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silverdawnarrow  asked:

Hey Lor! I'm going on a family holiday to California at easter and I was wondering if there's anything you recommend going to? We'll have 3 days in SF so I may get to go to BTSSB and/or AP, and 4 days in LA including Disney. We're probably going to see all the sights everyone normally goes to, so is there anything else we should see? I'm particularly interested in museums and culture.

I don’t know much about SF because I haven’t been back since 2010 but you could always message Shannie, she’s an SF lolita. 

I want to make more videos about places to visit in California and hopefully I’ll have a few more out before you get here but in the meantime I’ll give a list of links.

Orange County (Disneyland Area)

Circle of Orange-ANTIQUES GALORE, good food, cute atmosphere

Anaheim Packing District- Unique restaurants, artsy and fun 

 The Lab-Second hand shops, cool art installations, unique character macarons , nice cafes

Mitsuwa- Asian Market, mini shops

South Coast Plaza- Big Fancy mall

Los Angeles

Fairytale Boutique-Lolita Shop (A MUST VISIT)

Anime Jungle & Anime Jungle 2-Stores in the same area as Fairytale Boutique. One is mainly purikura the other is anime figures.

Ozero-One of my favorite boba places 

Qpop-Art gallery and shop (they have lots of Swimmer!)

Popkiller (there is also one of these in the previously mentioned The Lab)secondhand clothes, vintage stuff, cool fan stuff.

Whimsic Alley-I’m not a Harry Potter fan but this store is worth mentioning if you are haha they have lots of Doctor Who and other British fandom stuff too.

The Last Bookstore-Very cool art installations, books, art

Angel’s Attic (currently working on a video for this)-Victorian house filled with miniatures, dolls and dollhouses. Located in Santa Monica which is kind of a pain to drive in but total worth it.

 3rd Street Promenade-Very touristy but worth visiting. There’s Dinosaur statues like come on. 

Little Osaka-REALLY GOOD RESTARAUNTS, Shopping,ambience 

Natural History Museum-SPACE SHUTTLE also the grounds have a bunch of rose gardens you can go in for free! I’ve filmed a couple videos there 

Japan LA- Kawaii Culture shop located on Melrose. There’s a lot of cool unique shops on Melrose too! Check them all out! 

If you are willing to make the drive to Lakewood or City of Industry (both about 30min from downtown) check out Round One they are really big arcades and have a lot of Japanese games and claw machines ! 

Also if you don’t have Daiso near you, check them out! There’s a bunch in Orange County and one in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles too ! 

I could go on and on and don’t even get me started with San Diego hahaha I love being a tour guide though and I hope that helps ! Let me know if you need any more suggestions and if you end up going to these places, let me know how you liked them ! <3