EAFF Nadeshiko

GK / Erina Yamane, Rei Takenaka, Ayaka Yamashita
DF / Asuna Tanaka, Kana Kitahara, Rie Azami, Shiho Kohata, Ryouko Takara, Yuria Obara, Tomoko Muramatsu
MF / Megumi Kamionobe, Yumi Uetsuji, Yuri Kawamura, Ami Sugita, Hanae Shibata, Kumi Yokoyama, Mai Kyokawa, Hikaru Naomoto, Rika Masuya
FW / Saori Arimachi, Yuika Sugasawa, Megumi Takase, Mina Tanaka

Have you thought about this yet...?

The WWC was a month long. From June 6 to July 5. This means that it is more than likely that nearly every single player from Japan, USA, England, and Germany (the teams that lasted the whole month) was on their period at some point during the tournament. They trained, played, and battled their way through while going through the tortuous shredding and shedding of their insides… If they weren’t already the most badass footballers playing, sliding, and tackling ON TURF FOR A WORLD CUP……. well then I think this secures that title