japanese bullet train

Oh my God Hides live action movie actor is apparently part of a boyband.

Lemme elaborate that bc its canon that inverse Hide is a huge fan of a boyband (mostly mentioned in the Light novels where he went out into another district to get a CD including a poster).

The guys name is apparently Kai Ogasawara hes member of a japanese boyband called Bullet Train. His color is blue and his position is main dancer / “Mysterious”

(no this is no joke his role is the mysterious one)

Jihun’s Tweet | 170414

[지훈] 제가 남친짤을 도와봤는데요   저를찍고 있네욤.
#크나큰 #지훈 #승준 #신칸센 #👍🏻


[Jihun] I’m helping him take a boyfriend like photo.   And he took a photo of me.
#KNK #Jihun #Seungjun #Sinkansen #👍🏻


Sinkansen is the Japanese bullet train. 

Reveries Chapter 2

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Description: The park of Westworld was created with the hopes of providing a place for people to experience and do all that they’ve always secretly wanted to do. To enrich the experience, hosts were created, similar to human beings in almost every single way. They breathed, they ate, and they bled. They were controllable and malleable, perfect for anything the customer wanted. But not everything is what it seems at first glance.

Genre: AU, action, angst, smut

Rating: 18+

Word count: 11.6k

Warning: AU, possible triggers, mentions of miscarriage, prostitution, violence, gore, sex scenes, foul language, NOT a ReaderxAny member of BTS fic, NOT a MemberxMember shipping fic.

Reveries: 01

A/N: I was going to wait to post this tomorrow (evening time for all you west side of the world folks just waking up), but I’m too giddy to wait. With this chapter, we begin to get into the overall plot of the series. I’m so stoked for the chapters coming after this. Many thanks to @ellieljade for keeping me motivated, being my cheerleader, and beta-ing this for me. Your love for Jimintine surpasses anyone else’s lmfao. (Speaking of - be sure to check out the mood board she made for this! You can see it here).

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hi everybody i’m tit liquid. running for republican primary. my name is tit liquid, and listen friends, i’ve had a lot of great hits over the years. you remember ‘em, you probably sing ‘em to your baby at night as they go off to sleep. hi i’m tit liquid do you like clicking on things? sure we all do. hey i’m tit liquid you know that rv of yours is looking pretty broken down whyncha bring it on in to tit liquid’s rv repair. hey i tell you what ol’ tit liquid will sing right into the tailpipe that thing’ll be gzzzssz. when you want molasses based candy where do you turn to well you go to your friend tit liquid, tit liquid has the best molasses sassafras and horehound based candies uhhh this side of the mississippi come on down. sorry about everything. when you need an assassin to take out a lowmoney(???) with absolute confidentiality who do you turn to well there’s one name in the phone book if you look under professional assassins and that one name’s tit liquid. you’ll know me by my sinister calling card which is i put a little piece of horehound over each of your eyeballs so you can have something to suck on while they cross the river styx it’s me tit liquid (i’ll kill your wife). please remember that if you do ask me tit liquid to kill your wife and you change your mind i am unstoppable and unreachable i am the japanese bullet train of assassins there is no impediment that you can put in front of me that will keep me from my dark goals i’m tit liquid and i’ll do it for free c’mon.

RIP Kenji Ekuan

Influential Japanese industrial designer Kenji Ekuan passed away in Tokyo this weekend at the age of 85. Ekuan will be remembered most for his iconic soy sauce bottle design, which was inspired by Ekuan’s mother who struggled to pour out the delicious sauce from large bottles. Thank you and goodbye Kenji.

A Japanese bullet train just topped records at 374 mph.

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai)’s maglev train — short for magnetic levitation, meaning a train that moves along by magnets and “hovers” four inches above the train’s rail-less path — reached a top speed of 374 mph for 10.8 seconds. The fastest train in America, comes pathetically no where close.


YAY! The PV for BELIEVExBELIEVE is out ArcVians! <333 REJOICE!!

Lookit how cute and dorky they are XD awwwww!




SONG: BelievexBelive

ANIME: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

BURN! Arc-V OP 2 English TV Vers.
Chuutookyuu ^o^ <3
BURN! Arc-V OP 2 English TV Vers.

BURN! Arc-V Opening 2 English TV. Version


Original Artists:Choutokkyuu/BULLET TRAIN

Sung/Adapted/Mixed by: manadarkmagiciangirl



Let’s Start! From that first shining moment!

Let’s  find! The correct path we should all follow

Let’s start! To have as much fun as we want

Ready go! The beginning is now!

Although the future seems so difficult, I decided to get through it

I know that we are all sure about what we’re wishing for so don’t worry!

I’m confident because I’m fighting with my friends for our precious future

With a shining power that lies within my cards

While everything is twisting around me

Feel it! I B-B-B-B-B-Burn!

I’ll be stronger than the weaker me that I was yesterday!

Overcoming obstacles, in my way  I’m never gonna give up!

I am surfing on top of the wind and catching all my dreams!

Tomorrow my overwhelming feelings will be there while I want to go cross the sky!

And its ok that I may struggle, I will fall but I will draw all my dreams in the blue sky!

Let’s Start! From that first shining moment!

Let’s  find! The correct path we should all follow

Let’s start! To have as much fun as we want

Ready go! The beginning is now!


-^w^- I hope you enjoy it! <3