japanese fashion trends

this is only a WIP since I’ve not gotten around to researching Japanese fashion and trends in the 80s, but I think it’d be super cool for 1980s mode to be distinctly different in a couple ways aside from “you play as Ryoba and can’t rely on phones or Info-chan”

-this one is in the picture; delinquents have a different style based on the current trends amongst Rebellious Teens

-Akademi still had an untarnished reputation in the 80s, so dress codes would be stricter (knee length skirts, no special or showy accessories, etc)

-club rooms in the 1980s aren’t allowed to make major changes to the appearance of the room itself (in present day, students need approval before making a major change to the room’s appearance, but are allowed to do it)

-NPC hairstyles showcase various trends based on their interests/personality (bold styles are toned down to subtle things like a small decorative hair pin or shimmer hairspray or a blonde/light brown streak in accordance with the dress code)

-also about dress code, nobody wears visible makeup in the 1980s unless they’re a rule breaker