Never seen so much green in my life!!! Yakushima is not well known to many foreign travelers, but as a Natural World Heritage Site it is a definite must-see, and I found it much more enjoyable & interesting than climbing Mt. Fuji

Trekking up the mountain toward Jomonsugi (the oldest cedar tree in Japan) is not difficult per se, but it definitely tests your stamina. On the five hour trek down, I could feel that my knee was going to give out — and 30 minutes from our end point, it did. Our guide had to carry me on his back the rest of the way, and my friends actually had to run to keep up with him! I was embarrassed until he told us that it’s not uncommon for him to end a journey with a trekker on his back! Luckily, we were able to catch the last bus back down to the city.

All of us are feeling it today though — sore muscles, blisters, bruises and cuts - but it was an unforgettable trip full of new experiences, and I was able to share it with four wonderful friends. (at 屋久島 / Yakushima)

July 7, 2013 

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