I know december is a busy month for a lot of people because of the holidays but I really wanted a language challenge to do so that I could keep on top of my Japanese studies throughout my end of year holidays
want to improve your language skills or just want something to do? join this 31-day language challenge!
remember, these don’t need to be long if you don’t want them to be! can be just a few sentences if that’s all you can manage
If you want to keep up with this make sure to tag all your posts with #icylanguagechallenge so that I can see them all! also reblog this if you’re joining so more people can see!

day 1: write about your favourite holiday (eg, christmas, easter, national holidays)
day 2: write about which city you’d love to visit! can be one you’ve visited before or an entirely new one
day 3: write a letter to a friend! you don’t need to give it to them
day 4: do you have any pets? want any pets?
day 5: do you celebrate christmas? if not, what do you celebrate?
day 6: whats your favourite food? explain it
day 7: why did you start studying your target language? is it harder than you thought it would be?
day 8: where do you live? what do you like/dislike about it?
day 9: write about your school/uni/job
day 10: why did you want to join this challenge?
day 11: what apps do you recommend for studying? why?
day 12: how long have you been a part of the studyblr community? why have you stayed?
day 13: whats your favourite memory?
day 14: whats your favourite subject? how long have you done it for?
day 15: describe your room! whats in it? is it clean or dirty?
day 16: do you enjoy going to the beach? why/why not?
day 17: whats your favourite season? why do you like it the most?
day 18: what hobbies do you have?
day 20: what kind of music do you like? list your top 3 songs!
day 21: do you enjoy going outside? why/why not?
day 22: early bird or night owl?
day 23: whats your number 1 goal in life?
day 24: do you want to go to uni/college? what do you want to study there?
day 25: christmas day! take a break if you need! if not then write about what you did/will do today!
day 26: whats your favourite animal? what do you like about it?
day 27: whats your favourite culture? why?
day 28: what kind of style do you have/want to have?
day 29: do you watch youtube? whos your favourite youtuber?
day 30:  favourite website? why do you like it so much?
day 31: last day of the year! write about your new year’s resolutions!

★ please spread this around! i want as many people as possible to join ★


ミュージカル #狂炎ソナタ
#KEN の初日公演が終了しました!

Musical #SonataOfAFlame
#KEN’s first performance is over!
How was Ken’s Composer S?
The performances will continue from tomorrow, so be sure to come see it!!