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I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what are your views on Scarlet Johanson being cast as the lead in GitS? I know lots of people believe this to be white washing, but there are divided opinions.

I’m of the firm opinion that Hollywood making a Ghost in the Shell adaptation is iffy in the first place when the original manga is so intrinsically tied to Japanese history. The manga itself was a reflection and reaction to post-war Japan’s economic dependence on technology, and a lot of its power comes from the emotional nuance that the author threaded into its story as someone who grew up in that time period. One of the primary themes of the manga is how technology blends with Eastern philosophy. The fact that Hollywood decided to grab at the monumental task of adapting this franchise without understanding the weight of it offends me as a storyteller. Even then, I might have watched it if the cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty enough.

However, in my view, proceeding to cast Scarlett Johansson as the main character is nothing short of a disgrace. In the end, that is the reason why I am choosing to not watch the film. Now, hang onto your hat, anon, this is going to be a long ride under the cut:

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Commissions are Open!
I’m doing short translation, and currently accepting payment through paypal (currency is us dollars). For example:
Manga Chapter/Doujinshi ~  around $20
Songs ~ around $15
Price may vary!

Comisiones abiertas!
Estoy haciendo traducciones cortas, y por el momento aceptando pagos a traves de paypal (en dolares). Por ejemplo:
Capitulo de Manga/Doujinshi ~ alrededor de $20
Canciones ~ alrededor de $15

Thank you!

A commissionned piece inspired by a kimono pattern. Thank you Sophie ! 

It’s been a while since I last used my gouache, I dearly missed it ! (also messed around with this gold gel pen woops, couldn’t help it)  


Dreaming a little dream of Spring

It’s never too early to want to dream of spring imo. Here’s a quick McGenji commission I got from @spursjanglin here and over on twitter. They got a winged au going on and I am all about them wings.

Hope yall enjoy it as much as they did!


Commissions are finally open :) 

Payment will be negotiated and accepted first
**my paypal/email is: 1994lee.christine@gmail.com

UPDATE: payment will be U.S. DOLLAR 

more examples of my work view here :) 

Please copy/past this info onto my email or submission box:


-Character ref(s):
-Villager(s) or Pokemon (if any):
-Poses +  Items + Personality:
- Important things/Specifications: 
- Color Palette:
-Text (do you need it translated?):
-Paying for the giant object feature?(if so what would you like and specify) : 
-type of background (solid color, white illustration, geometric, photo: 
-specify background (if you have a photo please send me a link with credit): 
-image references:
-email/paypal email: 

I do not draw


If you have something else in mind aside from them, (like a guro piece, or a landscape composition) shoot me an email and we can talk :) 


(I actually haven’t tried taiyaki yet, but it’s first on my list!)

I’m open for commissions!

Been on another Pokémon kick, so I thought I’d draw my sweet child. I’m considering turning this into a print if enough people like it, ahhh. I had a lot of fun making this~!

Please do not repost without my permission.