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So I’d seen before on @jazztronic‘s and @crocus29‘s tumblrs that the Diamond Brothers make cameo appearances in the Kenka Banchou series. More specifically, Kenka Banchou Bros. While admittedly by the point you do fight the Diamond Bros. it’s a bit of a breeze, what’s really interesting is finally getting a taste of Daiya’s personality and finding out Daiya has a Super High School Level Title! That being, Super High School Level Souchou!

So, with the help of @taichinchin in the translating department, I personally did my best to record and subtitle the video as best as I could. I’m not super good at video editing, but hopefully it turned out well enough for you guys to enjoy! For those of you watching, I tried to make my Bros. look like other DR characters and failed miserably, so please enjoy this interpetation I did of Mitsuhashi and Itou from Kyou Kara Ore Wa beating up the Diamond Bros.!


looking thru my old files and i had remembered there was actually a beta?? a first attempt to make a stuco/delinquent au haha,, originally they had their canon uniforms on.

vile-priestess  asked:

Someone might have already pointed this out, but another possible bit of evidence for Kirishima being a delinquent former is that he was teaching Deku how to act like a thug in the Bakugou rescue arc. (And also Iida how to act like an advertiser for a hostess club.) Obviously, there could be some more mundane explanation for it like a family member working in a hostess bar or Kirishima cribbing stuff from movies he watched, but I do find it suspicious added to everything else.

Kirishima Trying to Teach Midoriya How to Be a Thug

Haha! Thug!Midoriya is so underappreciated. 

Midoriya wagging his chin, shouting “ora”, and pretending to be a stereotypical yankii thug is one of the funniest things in the manga. XD 

Do you think Kirishima was a part of a juvenile group like the yankiis?

Kirishima being a chinpira (juvenile delinquent) gives me chills. If you don’t know who Japanese juvenile delinquents are, they’re uhhhh…

You’ll know them if you see them. 

They’re young Japanese hooligans who act like the toughest and coolest people on Earth. They’re typically in your face and growl “ora” as sign of hostility and vulgarity. They’re rebellious, wearing dark punk clothes with black hair slicked back or punch permed. It’s common to see them in long jackets with kanji of their group names and/or motto. Other signs of a Japanese delinquent include dyed hair; rizento hair; coat capes; blunt weapons like bats or planks; grass, cigarettes, or other things sticking out their mouths; and piercings, tattoos, or other body modifications.

These delinquents are the people who make their parents cry.

Sorry, I find the idea of Kirishima teaching sweet and innocent Midoriya how to be a chinapira absolutely hilarious. XD “No Midoriya, you have to stick your chin out, be aggressive, be bad, and SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS.”

Sorry…sorry…sorry….I probably find this funnier than any of you do. 

But yeah….the idea of Kirishima being a chinpira is SO WEIRD. I can’t imagine him being as flamboyant as them. He must have broke laws and got into fights if he were a chinpira. Is that manly? Although, there are some chinpira groups who are very honorable, having strict customs and codes and being well organized to limit violence.

My entry for the Character Design Contest… and my first time participating! This month’s prompt was “Sailor Moon.” Her style is inspired by sukeban/yankii fashion (iconic for school-aged Japanese delinquents) and she is the leader of a girl-gang that fights evil by moonlight! Thanks for looking!

Bakugou s/o headcanons

Ok so I’ve spent entirely too long thinking about Bakugou’s nitro sweat and the consequences of such a thing for, ya know, sexytimes.
Because yes, I’m like that.

And the other day, I had a revelation. I have to credit @leeva-z-kai for this particular discovery, because I never thought of it, but while Bakugou is very averse to touch in general… he only seems to have nitroglycerin sweat in his palms. The rest of him is, we’re meant to believe, has regular old sweat glands.
And I can’t believe it took me that long, because he literally only ever shown with explosions from his palms.
This, my friends, opens possibilities.

I have this image, that Bakugou has to be careful about what he touches, because nitroglycerine, even when not activated as a quirk, is volatile AF. This is possibly why you very rarely see him use his hands outside of combat (he only ever whacks one person ever, and that is Kirishima in the cavalry battle, but that dude is made of rocks so…).
If, most likely in a few years, he were to have an s/o, and find himself in intimate situations, he’s sure as hell going to be super careful around them.

Do you know what this means?!!? Constant self-imposed hands-off policy. Most of his love life is a lap dance where he’s not allowed to put his hands on the dancer.
I bring you headcanons:

  •  We’ve already seen that he’s very slow to let down his guard. This kid wrestles with a lot of stuff, so I do believe he’d have to mature and just… process a bit before he can even enter a healthy relationship.
  • Even then, slow to admit that he has feels for someone. Feelings are for weaklings and no amount of character development is going to turn him into a soft boy.
  • I do believe that once he makes it to hero status, he’ll have fangirls and boys all over him (I mean, who doesn’t love a bad boy, the BnHA fandom sure as hell does). I also believe he won’t give a shit about these people. They fuel his ego, yes, but also, they’re extras.
  • I very much think that for him to actually fall in love, he’ll need an equal. Someone he respects. Someone he can spar with. Someone that challenges him, one way or another. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a fighter. Someone with the confidence, the intelligence or the sheer sass to meet him on a level field could knock his socks off.
  • This person would also need the patience of a saint, because he rarely answers his texts and he won’t let it be known if something bothers him, until it’s already too late and there’s a loud bang from  kitchen because he exploded the toaster for some reason. He is, however, very adamant about channelling his aggression towards  villains and the occasional inanimate object.
  • Not much of a cuddler in a relaxed, non-sexual environment (see earlier, not too fond of being touched), but he’ll do it, with a sigh and an eyeroll, if s/o whines about it.
  • Once he gets comfortable around his partner, he is very into kissing though. Hands shoved deep into his pockets, leaning in and just… surprisingly soft kisses.
  • You know the kabe don thing Japanese delinquents do? When they cage their partner against a wall? He LOVES that, though he has to do a slo-mo version, because one time he whacked the wall too hard and it went boom, startling s/o. There were no kisses for him that time :(

None of what’s underneath this cut is even remotely safe for work.

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