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Status: Alive.


It has been a while since I logged onto Tumblr.  Social Media really burned me out… 

I think I am suffering a bit of depression. This semester feels rather strange. (My brain is going into the philosophical, What is the point of life? type of thing…) 

Anyways, welcome to this blog.

My name is Airi. I am currently residing in Montreal, Canada. My major is Computer Science. Ideally, Game Development was what I wish to pursue. After some thoughts over the past few days, I am now leaning towards Application Development and Web Development. 

In my spare time, I am self-studying languages. Right now, my main goal is Japanese. I am working on grammar. My goal is: JLPT N2. Kanji-wise, I am there.

I used to an extremely active #studyblr. Just not so much now. I am most likely going to reblog/post:

> Photography.

> Language related.

> Motivation / Inspiration

> Anime

> Post tips / Guides here probably about Learning & Studying…

> Japanese Posts..

> Programming

> Graphic Design

My current fandom is uh: Yuri On Ice!! Might be posting that too…

Feel free to ask me questions, message me. 

// ( I’m kinda less awkward online? ) //

Thanks for sticking around.


Some updates from the “Indigo Ignited” anime I`m directing.


Character Designs by Rejean Dubois Aka @lejeanx3

Image Boards by Arthell Isom


Light Walls House by mA-style Architects. Perimeter skylights throw light across a grid of exposed wooden ceiling beams inside this home by Japanese studio mA-style Architects. Positioned in a shady location between two neighbouring buildings in Aichi, Japan, the wooden house couldn’t have many windows, so skylights were added around each side of the flat roof.