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-Hanzo was a pretty good dancer when he was younger. One day at base, someone starts a debate about “Who’s better at dancing, Hanzo or McCree ” because they were fully aware of their relationship. Except for the part Hanzo is a good dancer part. Is it truely possible to out-dance someone?

-Hanzo listens to music when he feels lonely. Sometimes when he is wandering around base, he quietly sings the lyrics to different songs. One day he gets caught singing when he thinks he’s alone by Hana. She secretly is following the Shimada and recording his fabulous singing and posts it on her twitter. The whole base is amazed, including McCree.

-McCree likes everything about Hanzo. Until he thinks,“I love him.” He then has a moment of realization and yells “SHIT” during the team practice.

-Genji is being a little shiz by stealing Hanzo’s leftover cake and blaming it on McCree. Hanzo: WHO ATE MY LEFTOVERS?
Genji: McCree. Hanzo:Jesse!! McCree: Wha
Hanzo: Why’d you eat my cake? Pft, nevermind I forgive you anyway.

-Soul mate au where there’s a special phone everyone gets at the age of eighteen that can send messages to their soulmate.
M: Howdy :v H:Salutations. My name is Hanzo. M: My name is McCree. Tho Jesse is fine. H:Where are you? M: The US. H: Japan.
M: Darn it,Han. Why do you have to be so far away?

-McCree likes Popsicles on cold days for some reason. Hanzo gets so annoyed about it. “Why must you eat something cold on a cold day?” “Cuz I wanna eat somethin’ cold on a cold day! COLD AND COLD MATCH, DARLIN’.”

-Hana likes to post videos of Hanzo and Jesse being cute.

-When there’s only one shower in the whole apartment and there’s two people who have to get out in like five minutes who are dirty af, make them take a bath together.

-Hanzo is shy. Very very shy. Maybe antisocial. When he joins overwatch, he dies mentally because of the conversations he’s dragged into. McCree helps him gain that personal confidence to talk in front of a whole crowd.

-Hanzo and McCree debating how to pronounce “Archive” correctly.

-Genji being a party pooper and dumping the hottest hot sauce in the world inside of McCree’s food. McCree eats it like a champ going like “WOO! I CAN FINISH THIS! AAAAA!” Later that day, Hanzo and McCree have a long trip to the bathroom.

-McCree and Hanzo play Wii Sports because the base has really old stuff apparently.

-Hanzo and McCree go to Hanamura. Hanzo stops at the Shimada estate to visit his room because he forgot what it looked like. It’s filled with a LOT of nerdy stuff. He even finds his old journal and reads the cringy lines of “When I’m older I want to have a cowboy boyfriend. He’s gonna be so cool.”

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“Yuuri, you have to fly out to Bali with me this weekend. I’m so done with annoying people in suits, and I just really want to recharge with you. Please?” Phichit pouted into the camera, making his most convincing face at it. Why was Japan so far? He really should work on moving more of his business there so he could be closer to his darling boyfriend. “It’ll be a nice getaway! We can get couple massages. I can give the massage!”

Listening to 35xxxv album by ONE OK ROCK. (☆▽☆)  What do you think about it guys? I think nothing can’t be better than Jinsei x Boku= but it isn’t bad, right? I’m totally in love with Good Goodbye, but it’s too pity that all the lyrics are in english.(╥﹏╥) I’m still waiting for my own copy. Why Japan is so far away?! So, so, I hope you like this kind of Gift for them! Thank you for such an amazing album and don’t give up, boys! (≧◡≦)

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What are your theories regarding Nagi, like I heard a few out there but what are yours?

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Nagi’s mystery is actually built very similar to Yamato’s imo!  There have been lots of hints dropped here and there, just like lots of stuff about Yamato have been sprinkled throughout the story.  But Nagi appears to be a lot more straightforward, so it’s difficult to really doubt him.  He’s also a massive otaku with a very bombastic personality, so it’s just as easy to brush aside some of the other things he’s said (meanwhile, Yamato appears very closed off and feels a lot more shady, so it’s a lot easier to cast active doubt on the things he does or says).

So uh, let’s get into Nagi theories

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