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So I’d seen before on @jazztronic‘s and @crocus29‘s tumblrs that the Diamond Brothers make cameo appearances in the Kenka Banchou series. More specifically, Kenka Banchou Bros. While admittedly by the point you do fight the Diamond Bros. it’s a bit of a breeze, what’s really interesting is finally getting a taste of Daiya’s personality and finding out Daiya has a Super High School Level Title! That being, Super High School Level Souchou!

So, with the help of @taichinchin in the translating department, I personally did my best to record and subtitle the video as best as I could. I’m not super good at video editing, but hopefully it turned out well enough for you guys to enjoy! For those of you watching, I tried to make my Bros. look like other DR characters and failed miserably, so please enjoy this interpetation I did of Mitsuhashi and Itou from Kyou Kara Ore Wa beating up the Diamond Bros.!

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福岡から上京してきたヤンキーの礼儀正しさ Courtesy of the Bad boy in Japan w/ Reika Oozeki #kiff #福岡 #ヤンキー 〜 ほくぴー(hokuto)

The courtesy of a delinquent who came to Tokyo from Fukuoka w/ Reika Oozeki #kiff #fukuoka #delinquent 〜 ほくぴー(hokuto)

Where we goin’ next?

I was thinking of introducing you to my boss.

Oh, hello.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Hokupii.

My entry for the Character Design Contest… and my first time participating! This month’s prompt was “Sailor Moon.” Her style is inspired by sukeban/yankii fashion (iconic for school-aged Japanese delinquents) and she is the leader of a girl-gang that fights evil by moonlight! Thanks for looking!


Apparently they are depicting their special vlogs on vapp: namjoon and kookie with english lessons, eatjin, suga and jhope in hwagae market and vmin the satoori duo. I just adore the dorky rappers sugahope hahahaha but the 95z are so damn fine in that old style japanese delinquent uniform


What if Dota 2 was actually like one of my japanese mangos? Dota Gakuen?

Basically I wanna do a whole load of pics like this because I mean, I like Dota 2 and I also love Japanese highschool delinquent tropes so why not combine the twwwoooooooo. Although really I’m feeling like expanding it to include all of those highschool cliches you see in manga/anime and I got plenty of ideas for the other dota heroes.

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Hi! I really love your guys blog! Could you possibly do a high school aged Quinx headcanons?

Yaaaas. High school Quinx coming right up!


  • Shirazu would be a prominent member of the track and field team, mainly when it comes to sprinting. He would be very dedicated and though he doesn’t attend class on time, he would always attend club meetings and practices according to schedule.
  • Though track and field would be his highest priority, he would participate in basketball and soccer games to pass time.
  • Shirazu would have a habit of staying up late and end up snoozing in class. No matter how many times he gets scolded though, he continues to do this.
  • Shirazu would be one of those people who believe that ghosts haunt the school bathrooms.
  • Shirazu would also have the ‘yankee’/’Japanese delinquent’ appearances. He would not bother buttoning up his blazer nor would he even try tucking in his shirt.


  • Saiko would be a member of the otaku club and the video game club but would be way too lazy to attend any meetings. Despite this, she would not get kicked out of either because 1) her expertise is impressive and 2) the club leaders have crushes on her.
  • Her favorite hiding spot would be under the stairs. Whenever she feels too lazy to even go upstairs, she would hide there.
  • Saiko would be popular among her classmates despite not doing anything.
  • Saiko would be one of the two people who tricks Shirazu to test the ‘ghost haunting the school bathrooms’ story. The other person would be Urie.
  • During the school events such as club recruitments and annual festivals, she would be too lazy to set up anything, and even if she did, she would somehow end up ruining everything. Because of this, her fellow club members wouldn’t even try forcing her to help; rather, they would make her be the face of the club by making her stand near the booth and look cute.


  • For Valentine’s Day, Mutsuki would receive the most chocolates out of the four because others are drawn to his amiable personality, gentle nature, and intellectual mind.
  • Mutsuki would have one of the highest grades in the class not only because he is naturally smart but also because he studies hard and concentrates on his school work.
  • He would be a member of the student council and contribute by decorating the school during festivals and dances.
  • Mutsuki’s personality would change most between his first and second year. Though he initially enters high school as a timid student, he would grow much more comfortable around his classmates as the months go on by interacting with others and participating in school events.
  • In the yearbook’s class favorites, he would win “Best Smile”


  • Though Urie would be as popular as Mutsuki is, he would receive less chocolates because his intimidating aura would scare off admirers.
  • Initially, Urie would be uninterested in any clubs because he thinks that they’re a waste of time. The only reason why he does eventually join one is because it counts as an extracurricular and he is aiming to apply for the top universities in the nation. The only two clubs he would apply to are kendo and the student council.
  • Urie would win votes to join student council not by bribing or asking his classmates, but by intimidating them with glares.
  • During lunch time, he would wander up to the school roof and take naps. In the case that the roof isn’t open or her gets caught, he would end up resting in a tree.
  • His two biggest rivals in school would be Takeomi and Shirazu. Urie would compete with Takeomi in kendo and academics, and Shirazu in every other sport and physical activity.

So I’ve been bored and playing a lot of Tokimeki Girl’s Side on my DS (don’t judge me; there’s a story behind that), and I get really frustrated because I’m actually not into any Otome tropes? I don’t like being the feminine and stereotypical “good girl,” and I don’t like the “bishonen” characters. They’re all so gushy and harmless.

So basically my friend and I are on facebook concocting a yankee themed otome game.
It sounds awesome. (Now if only it were real.)