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Family au prompt pretty please: one day Shiro and the kids go through one of the family photo albums, which of course is in chronological order. The kids suddenly point out how sad Daddy Keith looks in the photos before he met Shiro (looks away, doesn't smile) and how much that changed from the first photo of the daddies together and onwards. Shiro is so emotional about that fact, that when Keith joins them, he just hugs him as tightly as his can. The kids join in too of course~

[The Voltron Family] During the family’s first visit in Tokyo, Japan, the kids had been rather curious about their daddies’ baby pictures. Keith’s Mom heard the ruckus about them asking Shiro to show them photos. 

And that was how Shiro and the kids found themselves huddled together on the tatami floor, surrounded by photo albums of Keith (who was helping his Dad prepare their lunch). They started with the baby albums.

“Daddy Keith was so tiny,” Lance giggled as he nuzzled Shiro’s arm. 

“It’s so weird to see him so small,” Pidge tilted her head, giggling in delight. “He’s so big now. Well, Daddy Shiro is still bigger but he’s still big.”

Shiro just chuckled softly as they turned the page that showed Keith wearing his pre-school uniform, clutching his red randoseru and Shiro wanted to die.

“He’s so cute,” he sobbed, touching the photo so tenderly. “He’s so so cute.”

“Daddy Shiro, please,” Hunk rolled his eyes fondly. “Control yourself.”

They continued to Keith’s kindergarten days, to his elementary years and onto his high school. They noticed one thing as they browsed and Hunk was the one who voiced it out.

“He looks so…,” he paused to frown. “…so distant. Compared to the previous albums, he looked so happy but now… he looks sad.”

“Or mad,” Lance added. He pointed to a photo of Keith in his black gakuran and laughed, “This one looks like he’s ready to punch someone in the face.”

“Something must have happened,” Hunk voiced out thoughtfully. 

Shiro just stayed quiet, feeling a little sad for past Keith and whatever had happened to him back then. They continued and finished the high school album and not once did Keith smile. They moved on the college one and it started out same, same old “I don’t give a shit” Keith but at the same time “I don’t wanna interact I just wanna finish my education” Keith. 

The next page showed Keith boarding his plane and Pidge smiled, “Is this when he goes on that foreign exchange student program?!”

“Yeah, I think so,” Shiro answered, feeling a little excited. 

The excitement died down though as sad Keith continued. A photo of Keith in his dorm showing such a huge frown with a caption “These barbarians. I miss Japan. Please take me back.” The captions were pretty entertaining though, and they could tell Keith was the one who added them. They flipped and flipped until they reached a page that only had one photo.

Keith’s first photo with Shiro and he was smiling. Shiro remembered that very day. It was when they became friends and had their first lunch together at KFC. Under the photo was what made Shiro tear up. “I found a friend! His name is Shiro. Let’s hope he sticks around for a month!”

“You stuck around for 11 years,” Hunk whispered as he slowly looked at Shiro with glimmering eyes. “That’s more than a month.”

Shiro just nodded restraining himself from smiling too wide, still speechless. 

“You’re the one who made him smile again,” Pidge added, squeezing Shiro’s hand. “That’s so sweet.”

Lance flipped the pages and there were more photos of Keith and Shiro doing ridiculous stuff: straws in their noses, getting “drunk” with mango juice boxes, falling asleep on the couch studying for finals… and then another solo photo on a page. It was a stolen shot of Shiro in the library with headphones, reading a book. The caption below it was “Oh crap, I think I love him.” 

Shiro felt like someone took his ability to breathe. He was frozen and his kids just looked at him as if they were ready to tease him, instead, Pidge turned the page and another solo photo. It was Shiro and Keith in the infamous couch, doing peace signs, looking ridiculously too happy. They all knew what happened in that couch and the caption did not disappoint. “So apparently, THIS LOSER, confessed to me that he loves me (too) even though I’m ace. CRAZY!!! This is like some romcom shit.”

The four of them just stared, smiling sickeningly sweet at the page. They heard the confession story so many times but it was the first time the kids see something like a proof that it, indeed, happened. And Shiro could tell that the three little gremlins were taking their time to process what they were seeing. 

“Hey, I was—”

Shiro looked up and saw Keith entering the living room. He got up quickly, letting the photo album on his lap fall to the floor. Before Keith could process what they were doing, Shiro pulled him into his arms tightly and just cried. The kids stood up and ran towards Keith and copied Shiro, hugging their Daddy Keith’s legs.

“Okay?” Keith looked confused. “I mean, I’m not complaining with the hug pile but what is going on?”

“You know that I love you, right? And that you love me too?” Shiro leaned back to look at his husband.

“Yeah, last time I checked,” Keith blinked, still not getting anything. For a second Shiro noticed Keith’s eyes darted towards the floor with the photo albums and he saw the opened page. Keith groaned, “Oh my god. That album is so embarrassing! How could you look at them behind my back?! You traitors!”

Shiro just laughed as he leaned in to give Keith a kiss. “I love you so damn much.” After that, the kids shouted on top of each other asking for their turn to kiss their Daddy Keith.