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Italy→My Italian friend 

Taiwan→My Taiwanese friend 

If you can’t sleep at night, try those things. Except for my boyfriend, everybody in the house are girls(fujoshis) XD




Italy→My Italian friend 

Taiwan→my Taiwanese friend 

I was reading the “Spanish of the day”. My Italian friend speaks 6 languages…impressive


the Republican Party has had 6 years to come up with a replacement for Obamacare. 6 years to study the numerous examples of successfully run healthcare systems in other wealthy developed countries that have all managed to cover more people at lower cost than the United States, and with better health outcomes. the entirety of the European Union has universal healthcare but there are varying models used by each state- some are single-payer, others combine private insurance with public insurance. Countries like Japan, SKorea, Singapore and Taiwan are other models of universal healthcare that can be looked at. So even if single-payer seems too radical a shift, there are a shitload of other intermediate options. 6 years to get ideas from these these real-life tried and tested models that have been running for decades but they can only come up with this poorly written mess, with the excuse that healthcare is complicated and ‘hard’ and that nobody can figure out a good solution. 🙄



Taiwan→My Taiwanese friend 

Wanting to have brighter skin is kind of a cultural thing…there’s a youtube video kind of explain that (at the beginning of the video)


(I don’t agree with some of their examples) 

But I don’t care about my teeth (I know I should though)



hetalia world ☆ stars icons part seven

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let me explain….

i had this idea at 2am that the colder nations are really warm and so when they get stuck in a blizzard or something they turn into a big dog pile.


Taiwan→my Taiwanese friend 

Italy→My Italian friend

2p America→A random guy at the party 

You might not get the joke if you never watched Doraemon before, sorry about that. And he didn’t take off his clothes…sigh…


Taiwanese Aborigines.

“Savages In Taiwan”

I believe this photo was taken by the Japanese rulers of Taiwan, sometime before 1945.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the island of Taiwan was first settled between 20,000 to 30,000 years ago by a people who left little evidence of themselves, but may have been the ancestors of modern Melanesians and indigenous Australians. Some 8,000 years ago the people known to us as Austronesians settled the island.

The akkorokamui is a Japanese cryptid that resembles a giant, brilliant red octopus.  Stories of this being are centered off the coast of Hokkaido, Northern Japan, but sightings have also been reported elsewhere along Japan’s coast line and as far away as Taiwan.  It can be seen from a long distance due to its size and color, and has been known to swamp boats.

The Ainu people have sighted the akkorokamui for centuries, but sightings have been recorded by non-Ainu people as well, including missionary John Batchelor.  In his book The Ainu and their Folklore, he recorded the following incident:

“In the morning, we found the whole village under a cloud. Three men, it was said, were out trying to catch swordfish, when all at once a great sea monster, with large staring eyes, appeared in front of them and proceeded to attack the boat. A desperate fight ensued. The monster was round in shape, and emitted a dark fluid and noxious odor. The three men fled in dismay, not so much indeed for fear, they say, but on account of the dreadful smell. However that may have been, they were so scared that the next morning all three refused to get up and eat; they were lying in their beds pale and trembling.”