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Junya Ishigami is known for his enchanting concepts which attempt to dissolve the boundaries between architecture and geography, the delicacy and lightness of form in his work stretching far beyond the minimalist aesthetic.

The Kait workshop in Japan is a physical embodiment of such ideas; a barely-there glass box supported by 305 unique steel columns to create a fresh interior space drenched in natural light. The interior is an artificial forest of white columns, with sunlight filtering through skylights which run the entire length of the building. 

Ishigami’s obsession with celebrating the beauty of nature within artificial form is expressed in the exterior, where the glass reflects the site’s surrounding trees and the lack of exterior walls furthers the building’s transparency. This subtlety and tentativeness is present in all of Ishigami’s work. 

Photos taken by Iwan Baan and Rudolph Escher.

From the darkest parts of a Chalice Dungeon to the Hunter’s Work Shop (at its Prime) Maria gets a little bored and reaches out to her instructor.

Very quick Gehrmaria doodle I did while working in between projects. This comic was inspired by another comic I came across, and I couldn’t resist.

Enjoy how Gehrman invented Quickening!!


Dodomeki (covered in bird eyes) - Henry McClellan 2017

This is a handmade kite that I created using paper that I also made during a workshop in Japan between fall and spring semester. Thanks to everyone on the Japan trip and special thanks to my close friends (Connor, Camilo, Maria, Jack, and Sophi) for inspiring me to keep making work!


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Cierto profesor nos contaba que en toda obra que iniciaba dejaba su firma: que siempre pudiera cruzarse el predio con la vista, a pesar de lo que él construyera encima. Esta casa, en su esbeltez y preciosa materialidad interior, además tiene esa característica, que de alguna manera muestra esa humildad y respeto frente a un terreno permitiendo ver hasta su fondo. El espacio, alto y continuo, se muestra abierto, con su materialidad cálida a la vista.

OFEA  - multi-leveled family home with pottery workshop, japan


Light speed~!


Japan Workshop - Full Compilation

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Opening today, A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond, explores the work of a network of architecture luminaries. 

[Junya Ishigami. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop, Kanagawa, Japan. 2005–08. © Junya.Ishigami + Associates]


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