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Charli XCX’s Need Ur Love has never been more sparkling beautiful, thanks to a rework done by Australian producer Japanese Wallpaper. This is a Charli XCX we haven’t heard in awhile, one more tender, toned down, and delicate. The pop star’s recent music has been pompous and bold, but some of my favorite music by the British artist is still her earlier offerings. This ambient, twinkling official remix reminds me of that era. Japanese Wallpaper takes her into a world of heart rending enchantment. 

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I'm a male, brown hair that I keep under my hat(i never leave the house without it ☺). I'm italian-japanese and I like electronic music. I love mushrooms, flowers, and long jump. For a unique date we could go to a cave, they seem cool and mysterious

EEE ELECTRONIC MUSIC and do u mean mushrooms as in the food u put in pizza/spaghetti or like The Fun kind?? either way same! and omg that would totes be unique and i would have to psyche myself up for going into a cave but id be willing to try it with u bb

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A few weeks ago, new 19 year old British act The Japanese House enamored us with debut single Still, a gorgeous electronic pop song full of lush ambiance and a gentle peacefulness. Well, she’s doen it again. Second song Pools To Bathe In is another beauty. The sensational tune is the title track off her debut EP, out April 27th on Dirty Hit. Pensively brooding and effervescently ghostly, the song will set your heart aflutter while soothing it, all at the same time.Tthe song is co-produced with Geoerge Daniel and The 1975′s Matt Healy. And once again, it’s like an ethereal blend of RHODES, The Kite String Tangle, The 1975, and Imogen Heap. 

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I probably listen the most to music that belongs to that Japanese [film] model, as I described it ; instrumental music, world music, electronic and classical—no vocals or lyrics–music that’s more about the atmosphere. It fits my days better, when I’m doing things around the house it can be hard to have that confessional singer-songwriter type talking at me.
—  Björk on why she prefers vocal-less music (–and how it’s similar to the ambient quality of Japanese films, as she sees it), 2015

I’m calling it. Or I think I may have called it already before. The Japanese House, aka Amber Bain, is one of my favorite new acts of the year so far. The 19 year old British act is reeling me in, tune after tune, and her latest haunting song, Teeth, is no different. It’s a reveal off her forthcoming debut EP, Pools To Bathe In, out April 27th on Dirty Hit. Like the title track, Teeth is a melancholic beauty, carrying both a stirring, restrained passion and a serene, soothing quality. Like the rest of her songs so far, Teeth is produced by George Daniel and Matthew Healy (The 1975). The Japanese House takes dreamy alternative pop to a whole new level, and it’s certainly a sound that stands out from a lot of other music buzzing in the machine these days.

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