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縞揃女辨慶, or, “They changed the bus schedule again!” by Stuart Rankin

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Edited <b>National Diet Library</b> ukiyo-e print of a lady reading what looks like a bus schedule.

Original caption: 縞揃女辨慶

Translated (via Google Translate) caption: Stripe assortment woman pinnata


George Hendrik Breitner

1. Girl in a White Kimono

1894, oil on canvas

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

2. Girl in a kimono (Geesje Kwak) in Breitner’s studio on Lauriersgracht, Amsterdam

1893, photography

Collection RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History), The Hague

Okay, I did have fun with Suzie, I picture her older self someone like Mimi or Yolei. with badass moments like Kari. Her Tattoo is pretty obvious. Now only my baby Kazu is left! :D. and move to the next season!

Takato - Rika - Henry - Ryo - Kazu - Kenta - Jeri - Suzie - Ai & Makoto -Alice

Adventure Edition - Zero Two Edition - Frontier Edition

Aqua colored series 

 I drew of picture postcards.’Thoughts is like water’

Mineral Pigments, acrylic on Japanese paper  
Yoshie Ichijo