When clearing customs ajust now…
Security: can I know your purpose of coming to Japan?
Me: Concert (figuring that saying handshake is too wtf)
Security: Conference? Work?
Me: Concert.
Security: Business Conference?
Me: …AKB48
Security: OH CONCERT. From Tokyo, Why do you go to Sapporo?
Me: …AKB48 握手会.
Security: Ah ok ok thank you!

Hirata Rina 23/09 1st part

Me: /walks over
Hirari: AHHH!
Me: ?????
Hirari: The one from!!
Me: Where?
Hirari: HOKKAIDO!!!!!!!
Me: ……well yes but I’m actually from Singapore.
Hirari: AH YES Right right!
Me: It’s my birthday today…
Me: Thank you~ Did you see my google plus comments?
Hirari: Yes! I’ve aways see them, the one in English from Singapore!
Me: Well yeah I’ll see you later in the next session.
Hirari: Alright see you!

I was surprised to know that she remembered me from Hokkaido handshake and even more so about the googleplus comments. She would clamp down on your hand when times up to not let you get pushed out so it was awesome.

Takamina: (suddenly) Twenty-five?
Me: EHHHh……..~~~
Takamina: (pissed/fierce voice) How old are you!?
Me: ……Twenty…………ssss
Takamina: Twenty six?

…yup. That’s me failing in front of oshimen because doesn’t remember how old I’m. ;A;))o She probably got pissed thinking that she spoke in English yet I can’t answer. HAHAHAHAH THATS BECAUSE I WAS STRUGGLING TO COUNT. T^T #LifeOfAWotaWhoSuckedInMaths And yes, everything is in English, even w/e Takamina said. <3 She sounded perfect by the way ^^;