japan wrestling

It was your and Finn’s 3 year anniversary. Wow, you have dealt with a 36 year old child for 3 years now and you couldn’t be more happier. To celebrate, he takes you to this upper class man restaurant; one of those restaurants that only rich people can afford. The waiter finally came to get your drinks. You notice that his eyes never left your body, not even when he was taking Finn’s order. You grab his hand, rubbing circles around his palms, giving him a reassuring smile. The waiter came back with a bottle of champagne, thus again his eyes traveling through your upper body.”What would you like to order?” The waiter beamed at you.”I would like a waiter that knows better than to flirt with my girl.” Finn said evidently jealous.
“Finn.” You asked stressed out.”What is it babe.” He replies, his finger fumbling with his phone; his eyes fixed to the phone screen.”Does the fact that I’m still a virgin disturb you?” He immediately stops, his attention now focused on you.”God no y/n. No, no babe. I mean I admit that I desire you so badly and I find it sometimes hard to contain myself. But my love for ya is way beyond sex.” Finn caresses your face, your mind at ease at last.”I will wait on you he time you need because you are worth the wait y/n.”
It is your birthday and your friends Sasha and Bayley went all out renting an entire club for you. The intoxicating environment mixed with the alcohol you were downing like water made you loose control of your body. You feel a pair of hands around your waist a somewhat of a hard thing pressing against your ass.”Happy Birthday love.” You turn around only to be met by those mesmerizing green eyes.”Thank you Irish.” You thank him, Finn’s arms still around your waist.”I couldn’t think of anything to gift ya. I don’t really know about flashy jewelry or sparkling shit. So I went ahead got ya the first thing that popped into my mind when I thought of ya.” Finn slurred.”Would you like an Australian kiss??” He asked. You look at him dumbfounded.”It’s just like a French kiss.” He pulled your body closer to his, his breath getting harder.”,but down under.” He growled in your ear.”I’d like that very much indeed, but I’d also want a normal kiss, you know the ones that include tongue action, dominance, exchange of fluids, and sex.” His lips trace your jawline, neck, and at last connect with yours.