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I hope I get noticed.

APH | { School Crush. } Japan & Taiwan.

  • Japan: I've just received a text from Germany-san. He said that we're having a mandatory meeting in his house today.
  • South Korea: wait, now?? At seven in the morning??
  • Hong Kong: well, everyone's awake, like, what's the problem?
  • Taiwan: um, not everyone... 'The Beast' is still asleep...
  • Japan: ... I will text Germany-san that China-san will not be attending today's meeting because we fear for our lives...

Japan →me


Taiwan→My Taiwanese friend 

He had several “HUH?” Moment but in general he liked it. The photo is the Pork Cutlet bowl I made…FOR THEM…since they wanted to eat it >_<

ユーリon ICEをアメリカ人の彼氏に見せた結果

Hetaween 2016 - part 9
  • America: hey, have you guys seen China or Japan?
  • Germany: oh, I received a text from him that he's coming-
  • South Korea: ladies and gentlemen, this amazing group will win the costume contest, with...
  • Taiwan: Valor~!!
  • Japan: Mystic.
  • South Korea: INSTINCT!!
  • Hong Kong: Go!!
  • America: WHOAH OMG OMG OMG!! CANADIA LOOKIE!! OMG! OMG! *fangirls*
  • England: you lot are Pokémon Go characters?? Wait, where's China?
  • China, from the corner: NO!!!
  • Taiwan: hehe, you look amazing, come on~ *drags China out*
  • South Korea: we present you, female Go! Or GoGo!!
  • Male countries: ... you actually look good with shorts...
  • China: *cries*

Nothing matches the warm summer days spent with you.

APH | { Summer Festival. } Japan & Taiwan.


Taiwan → my Taiwanese friend

England→Mrs.E’s British husband (Mr.E)

Nyotalia Japan→My friend Mrs.E

She is such a cool girl!