japanese bookshelf


grapefruitcake asked about my bookshelf a while back and I know nadinenihongo also had a ‘share your bookshelf’ thing going a while back.  

Here are my Japanese textbooks. These shots show hardly any of the fiction, sorry, I actually couldn’t get that on the shelves in any presentable way whatsoever so gave up. There’s just too much stuff because I am a Book Off addict. Almost all of these books I’ve bought used.

So, have I read them, have I used them? Yeah, in the most part, I have. Maybe not cover to cover, as I tend to dip in and out of textbooks. I haven’t tackled any of the N2 stuff yet and am working my way through the N3 over this year. I haven’t read much of the fiction yet aside from the graded readers, but am starting to get to the point where I can understand more so am getting more into it day by day.

The daruma was a valentine’s gift from my BF, he said I should draw on one eye when I get N3 and the other when I get N2. I know this is non traditional, but he’s Japanese and that’s what he said I should do with this daruma when he gave me it. Looking at it reminds me to stay focused. This year he made me bookmarks. He’s very supportive of my studying and very tolerant of my used book obsession.

I’m going to go and put back my shelf into the double layered nightmare it was before because my floor is covered with books that won’t fit in with it like this.

Day 5: Learning Curve (- My Favourite Part of the Bookshelf)

Now that I have finished high school and I am on my gap year, I find a lot of motivation to study, especially my target languages. (Better later than never, eh?)
I have always adored different languages, so I feel really free now to actually study them. I am not a native English speaker, but I have always enjoyed it. In high school my chosen second language was Latin, which I wasn’t as interested in it, as I should have been.
But I have always wanted to learn Japanese, I feel that I should learn Spanish for my family and I have been eyeing Korean for a couple of years now. And of course, l haven’t started my Chinese and French language learning journey, yet. But first I want to progress with my 3 languages which I have my precious books for and I don’t want to overwhelm myself.