Ariana Miyamoto Is The First Afro-Asian To Be Crowned Miss Japan

Black Girl Long Hair writes:

Ariana Miyamoto is the first Afro Asian to be crowned Miss Japan. The reigning queen will go forth as the first Afro Asian representative of the country in the Miss Universe pageant. Miyamoto was born to a black American father and a Japanese mother in Nagasaki. Nervous about how this would be received, she even voiced her apprehensiveness on acceptance as a contestant in the pageant:

“I thought ‘I wonder if a hafu like me would be okay’ and had insecurities,”

In case any of you are wondering, “hafu” is the Japanese term for biracial. Although, Miyamoto made history with her win, there were some very outspoken folks on twitter in Japan who felt she should not represent the country because of her cultural background:

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