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All SP’s and FP’s of Yuzuru Hanyu this Season!

SP: Let’s go crazy - Prince

Autumn Classic International

Skate Canada

NHK Trophy

Grand Prix final

Four Continents

World Championships

World Team Trophy

FP: Hope and Legacy - Jo Hisaishi

Autumn Classic International

Skate Canada

NHK Trophy

Grand Prix final

Four Continents

World Championships

World Team Trophy

Thank you Yuzu ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎

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hi!!! I just wanted to ask if you know any fanfic where Yuuri or Viktor are doctors?? btw I LOVE your blog!

Hi! Thank you for this request! I LOVE this AU! Let me know if I missed any!

Doctor/Nurse AU

oxytocin and serotonin by half_n_half, Not Rated, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri loves being a surgeon. He understands that the hours are long and the immense responsibility that comes with holding a human heart in your hands is nearly crippling, but something makes it all worth it. Little did he know, the years put into medical school would wield something greater than adrenalin.
Victor Nikiforov. WOW! Amazing so far!

Stretch by cosmonaut_field, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Competitive figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki. Great fic!

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 9.7k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances. SO GOOD OMFG I LOVE THIS FIC

Paging Dr. Katsuki by katsudon_s
Night shifts are never particularly fun for Yuuri, but a certain patient might be able to change that. Omg I love this so far!

got me weak in the knees (doctor, please) by wartransmission, Gen, 9.9k
For as long as he’s known himself, Viktor Nikiforov has never been the type for gossip.That being said, it was a surprising thing that he got intrigued at all by their resident physician. Very cute!

shaky when i came to be by apollothyme, Gen, 4.3k
He goes for another triple axel just as his breath is about to run out again, only this time something is wrong. He knows it as soon as he jumps into the air, but by then there’s nothing he can do. AU where Victor became a doctor instead of going into figure skating and Yuuri is a lucky patient. LOVE!

it must be the caffeine by cyanoscarlet, Gen, 1.5k
“If it’s any consolation, I only got hot water from this thing,” Victor admits, tapping a hand over the button for the 3-in-1 coffee. “It cost a quarter, too.”
Katsuki lets out a sound between a snort and a laugh. “Wow, that sucks, Doc.” Let it be known that The Doctor Is In (Love). Thumbs up!

Chemistry of a Car Crash by super_queer, Not Rated, 6.5k (Omegaverse)
Katsuki Yuuri gets into a car accident and the doctor caring for him is Viktor Nikiforov. Features fluff, and a Viktor that doesn’t know how to ice skate. I haven’t read this, but it was rec’d to me by a follower!

What I Read This Week


I read some great fics this week!

Of Dahlias and Deadlines by ingthing, Gen, 51k (WIP)
All Victor wants is to get dahlias for Khloe and Brad’s wedding in under 24 hours. Hope comes in the form of the little family florist in his neighborhood and the quiet smiles of one Katsuki Yuuri. SO CUTE OMFGF

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 16k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

rubato by indianchai, Not Rated, 3.4k (WIP)
Yuuri is a psychology major (who happens to play the cello) that moves to Detroit in his sophomore year of college to escape his ice skating past. Through his roommate Phichit, who is in their college’s orchestra, he encounters infamous pianist of the school– an overconfident senior named Victor who refuses to be an accompanist to anyone (until, that is, he hears Yuuri play). Really good so far!

Accidental Crush by Ashida, Mature, 8.1k (WIP)
A university AU in which Yuuri’s phone is plagued with spam text messages and the one time he decides to text back results in the best thing ever. LOVE!

Macaroni and Kisses by Huletty, Gen, 6k
Their college is holding a contest for whoever can raise the most money for charity. The prize; a years supply of Mac and Cheese. Cue Phichit, a hungry and unstoppable force, fully prepared to exploit the campus’ love for Yuuri Katuski by opening a kissing booth for a day. Even if they don’t win, it’s worth it to see Yuuri’s face when he tells him Victor Nikiforov is in line.

The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 139k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

Vita Brevis by doeinstinct, Teen, 7k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov is questioning his position as a detective with the Detroit Police Department and spiralling after his partner is critically injured in the line of duty. When Yuuri Katsuki is assigned as his new partner on what he thinks may be his last case, he has no idea what he’s in for. LOVE this so far!!

For the Camera by Noon30ish, Explicit, 45k (WIP)
In which Yuuri becomes a pornstar and is ‘training’ under the one and only, the Living Legend, Vitya. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 20k (WIP)
the powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. THAT UPDATE OMFG

Overcome Chihoko by reginar, renaissance, Teen, 2.7k 
Yuuri has the words OVERCOME CHIHOKO written on his back, a pair of underpants on his head, and apparently Viktor’s gone missing. LOL (I read all of the “chihoko” fics, you can find them here!)

we are lost, but we are not gone by persephoneggsy, Mature, 26k (WIP)
The Dollhouse deals in fantasy, but Victor Nikiforov just needs one night.At least, until he finds himself wanting more. And it’s all because of Eros, the beautiful Active that’s consumed his every thought. MY MIND WAS BLOWN AFTER THAT UPDATE! WHAT A PLOT TWIST

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

LGBT+ Fiction Rec

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of lgbt+ fiction and stuff I have found. This list is far from complete and there are plenty more out there, these are just a few of some I enjoy. Feel free to add some of your own.

*Most of these are centered around gay guys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find many lesbian centered works.

  • Welcome to Night Vale (podcast/book)
    • Imagine a town where every conspiracy theory is true. That's Night Vale. Radio host Cecil Palmer reports on the weird happenings in this small desert town and falls in love with a scientist named Carlos (and his perfect hair). There are five-headed dragons running for mayor, dogs that are literally Satan, mystic beings named Erika (who are definitely not angels), civilizations underneath bowling alleys, and so much more. There is a really diverse cast of characters and several lgbt+ characters (besides the main two). It has some horror elements but it’s more science fiction.
  • Yuri!!! On Ice (television show)
    • Japanese figure skater, Katsuki Yuri, comes in last place at the Grand Prix Final and returns home defeated. After a video uploaded of him skating to his idol Viktor Nikiforov’s (a Russian skater with 5 Grand Prix gold medals and considered to be the best out there) routine goes viral, Viktor himself shows up at Yuri’s place and becomes his coach. With Viktor’s help, Yuri attempts to win gold at the next Grand Prix Final and they both sort of fall in love along the way. Features a pretty diverse cast and doesn’t play into stereotypes. It’s considered to be in the sports genre but it has some romance moments in it.
  • Always Raining Here (webcomic)
    • Carter wants to get laid. Adrian is heartbroken. After Carter fails to get Adrian to have sex with him, the two end up becoming friends and have misadventures together. This is one of the cutest and most pure relationships I’ve seen (even though one of the very first things Carter says to Adrian is “We should bang”). There is some slight sexual content but nothing too major.
  • Check Please! (webcomic)
    • Eric Bittle joins the Samwell Men’s Hockey team but quickly realizes that this is way more intense than his Georgia hockey team and the team captain Jack Zimmermann isn’t making things any easier for him. There are lots of pies and you’ll end up learning about hockey. Lots of healthy relationships and does a wonderful job at portraying characters with mental illnesses. They’re also good friends with the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom.
  • Alice Isn’t Dead (podcast)
    • By the makers of Welcome to Night Vale, a woman becomes a truck driver in order to find her wife, Alice, who has been considered dead (she isn’t look at the title). She encounters a not-quite-human serial murder and ends up being chased by him wherever she goes. She learns more and more about her wife and finds out things better left unknown. Another wonderful portrayal of mental illnesses. It’s much darker and scarier than Welcome to Night Vale and I would not recommend listening to it at night.
  • Knight’s Errant (webcomic)
    • Wilfred is on a quest. However, being imprisoned in a city under siege puts a halt on their quest. Fortunately, they have a prison guard on their side. This one is different from the others since the main character so far isn’t in a relationship of any sorts (and doesn’t show to be in one anytime soon). There is a side relationship that will make your heart melt and Wilfrid is just a really likable character (they also don’t have a confirmed gender yet. It’s pretty likely they’re non-binary though). Also despite being set in a medieval European town it does feature some pocs which is nice.
  • Requiem of the Rose King  (manga)
    • The previous ones have featured very healthy and loving relationships but this one is a bit different. It focuses on Richard the third of York who is intersex in this case. This causes some really messed up and really confusing love triangles. There is some incest (not very large at least for now) in it and large age differences so if that bothers you then I would advise against this. Despite all this Richard is in a pretty cute relationship but it’s pretty tragic at the same time. If you want happy gays stay away from this. Also features gore and violence.
  • 19 Days (manga)
    • The adventures of Jian Yi and his best friend Zhan Xixi. This one is another cute one. Their relationship goes at a believable pace (but sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever) and there is a pair of very lovable side characters to go with it. Some sadness but nothing life ruining at this point.
Facts and Opinions, How Do They Work?


This is Yuzuru Hanyu, born in 1994, Japanese, Sendai native, figure skater, reigning Olympic and World champion, current record holder for the short program, free skate, total score.

His jump technique is one of the best on the current circuit. His takeoff is clean and effortless, his air position superb, his landing light and elegant. He achieves outstanding ice coverage in every jump. 

His best jump is the triple Axel, which is routinely done out of difficult entries such as a back counter or an outside spread eagle. 

He competes with three types of quads: toe loop, Salchow, and loop. He is known to also practice the quad Lutz and quad Axel. He is the first skater to land a fully ratified quad loop in an ISU competition.

His spin technique includes difficult variations such as the doughnut and the Biellmann, which is rare among male skaters due to the high degree of flexibility required.  

His step sequences are known for their complexity, musicality, and originality. 

His choreographic sequences frequently feature such signature moves as the layback Ina Bauer and the hydroblade.

His skating skills and transitions are characterized by light footwork, frequent variation in speed and direction, plus fluency and clarity in a wide array of difficult turns/steps/free skating movements.

His composition and choreography are famous for the attention to details, showing creativity and demonstrating a clear concept. 

His performance is usually delivered with total commitment to the program. He projects well and connects well with the audience.

His interpretation of the music is both intuitive and refined. He utilizes both lower and upper body movements to express the nuances of the melody. His technical elements are known for their harmony with the musical structure.   


I love Yuzuru Hanyu.

I find his skating style completely compatible with my personal aesthetic. 

I think he is the best skater the world has ever seen.

I admire his relentless pursuit of perfection and his insistence on the highest standards.

I adore him as a person, for his articulacy, his thoughtful discourse on figure skating, his sunny disposition, and even his stubbornness. 


You can disagree with me on my opinions, but you can’t deny the facts, because they are not my facts, they are just that, facts.



2017/05/07: h2oonice ( https://h2oonice.tumblr.com/  )さんが英語に翻訳してくださいました。Thank you so much!

Page 1, Panel 1:

Title: The Prince of Japan Nationals

Page 1, Panel 2:

Narration: Figure skating suddenly came into limelight, as a Japanese figure skater won a gold medal in Women’s Singles of that year’s Olympics.

Yuuri: M-my idol figure skater?

Narration: For a nation-wide TV broadcast, Yuuri-kun answered in an interview as the future Olympic athlete.

Page 2, Panel 1:

Narration: The interviewer was a figure skater representing Japan’s Men’s Singles at the time.

Yuuri: Viktor! It’s Viktor Nikiforov!

Nishigori: Idiot…

Narration: He talked nothing but his love for Viktor Nikiforov. This is such a famous episode among Yuuri-kun fans.

Page 2, Panel 2

Minami: Awww, Yuuri-kun is not even afraid of the Japanese top athlete. His ideal is so high…

Caption: Kenjiro Minami (Age 7)

Minami: He’s aiming for the world’s top! He’s too cool~!

Coach: Yup, yup. Rather than the world’s top, it’s more like Katsuki-kun likes Nikiforov a lot.

Page 2, Panel 3

Minami: I should follow suit! Yuuri-kun’s famous line, “I aim only for [the top of] the world.”

Coach: Minami-kun! Katsuki-kun didn’t exactly say that!

Page 3, Panel 1

Yuuri’s quote / Minami remembering: I love practicing. I’ve got stamina, so I’m constantly training.

Page 3, Panel 2

Yuuri’s quote / Minami remembering: I’d like to proceed to the Senior-level competitions where the athlete who inspired me is.

Page 3, Panel 3

Yuuri’s quote / Minami remembering: I will get [good] results next season.

Page 4

Yuuri’s quote: Viktor would be…

Minami remembering: Yuuri-kun would be… like this…

(translated by  h2oonice https://h2oonice.tumblr.com/ )


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

cempakad  asked:

Can you recommend me outsider POV fics? I'm particularly obsessed with the one where the narrator didn't know that Yuuri/Victor is a skating champion

Hi! Thanks for all these requests! I really like outsider POV fics! Enjoy!

Originally posted by brendachanblr

Outsider POV

Hello, Young Lovers by senorbunnicula, Gen, 1.7k
Five times Yakov thought Victor and Yuuri were kind of adorable, and one time he actually said something. SO cute! (Yakov POV)

Yuri Plisetsky: Wingman Extraordinaire? by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 11k (WIP)
In which Yuri is the aggressive wingman Victor didn’t know he needed, and the friend that Yuuri never asked for but appreciated. SO hilarious! (Yurio POV)

#KissOrHug by Aurum, Gen, 2.2k
Yuuri and Victor make #Victuri trend worldwide. Phichit accidentally makes it worse. This is is SO cute, it’s a must read! (Phichit POV)

Makkachin and the Fantastic Adventure of the Wind-Catcher Machine by tikistitch, Teen, 4.3k
Makkachin accompanies his favorite humans on a brilliant summer holiday by the lakeside. Lovely road trip fic! (Makkachin POV)

the rainy season by fan_nerd, Mature, 2.3k
Victor Nikiforov has to shrug off the heavy weight of his depression and just. Skate. It’s the only thing he’s good at, after all. It’s a happy ending, don’t worry! (Yakov POV)

Gossip, Chinese whispers and misunderstandings by womanroaring, Mature, 5.6k (WIP)
Series of short stories relating to how certain (often perfectly innocent) scenes in Yuri On Ice would have looked from the outside. Great fic from everyone’s POV!

Makkachin on Love by dragonflower, Gen, 1.8k
Makkachin watches Victor and Yuuri as they fall in love. I love this! (Makkachin POV)

Minor Distractions by pearl_o, Teen, 918 words
Victor doesn’t skate as well when he and Yuuri are fighting. Not that Yurio cares or anything. HAHAHA this is great! (Yurio POV)

And the answer is… by nessiesaur, Gen, 1.5k
Yuuri Katsuki is adorable, but also one of the most mature people in their class. Yuuri Katsuki is in her study group, which definitely saved her ass on the midterm. Yuuri Katsuki is…wait, who is he!? In which no one knows who Yuuri is, but when they find out they’re shook! (Original Character POV)

Those Tell-all Skype Sessions by Piyo13, Gen, 1.7k
Phichit isn’t surprised at all when Victor leaps into Yuuri’s arms and gives him a kiss in front of the whole world. He’s just surprised it took this long. Thumbs up! (Phichit POV)

White Mocha Latte by PetiteNiku, TalkingtotheSea, Gen, 3.2k
In which Makkachin plays matchmaker to his dumb human owner. Because humans are complicated and are in need of a little help once in awhile. Highly recommend!

victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (KnightOfRage), Teen, 3.8k
Mari is exhausted, Minako is confused, Takeshi is supportive, Yakov is annoyed, Yuri is pissed, Phichit is the best friend anyone could ever have and Yuuri just wants to kiss Victor again. (Mari, Minako, Takeshi, Yakov, Yuri, Yuuri, Phichit POV)

Get A Room, Just Not This One by chellethewriter, Mature, 8.1k
In other words, five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Domestic Victuuri! (Yurio POV)

interlude by pageleaf, Gen, 1.3k
Viktor insists that he and Yakov both go to pick Yuuri up from the airport. Cute one shot! (Yakov POV)

Already Home by orphan_account, Teen, 27k (WIP)
The development of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship from the perspective of Makkachin. Pretty self explanatory, you have to check this fic out! (Makkachin POV)

On the subject of Katsuki Yuuri: by Phichit Chulanont by kireiflora, Gen, 2.8k
The first time Phichit met Yuuri, the Japanese man was frantically rushing out the door, saying something in rapid Japanese that he didn’t have a chance of understanding. SOOOOO cute! (Phichit POV)

growing pains by pageleaf, Gen, 1.3k
Yuri sighs. “What’s going on with him?” / “Viktor can’t bear the thought of disappointing his fans,“ Yuuri says with a shrug, so it seems Yuri was right. “There’s a lot of people expecting a lot of things from him.” / “Yeah, but…“ Yuri frowns. "He can do it, right? I mean. He’s Viktor.” Lovely post s1 fic! (Yurio POV)

katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian, Gen, 12k
Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t. (Yuuri’s fans POV)

This is Why You Google People by StarlightPhoenix, Gen, 2.1k
Yuuri’s new friends didn’t know anything about him, including that he was married or was a world-renowned skater. All it took for Yuuri’s not-secret to come out was a group of fans, a cafe, and Yuri. Retirement fic where no one knows who Yuuri really is! (Outsider POV)

Question and Answer by chellethewriter, Teen, 10k
A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous. Such a great banquet fic! (Victor and Yurio POV)

askundertalecrewandmod  asked:

Ok- but a runot that yuuri tried to do suicide EVEN though he didnt And everyone freaks out in Twitter, And yuuri is So goddang confused. Like pichit would be sharing the link to the thing And screaming his Lungs out And victor would follow with"YUURI WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO DO THAT TT-TT" And after yuuri wakes up he is So confused


Channel 21 News @Ch21NewsTonight
Japanese Figure Skater Yuuri Katsuki (@yuurikatsuki) rumoured to have missed Japanese Championships due to suicide attempt.

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU!!! ARE YOU OKAY!!?!?! @yuurikatsuki

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
WHAT THE F@%$ @yuurikatsuki #WeLoveYouYuuri

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
Neither @v-nikiforov or @yuurikatsuki are picking up their phones. #WeLoveYouYuuri

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami
I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING OFF WHEN @yuurikatsuki DIDN’T TURN UP -crying emoji- #WeLoveYouYuuri

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Hope @yuurikatsuki is okay and recovering well! #WeLoveYouYuuri

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
WHAT!!! @yuurikatsuki ATTEMPTED SUICIDE!!! #WeLoveYouYuuri

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Wait? What??? @v-nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
MY POOR BABY @yuurikatsuki #WeLoveYouYuuri

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I LOVE YOU!!! DON’T LEAVE ME @yuurikatsuki #WeLoveYouYuuri

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
WHY WOULD YOU TRY AND DO THAT -crying emoji- @yuurikatsuki #WeLoveYouYuuri

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
Aren’t you in Japan with @yuurikatsuki? Wouldn’t you know if he attempted suicide? @v-nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
What the hell guys!!! I can’t believe you would believe a rumour like that!

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I am in hospital with influenza for everyone’s information.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Congratulation on your gold @Ken_Minami! I’m sorry I missed seeing you preform!

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
And for everyone’s information, my fiancé and coach is a moron that believes anything despite sitting next to me @v-nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
(Photo attached of Yuuri sitting in a hospital bed, looking a little paler than normal, being hugged around the waist by Victor)

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War



Yuzuru Hanyu, Shoma Uno, Keiji Tanaka, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, 15-17 Feb. 2017

(Source: @teruokashiyama@asahi_photo)