japanese colonization

“When I was about to enter elementary school, we became independent from Japan. In those days, if you didn’t know Japanese, you didn’t even have a chance to participate in contemporary civilization. So I studied Japanese in order to come into contact with new teachings and ideas. Now I know English, Chinese, and Japanese. If i didn’t know those, I couldn’t become a part of society. Young people call them ‘qualifications’ nowadays. We are a pitiable generation.”

“내가 국민학교 들어갈 때쯤 해방이 되었는데 당대엔 일본어를 모르면 문물을 접할 기회조차 오지 않았어. 그래서 일본말을 배웠어, 학문을 접하려고. 그렇게 나는 잉글리시, 차이니즈, 재패니즈를 해. 그걸 모르면 사회에서 행세를 못했어. 그걸 요즘 젊은 애들은 스펙이라고 하더라. 우리는 불쌍한 세대야.”