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Code: Realize: Dawn of the Taisho Era 

The cover for the 2017 Code:Realize calendar and a beautiful illustration. I’m really intrigued by the mix of east & west in the fashion. Here the characters step away from the usual steampunk clothing we’re used to seeing them in and have “traveled” in time to the 1920’s in Japan (or so it seems from doing a little reading up online). I’ve always been a fan of kimono and japanese fabric patterns, so naturally this illustration has become an instant-favorite: everyone looks great. Honestly, I would not mind seeing stand alone & full versions of their clothing!

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This past weekend, I took a Japanese papermaking class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. We had people from Boston, Kansas City, and Ames, Iowa, in the class! And obviously, I needed an art journal page to commemorate the experience.

I made the sheet of handmade paper above from bamboo, although I see a little kuzo (mulberry), too. We used fabric paint on mosquito netting to make our watermarks.

Ink wash (Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel), collage.

Quickie post! (To me, “quickie” means anything less than about 10 pages which didn’t require tons of translating.)

This one’s about Rune Factory 4 and comparing the English and Japanese versions for one teeny tiny scene. One which I see a lot, since I’m married to Leon in two files (one in each language). 

I can’t remember right off if it’s the option to pat him on the head or poke him in the cheek, ‘cuz I get those confused, but whichever one it is, it leads Frey to discover that the manly, well-toned former priest is quite ticklish. This information comes in handy on other occasions, too, I’m sure… Ahem.

Mwahahaha! Watch your wording, Leon! =D

Well, they say “Please” is a magic word, so, Frey respects that. And stops.

This conversation is a little bit different in Japanese…

Leon: “H-hey, come on! F-fool, cut it out…!”

Frey: “If you say 'please stop,’ then I shall stop.”
The keyword is “please”! Not yamero (blunt command to stop, which is what he said above and is the kind of speech typical of him), but yamete kudasai (please stop–the polite way of asking someone to stop). 

Leon: “Wh-who…waha! Wait, sto…kahahaha…!”
Is he gonna do it?? He usually uses polite speech only around people like Lin Fa. In fact, Frey even comments about that during their wedding scene…

Leon: “I, I get it! Plea, please stop…”
He did it! Frey got him to say yamete kudasai. 

And Frey was very happy. I’m sure part of her joy is knowing that she has a way to pay him back when he teases her too much. Heh heh heh.