japanese design


Jellyfish Vases by Nendo

The super productive Japanese Design Studio Nendo created a special installation for this years Milan design week. The Jellyfish Vases are displayed in a group setting. They are made of ultra thin, double dyed, transparent silicon, So they appear just as a sillouhette floating in the water, that they are submerged in. The Aquarium like basin is equipped with a small current, so that the vases float around like Jellyfishes that hold flowers. The double dying give the silicon the decent colors that are also very characteristic for Nendo´s designs.


This extraordinary cupcake shop in Tokyo was designed by Kengo Kuma for the cake brand Sunnyhills. The structure is mainly concrete but covered in an intricate timber lattice facade to appear like a Japanese bamboo basket. The result is a soft and organic shape which nods to the art of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and sits comfortably in its residential context.

The timber envelope was produced using the traditional Japanese called ‘Jiigotu-Gumi’ where the parts are slotted together without any gluing method. The resulting structure is strong with bond vertical and contortion load.

In the daytime sunlight streaks in through the facade to create dramatic patterns on the floor, whereas in the dark the interior lights poke through the lattice so the building appears to gently glow.

Images taken by Daici Ano