japanese dwarf squirrel


10 amazing animals you’ve never heard of before - but need to hear about now as some are endangered

1. Okapi - found in Central Africa. Endangered
2. Quoll - native to Australia and New Guinea. Threatened
3. Mara - native to South America. Threatened
4. Rock hyrax - native to sub-saharan Africa and South Africa. Not threatened
5. Dhole - native to Asia. Endangered
6. Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. Not threatened
7. Ring-tailed coati - native to South america. Not threatened
8. Pink fairy armadillo - native to Argentina. Currently no conservation status
9. Marble fox - native to Canada. Endangered
10. Australian golden possum. Not threatened

More dangan thieves

“Toot! Toot! This is a HOLD UP!”

“Or maybe doot doot? Ibuki can’t choose which gun to use! Tu turuu~”

“Cease your movement, unruly shadows! Do not make me repeat myself.“

“Are you sure that’s aaaaall the money you have? Let’s open you up and check just to be sure!“

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Disney princess Deku for the headcanon thing...

Thanks anon! I thought no one was going to take me up on that ask game. Enjoy! 

Part of the Izuku is a Disney Princess AU 

  1. The first animal Izuku brings home injured is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. It took a lot of care and many trips to the animal hospital, but Izuku, precious and tiny at age five is determined to see it back to flying health. The tiny thing does recover and much to Inko’s bemusement, it never leaves. So really, Izuku’s first pet is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, that accompanied him to preschool/elementary school. No one noticed, because its always hiding in Izuku’s hair. 
  2. Izuku doesn’t talk much about his graduation from elementary school. To be fair, it isn’t really that remarkable. But it happens to be the day that his beloved pet passed away. From that day forward, the one animal that Izuku can’t seem to attract to him is the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. 
  3. Despite having a Quirk, Izuku found himself teased relentlessly for his dream of being a hero. After all, his Quirk, much like his mother’s, isn’t suited for heroics at all. All he can do is attract animals. It isn’t like he can control them. 
  4. Izuku’s distress seems to attract more animals. Inko has come home more than once to find her son crying and completely buried under animals cuddling him. 
  5. Meeting All Might is remarked by two things. First, MEETING ALL MIGHT. Second, the pile of dogs that properly tackle the skeleton man to the ground and start sniffling and licking him. Izuku has to pull his idol free from the puppy pile. 


Mink - Golden Eagle

Clear - Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

Clear is a strange and tiny flying squirrel, and theoretically Mink really should have eaten him by now. That’s almost a threat in the early days, but most of the time they just explore the trees together in relative silence. Mink protects Clear from the rest of his kind, and in return Clear keeps him company when noone else will. They enjoy each other’s company, and though quiet their relationship is a close one. Clear can get quite noisy and chattery, but in Mink’s presence he is relatively quiet and stays by his side whenever possible, despite their differences.