesn’t seem useable/relevant. By learning words you saw on your book, your brain thought “Oh, I’ve seen the words in that book before, I didn’t know what it was, i need to memorize it so I’m able to read it later when I see it again”.

If you memorize other people’s list, your brain said “What is this list? Why do I have to memorize it??” and thus will not take it too seriously.

But where could I get the list of the words?? you asked. If you’re trying to get a 70% kanji reading coverage, this is the only book you need to make a list. For complete information , check out this article here.

2. Write more than just the definition of words or the reading
This is the very important key point! Write the conjugated version of the word you found on the book, meaning of each kanji, describe the shape of the kanji, create a weird sentence that can relate to some of each word, etc

Example: 歌手 Kashu: singer.
What you can write beside reading & meaning:
歌 uta: song
手 te: hand
Singer hold mike on hand and then sing a song!
rdashian Sucks as a singer (Kashu) *

*Yes, SU is not SHU, but you don’t need to have a 100% matching words, even 60 - 70% similarity would do great as well to help you with your learning since trying to figure out a 100% matching words will be much harder sometimes!

3. Review your card everyday, and add new cards when you see fit
Key: Review EVERYDAY. Your brain logic: What you don’t use = junk and need to be erased from database.
Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

Convenience Store

Characters: Adachi Yuto & OC

Word Count: 1937 words

Summary: As a college freshman part time worker at a convenience store nearby Cube Entertainment, you work the weird night time evening shifts.  Not many people come by except the few late workers and the trainees, dancers and idols taking small breaks from endless practices.  One night, you’re is studying for your Japanese flashcards as she goes around the store cleaning and reorganizing it, and she doesn’t notice Yuto walk into grab snacks for him and his members.  

“Soko de nani wo……nani wo…..eh??” You tried not to look at the flashcards in your left hand as you pushed the large cardboard box full of new snacks on the floor with your right.  You sighed and stopped pushing, not able to remember what the translation was on  the card.  “huh…??” You said out loud, not understanding the grammar of the sentence you were supposed to translate.  You sighed again and continued to flip through your flashcards and restock the shelves with the new shipment of snacks.  Since your test was technically later that day and no one was really up or around the area since it was 2:30 AM, your focus was at it’s maximum level.  Good thing for you that you only worked two days a week now considering what odd hours your manager had scheduled you for.  It was your first time working these late hours ever, since you’d started working at the convenience store.  It was honestly the only place that was willing to hire someone who didn’t have a very detailed resume.  But it was a good place for you to start.  It wasn’t as hard as you were expecting, but it was still as demanding as anything.  People who came in and out were quick and often didn’t make much conversation, which was good for you.  You weren’t allowed to sit down, but you were going back and forth between the register and the shelves anyways, so there wasn’t much time to sit around.  But now that you were working the weird late shifts, you were allowed to sit behind the counter and study when the store was empty.  Of course sleeping wasn’t allowed, but now you could at least sit.  

You finished up the box you were working on and squared to start folding it up.  But as you were doing so, you knocked over your stack of flashcards that you’d set down on the floor and you sighed.  “Need some help?” A voice said from behind you.  You jumped a little, turning to the source of the voice as your hand went straight to your heart in surprise.  His voice surprised you a  bit and you looked at him but the shadow off his hoodie was blurring some of his features.  He looked down at you and cracked a funny smile as if he didn’t know whether to be concerned or to laugh.  You sighed a bit as he didn’t look to be too threatening and he was just offering help anyways.  “Uh yeah thanks.” You said, starting to pick up and stack your flashcards.  He laughed a little and started helping you.  You caught yourself looking at him through your peripherals and kind of stared.  Maybe it was you being tired after being awake and studying for so long, but he was really good looking.  Hopefully you weren’t starting to hallucinate.  His skin was a nice smooth light sand-tan color and his jawline was pretty nice.  He didn’t quite look Korean, but you couldn’t really tell since he was wearing a hood.  “Oh?” Something caught his eyes and you gave him a confused look.  “Are you studying Japanese?” He asked, looking at you.  His eyes were soft, but they also gave off an intense feeling.  He looked a little familiar, but you couldn’t really remember if you’d seen him before or not.  “Uh, oh yeah, I’m taking a fundamentals course.” You said.  “That’s so cool.” He said.  “Yeah… I’m trying to study abroad there soon, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn the language.” You started rambling a little due to the lack of sleep you were getting.  He nodded.  “Hajimemashite!” He said, in a fluent Japanese accent.  Your eyes widened in surprise and you realized that he was speaking in Japanese.  “Do you speak Japanese?” You asked.  “I don’t just speak it, I actually am Japanese.” He said with a little laugh and a smile.  “Ahhh, I see.” You nodded in understanding.  He continued to help you pick up your insane amount of flashcards and he handed you all the ones from his side.  

 “Thanks!” You said with a quick smile and you saw that he’d set down a bunch of snacks so that he could help you.  You put the cards in your jacket pocket and reached over to pick up the snacks.  “Oh, let me get those for you, are you ready to pay?” You asked  *That’s a lot of snacks, maybe he’s hanging out with a group of friends or something* you thought.  “Almost, I think I need to grab a couple more things first.” He said, picking up some of the stuff, but letting you take some of them.  You both stood up and you realized you’d stopped moving up before him, and that he was sort of tall compared to your smaller figure.  You brought the snacks you’d picked up to the counter and then went back as he went to go grab the last few things he needed to pick up.  You folded the box and went to go put it outside.  The guy walked through the aisles, checking a list on his phone to make sure that he was picking up the right things.  You walked back in after putting the box outside the shop and he was walking from the other side of the store and met you at the register.  “Ready?” You asked.  “Yeah.” He nodded and you started ringing up all of the items.  There was a large variety of snacks and candies on the counter and you were kind of overwhelmed by the amount.  He looked around as he waited for you to ring up all of the snacks, and something caught his eye.  “Do you have a test tomorrow or are you doing homework?” He asked in Japanese.  “Ah… I have a test tomorrow.” You replied back in slow, choppy Japanese.  He smiled.  “You’re pronunciation is pretty good.” He said.  “It’s so hard to speak at a normal speed though.” You said, scratching your head, kind of embarrassed.  “Can I see that paper?” He asked, pointing to one of your worksheets.  “Uh sure…” You said, putting down the snack you’d been holding into the plastic bag and you handed him your worksheet.  You watched as he looked over your work, kind of confused as to why he was so interactive.  But you didn’t mind.  “Ah this is wrong.” He pointed out something on the page and you looked over as he turned it toward you.  “This should go before this…” He said.  You read it over quietly and realized your mistake and how weird it sounded.  “Ohhh.  So put these words here instead?” You asked.  “Yeah, it’s more normal sounding this way, more natural.” He said.  “Ahh i see…” You said, crossing it out and writing it again the way he’d said.  

“Thanks for the help.” You said, finishing ringing his snacks up.  “$35.38 is your total, cash or card?” You asked.  “Card.” He held out his credit card for you and you slide his card through the system.  You gave him his card back and asked him to sign the receipt.  He signed it and you handed him the two plastic bags full of snacks.  “Thanks!” He said.  You laughed.  “No, thank you for the help.” You said.  He smiled and left the store.  You went back to studying and waited for the next employee to come and take over.  Later that day you took your test and saw a grammar question that was really similar to the one that the guy had helped you out with earlier while you were at work.  And you realized that you’d never gotten his name.  And it was bothering you all day.  It was around 11 pm and you were on your way to work and you looked up at the bright Cube Entertainment building as you passed it on your way to work.  You stopped in your tracks and tilted your head, thinking.  There was a large poster with people dressed in twin-like outfits and one of them looked extremely similar to the Japanese guy that had walked in last night, but you shook your head, not believing it was the same person.  You hurried over a couple doors down to the convenience store and you clocked in for work as per usual.  

Later that night, you were studying again while working because there was going to be a vocabulary test the next class.  You kept on saying words in Japanese and then saying their translation as you worked and restocked shelves.  It was around 3:00 AM and your shift was almost over.  You flipped through a different set of flashcards you’d made earlier during your shift and you looked up as someone walked in.  “??” You made a noise, but it was a bit incomprehensible, almost a weird mix of the Japanese word you were trying to say and “welcome”, since you hadn’t spoken to anyone in about two hours.  But you recognized the person walking into the store.  He smiled and nodded as he headed down the snacks aisle to grab some food again.  You watched as he filled his basket and soon enough he was done and came to pay.  “Studying again?” He asked, nodding his head towards the pile of messy flashcards on the counter on the other side of the register.  “Yup, vocabulary this time.” You said, ringing him up.  “Ahhh I see.” He said, picking up some of the cards and looking through them.  “Let me test you.” He said as you were almost done.  “Excuse me?” You asked, looking up at him, slightly surprised and confused.  “I mean, sure, but do you have time?” You asked.  “I’m on a break from practice, they sent me to get snacks.” He said.  “Practice?” You asked, not putting the pieces together.  “Yeah, I’m a k-pop idol?  I’m part of a group at Cube Entertainment over there.” He said, pointing to the building.  “…..OH!” You realized you had been right earlier when you thought the guy on the poster looked familiar.  “I’m sorry for not recognizing you…” You said, flustered about your situation.  He laughed and shook his head.  “We’re a rookie group so it’s okay.” He said.  “I walked by the Cube building earlier and kind of had to take a moment to convince myself I was seeing things.” You said, finishing ringing up his snacks.  He handed you his card and when you were done you handed it back to him.  He grabbed some of the flashcards and started reading them out.  You went through the deck, you and the guy laughed a bunch when you didn’t know a word or were having trouble with pronunciation.  He had to correct you a couple times and he pointed out things to help you remember certain words.  

About ten to fifteen minutes later, he had to head back and he started to leave.  “Oh wait!” You called out to him.  He turned around and looked at you.  “Namae wa nandesuka? (What is your name?)” You asked in Japanese.  He laughed.  “Sorry I didn’t realize I hadn’t said it before.” He said.  “Yuto.” He said.  “Adachi Yuto.” His Japanese accent coming out as he said his name.  You nodded and smiled.  “I’m ____.” You said.  “I know.” He said.  Your eyes widened.  “It’s on your name tag.” He said, laughing a little as he walked out.  “Ah………” You blushed immediately and sighed as you watched him walk away, two bags full of snacks in his hands.  

Yayyyyy a new scenarioooooo after like two yearsssss lmaooooo T^T I’m on vacation right now so I probably shouldn’t be writing these, also since I have a bunch of work to do for my online writing class… BUT WHATEVER :) procrastinating even during summer break…. amazing.  but yeah i hope you enjoy!!!

Japanese Vocabulary

The main topic is common adjectives (12/4/16):

新しい - あたらしい - Atarashii

古い - ふるい - Furui

厚い - あつい - Atsui (Thick, used for nouns besides weather)

薄い - うすい - Usui (Thin)

暑い - あつい - Atsui (Hot, used for weather or temperature)

寒い - さむい - Samui (Cold, used for weather or temperature)

暖かい - あたたかい - Atatakai (Warm, used for weather)

涼しい - すずしい - Suzushii (Cool, used for weather)

大きい - おおきい - Ooki (Big)

小さい - ちいさい - Chisai (Small)

重い - おもい - Omoi (Heavy)

広い - ひろい - Hiroi (Wide)

狭い - せまい - Semai (Narrow)

高い - たかい - Takai (Expensive)

安い - やすい - Yasui (Cheap)

美味し - いおいしい - Oishii (Delicious)

まずい - Mazui (Tasteless, unappetizing) 

可愛い - かわい (Cute)

悪い - わるい (Bad, disgusting)


Day 54/100 of Productivity: 13 May 2017

Day 13 of May Study Challenge: 

13 (Sa). What’s your favorite song at the moment?

oh gosh,, i’m not really one to have a favourite song so I’m just gonna list a bunch of songs I really like at the moment. 

(also I haven’t really been listening to the recent songs that have been coming out because I’ve mostly been listening to the harry potter soundtrack on repeat lmao) 

most of these are from musicals - sorry! 

  • Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack 
  • Team Starkid’s Musical Soundtracks (Songs I really like at the moment include: Beauty, Get Back Up, Even Though, Goin’ Back to Hogwarts, Days of Summer, I Wanna Be, Granger Danger, Ready to Go, Lost Without You, When the World’s at Stake, Not Alone, The Rogues Medley, Status Quo, Super Friends, The American Way, The Way I Do)
  • Hamilton Soundtrack (Favourites include Wait For It, Guns and Ships, My Shot, Satisfied) 
  • Divide by Ed Sheeran (Favourites include Supermarket Flowers, Happier, Dive and Save Myself) 

This is a mindmap on urbanisation for geography! 

Today was really productive - I did a past paper for science, wrote flashcards for Japanese, wrote a paragraph response for English, finished a booklet on sound waves for science, wrote up notes for geography and phys ed and translated a video from Japanese into English for homework! 

I still have a lot of work to do though :(

Rather than thinking of Destiny as a linear path that all are bound to, I like to think of it as a pair of giant cosmic dice that get rolled whenever something happens/whenever anybody does anything.Like a universal game of DnD, where we are all the characters, each of us trying to do our own thing, but whoever gets the higher roll of these invisible dice wins. When you roll a crit, you get a big break or a eureka moment, and when you fail a roll you have a brain fart or make a massive mistake on what you’re trying to do.
So the whole idea of ‘none of us are in true control’ is still a thing, but the game could go a lot of different ways instead of just the singular line that Destiny seems to imply.
Anyway, if I were a god I would leave fate up to something like that and just press the dice popper.
I want millions of possible endings for everyone.

July: Sports

  • 野球 ・ baseball
  • l剣道 ・ kendo
  • サイクリング ・ cycling/biking
  • ホッケー ・ hockey
  • 体操 ・ gymnastics
  • サッカー ・ soccer
  • 競泳 ・ (competitive) swimming
  • ヨーガ ・ yoga
  • テニス ・ tennis

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