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Nations in Theater

America, such a good actor it’ll make you reconsider how manipulative he is in real life.

France, that over dramatic actor who takes his roles to heart and off stage.

China, the actor that’s been there forever. Has been in everything

England, the Stage Manager. 

Germany, the Director.  

Poland, in charge of costuming. 

Japan, in charge of lights and sound.

Canada, head of stage crew. 

Spain, Romano, Prussia are said stage crew. 

Russia, built the set. 

Italy, all the extras. 


Video for the first of the new Free! Movies, out April 22nd in theaters in Japan this year! It’ll be a mix of old anime footage and new footage

“Sword fight during a flood” (1865), Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900)

Scene from a kabuki play. A young woman and a rogue fight on the roof of a house as water is flowing around them.

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Do you know what is the capacity of these theaters?


  • The Masonic in SF is 3,300
  • The Greek in LA is 5,870
  • The Ryman in Nashville is 2,362
  • The Chicago Theater is 3,600
  • Radio City in NY is 6,150
  • Wang Theater in Boston is 3,500
  • DAR Constitution Hall in DC is 3,702
  • Massey Hall in Toronto is 2,752
  • Tower Theater in Philly is 3,119
  • The New Roxy in Atlanta is 3,300
  • The Pavillion in Irving is 8,000
  • ACL Live in Austin is 2,750
  • Comerica Theater in Pheonix is 5,000

North America total: ~53,405

  • L’Olympia in Paris is 1,996
  • Palladium in Cologne is 4,000
  • eventim apollo in London is 5,039 standing x2
  • O2 Apollo Manchester is 3,500
  • SEC Armadillo in Glasgow is 3,000
  • Fryshuset in Stockholm is 3,500
  • Tempodrom in Berlin is 3,800
  • AFAS Live in Amsterdam is 5,500
  • Alcatraz in Milan is 3,000

Europe total: ~38,374

  • The Star Singapore is 5,000
  • The Enmore in Newtown is 1,600
  • The Forum in Melbourne is 1,500
  • The Spark arena is 12,000 (hello NZ!?)
  • EX Theater in Japan is 2,000 x2

Asia/Pacific total: ~19,600

Don’t come after me if my math is off. 

The new Free! -Take Your Marks- Movie will be officially out in theaters in Japan on October 28th, 2017! The movie will consist of four “episodes” combined into the movie, and the titles of each episode are as follows:

Episode 1: The Choice of Destiny
Episode 2: Cooling Down at a Secret Hot Springs
Episode 3: The Butterfly of Promises
Episode 4: The Departure of Eternal Blue

A short summary of the movie is as follows:

It’s the month of March, and the season for Haruka’s graduation has arrived. This story will follow the next starting block for the boys in the beginning of Spring. As Haruka and the others go forward to their futures, what happens next…?


Mamoru Hosoda’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女) was first released on July 15, 2006.

This movie was released to a small number of theaters in Japan, taking in approximately 300 million yen (US$3 million). The film wasn’t advertised as frequently as other animation features from 2006 (such as “Tales from Earthsea”), but word of mouth and glowing reviews generated interest. At Theatre Shinjuku for days in a row, film-goers would fill the theater, some even standing to watch the film. Following this, distribution company Kadokawa Herald Pictures took unprecedented measures to increase the number of theaters showing the film across Japan, and sent the film to several international festivals. (x)

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You're happily freaking out... Did I miss something?!?!?! If so, what is it???????? O.O


1. Free! Timeless Medley: Bonds - discusses Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei. A recap movie with a mix of anime scenes and original content! Shown in Theaters in Japan on April 22, 2017

2. Free! Timeless Medley: Promises - discusses Rin and Sousuke, also a recap movie with a mix of anime scenes and original scenes. Shown in Theaters in Japan, July 1, 2017

3. Free! TAKE YOUR MARKS - An original feature film focusing on Haru and the third years shortly before graduation. Shown in Theaters in Japan in Autumn 2017


Death of a Monster, April 7th, 1945

The Yamato manuevers to avoid aerial attacks, already on fire and listing heavily. Her speed dropped to ten knots when the order was finally given to abandon ship right as the fires reached the magazines and detonated. The resulting mushroom cloud was seen over a hundred miles away, and out of a crew of 3,332, only 168 survived.


Kabukicho by Dick Thomas Johnson
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Niall Horan Hunger Games

Here we go again. Here’s the approximate capacities:

  • Dublin, Ireland - Olympia Theatre - 1287
  • London, UK - O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire - 2000
  • Stockholm, Sweden - Annexet - 3950
  • Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre - 1600
  • Tokyo, Japan - Ex Theater - 1746
  • Los Angeles, CA, US - Hollywood Palladium -3700
  • Mexico City, Mexico - El Plaza Condesa - 1900
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Vivo Rio - 5000
  • Philadelphia, PA, US - The Fillmore - 2500
  • New York, NY, US - Beacon Theatre - 2894
  • Toronto, Canada - Massey Hall - 2765
  • Boston, MA, US - Orpheum Theatre - 2700
  • Washington, DC, US - The Fillmore - 2000
  • Miami Beach, FL, US - The Fillmore - 2713
  • Orlando, FL, US - House of Blues - 2100
  • Atlanta, GA, US - Tabernacle - 2600
  • Nashville, TN, US - Ryman Auditorium - 2362
  • Chicago, IL, US - Rosemont Theatre - 4400
  • Dallas, TX, US - South Side Ballroom - 3800
  • Phoenix, AZ, US - Comerica Theatre - 5000
  • San Francisco, CA, US - The Masonic- 3481

Total Capacity: 60,498

Yuri!!! On Ice Choreographer, Voice Actors Will Host Figure Skating-Themed Event

Original Article: Anime News Network

Figure-skating choreographer Kenji Miyamoto and skater Akiko Suzuki will get Yuri!!! on Ice fans in shape for the Grand Prix at an upcoming event. The “Yuri!!! on Ice ~Figure Skate o 100-Bai Tanoshimu Shūchū Kōgi~” event will teach fans about figure skating using footage from Yuri!!! on Ice.

The event will also host creator Mitsurou Kubo and voice actors Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yūri Katsuki), Yūtarō Honjō (Guang-Hong Ji), and Shun'ichi Toki (Leo de la Iglesia) for the first session and Kubo, Toyonaga, and Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) for the second session.

The event will take place at Nakano Sun Plaza in Nakano, Tokyo on March 3. Tickets are 4,500 yen (US$40) and went on sale on Wednesday. However, due to the high demand to attend the event, 48 theaters throughout Japan will also livestream it.