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happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

I love how the entire plot of Yuri on Ice went from 

“Depressed Japanese figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, has his idol, world champion Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov fall in love with him when he becomes his coach after seeing a viral video of him skating to one of his routines”


“World champion Russian figure skater, Viktor Nikiforov, falls in love with a drunk Japanese figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, at a banquet party and decides to become his coach a few months after not having seen him, upon seeing a viral video of him skating to one of his routines, ultimately making Yuri fall in love with him as well.” 

In just one plot twist.



Japanese figure skater 羽生結弦   Yuzuru Hanyu reduced to an anime character by some disrespectful fans.

If you are into figure skating because of anime Yuri on Ice is great ! we all can learn from tv shows.

But objetivizing and reducing real people as anime characters is not ok.

Yuzuru Hanyu is a real person, don’t reduce his value and worth as a human being and his effort as athlete.


Question : What kanji do you choose to represent this 1 year of 2016?
“長”(length/long). Last year i chose “成”(become/turn into). So if it’s combined with this year’s kanji, it would be “成長”(growth). Started from January this year, I have been suffered by injuries. What a long one year it is, (I) took long time to rest, so in that sense it’s (what i mean by) “Long”.

Yes, honey. It’s been a long journey of one year, hasn’t it? So that’s why, I hope you can rest well enough, take your time with your family that have been far away from you, and then go back to the ice with the best of you. I will aaaalllllwwwwaaayyysss support you, no matter what. You are the champion in my heart (*^_^*)/♡

AU where Yura was born in the US, and was introduced to ice skating when his next-door neighbour, Yuuri Katsuki, who occasionally babysat him, took him to the rink one day.

Yura fell completely in love, and somehow managed to convince his parents to let him start learning.

But then when he’s 8, his family moves to Russia and he’s just so angry at everything because he doesn’t want to leave behind his home and his coach and his big bro Yuuri.

And even though he becomes rinkmates with the current top male figure skater in the world, Yura doesn’t really give a shit about him, instead cheering for and idolizing a Japanese figure skater from America.

Viktor is pouty.

But thanks to Yura’s idolization of Yuuri Katsuki, Yakov takes a closer look at him and sees his potential and ends up extending Yuuri an offer to coach him.

So four years after Yura arrived in Russia, he is reunited with his idol, and his rinkmates are all so surprised.

Because??? Yuuri is the most precious thing ever?? He’s so cute? And sweet? And everyone loves him?????

What with the way Yura seems to basically worship the ground he walks on, everyone had lowkey been expecting him to be as firey and explosive as Yura was.

The first time Yura hears someone saying this, he starts snickering, and then laughing uncontrollably, while Yuuri’s face is turning an embarrassed red and he refuses to look anyone in the eye.

“Who do you think I first learned to swear from?” he asks, looking up at Yuuri with a smirk.

Everyone turns to stare at Yuuri with surprise and horror.

He still refuses to look anyone in the eye.

“It was just a phase,” he murmurs defensively. “It wasn’t even that bad.”

“He was suspended three times in high school for getting in fights!” Yura crows in delight and something that sounds kind of like pride.

Gen Hoshino gives his comments to Yuzuru and Nobu dancing to 恋ダンス/Koi Dance

Gen Hoshino talked this in his radio :
“Hanyu-senshu, thank you very much. And then, thank you so much Mr.Nobunari Oda for dancing together (with Yuzuru) and uploaded on your twitter.”
Regarding Yuzuru’s dance , Hoshino said “no no, i won’t give any comment anymore, it was really pretty and amazingly crisp ( キレキレ ). It feels like he seems dancing it with love”

*p.s : Gen Hoshino is the singer of the “恋/love” the music Yuzuru dancing to, he is also the lead actor of the japanese drama which i have shared before ^^

Me in 60 years
  • Grandchild: Grandma, why is your poodle named Victor?
  • Me: My dear, let this old lady tell you a story about a Russian figure skater who was the greatest man who ever lived and a Japanese figure skater who found his own confidence and strength by going on a journey about life and love with the Russian man...

Victor Nikiforov definitely reads all the cheesiest gay romance novels. This man has been devouring them since he was a teen. If he finds one about figure skaters, he buys it regardless of quality and reads it in a day, even the self-published ones on kindle that are of the most dubious quality (I found one about a Japanese figure skater that had lucida handwriting as cover the font choice, and I was like oh there’s Victor’s post banquet reading choice). He gets very irritated when one of the novels does not end happily ever after (same Victor, same). 

Secret: Yuuri totally reads the skating ones too.  


That moment when you thought that the reason why Rika lost her mind was because her dog died and found out that V who was actually victor was gay and was totally hot for a japanese figure skater thus she created mint eye to cleanse all the evils of the world….

I am so done with this….

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