japan tragedy


Read the caption to see what stars are on there

After all the events that have occurred within the past 24 hours, I’m just in total disbelief. Yesterday morning, 150+ citizens of Paris woke up and went through their day normally. Most of them were probably looking forward to something in the future; a wedding, graduation, party, etc. Those 150+ did not return home. Yesterday morning, the citizens of southeastern Japan had a very rude awakening as they were hit with a 7.0 earthquake. Yesterday in Baghdad while mourning the loss of someone, a suicide bomber killed at least 19 people. Yesterday morning, a few children in Lebanon never had the chance to say goodbye to their parents because of two suicide bombers who killed 44 people. Right now, we need God more than ever. If anyone is capable of fixing this, its Him. I encourage you all to pray, right now, for everyone affected by todays tragedies. 

So much to mourn this week from the continuing crisis in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria, to the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, to the slaying of Prince George County Fire Fighter John Ulmshneider, but no matter how dark the world seems, whether it be nature or by our own hands, there is always a sunrise, and there is always a new day. We must mourn those lost and take a brief moment to reflect on these tragedies, but we then turn our focus to those who survive, to those who still need us, and we uplift them to make the world a better place for all. This is the cause of man, this is the purpose of life. We live through disaster and destruction, we learn and we grow, but most importantly, we love. Let our hearts be heavy for the plight of our fellow man today, but let us also find hope in the wonders of this great planet.


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i hate how people makes tragedy in Japan as a mean for them to gain followers.

Like what the fuck people??

Making this worst by making foolish predictions of the end of the world.


If you want to pray just do it!!! actions speak louder than words.

make it real everyone.

Tragedy of November 13, 2015

What happened today:

#prayforparis #peaceforparis : terror attacks across six sites that could total casualties and injuries up to over 150

#prayforlebanon #prayforbeirut : terror bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, suicide bombers left at least 43 dead

#prayforjapan : 7.0 earthquake, aftershocks, the resulting tsunami…

#prayforbaghdad : suicide bomber at a funeral killed at least 19 people