japanese biscuits


How to cut and bake the Green Tea Biscuits.

One the dough has been refrigerated for an hour, it can be prepared into biscuits. Take the cling film off the dough and roll the entire dough in sugar. Using a sharp knife, slice the dough into 3mm thickness discs and place on a greaseproof paper. Make sure to place them with some space in between for the biscuits to expand. 

Place in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for 18 minutes. Once baked, remove from the tray and place on a cooling rack to retain the crunch.

anonymous asked:

do u know any websites that ship to the states that sell snucks and drinks???

You can get a monthly subscription box of treats at:

Tokyo Treat

What you get: Japanese snacks and drinks (biscuit, candy, pocky, chocolate, soft drink, etc)

Price range: $14.99 - $34.99/mo. 

Snack Fever

What you get: Korean snack and food, at least 5 different snacks per box

Price range: $12 - $40/mo.

Japan Crate

What you get: mystery handpicked Japanese candies

Price range: $12 - $30/mo. with free shipping in the United States

Umai Crate

What you get: monthly supply of Japan-exclusive instant noodle (udon, yakisoba, spaghetti, ramen, etc)

Price: $25/mo. with free shipping in the United States


What you get: candies, chocolate, cookies, savory snacks, etc.

Price range: $12 - $35/mo. 

Wow Box

What you get: exclusive treats every month from Tokyo. They have 4 different types of subscription box such as: Fun & Tasty, Kawaii & Beauty, New & Limited, and Dagashi.

Price range: depends on your plan (starting at $14.99) with free shipping worldwide

Several different options are Snakku, Nandemobox, Oyatsu Box and Japan Yum but their prices are a little bit higher.

If you don’t want subscription box, you can buy Japanese candy, food, and other items at Oyatsu Cafe.