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having studied abroad in japan (i'm a female) and coming across a large female fanbase there i asked them about how they feel about one piece and it's representation of women and they all said they loved it and enjoy one piece as it is and that not everything we (westerners) worry about should be taken very seriously with one piece .. just fyi that you shouldn't claim to speak for japanese female audiences..

I wasn’t trying to claim that I speak for Japanese women. Have I ever stated something like “I know that this bothers women in Japan”? In that last ask I was challenging the idea that there’s no such thing as feminism in Japan, and the idea that people not from Japan aren’t allowed to be bothered by things like the molestation and harassment that occurs in Japan. But when it comes to stuff in One Piece and my criticisms of it, I’ve said multiple times there that I’m voicing my own opinions. I have never claimed to speak for anyone except for myself. 

And one person asking people they hang out with while studying abroad is far from representative of all women in Japan. Maybe virtually all women in Japan feel the same as the ones you talked to. Maybe ¾ths of them do. I don’t know, but unless you’ve surveyed every woman in Japan across social, economic, political, and age related lines, then you’re not speaking for Japanese women as a whole. And I have never been under the impression that all or even most Japanese women feel the same way I do. Hell, I don’t even think that most people in this fandom feel the same way that I do. So many OP fans will bend over backwards to celebrate and defend virtually anything Oda does. Still, that’s not going to change what I think or stop me from talking about it. 


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70’s Suburban West Coast/Cali Skater ish rebels at Stussy Women Japan’ FW'2015 Lookbook feat. Lydia Hunt photographed by Takanori Okuwaki and styled by Keiko Hitotsuyama

Hair by Takuya Baba and Makeup by Yusuke Saeki

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