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If you're bored you could always post your HIHV headcanons.

This is a good ask. I guess any of MY headcanons about THIHV are technically canons, right? (but if anyone else has hcs, omg, I’d love to hear them). These are mostly Shiro/Keith centric since Lance’s POV doesn’t allow for a ton of insight into them:

- Shiro used to keep all the curtains closed and just mope around the house at night before Keith. Keith showed him the beauty in the night sky. Now they keep the curtains open.
- Shiro did call their coffee pot Mr. Coffee. Keith’s still not over it.
- Keith at one point had a pet cornsnake. Her name was Noodle bc that was the trade off - Keith could get a snake but Shiro got to name it.
- Normal sized cat Shiro likes to knock stuff off counters and shelves just like normal cats. Whenever he and Keith are upset with each other, cat Shiro will passive aggressively break shit.
- Keith will not so passive aggressively break Shiro’s antique vases. Shiro doesn’t really care about the vases but smashing ceramic is really satisfying.
- Keith’s favorite food as a human was tomato soup, Shiro’s was pasta.
- Shiro’s favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
- Keith may not like playing piano, but he definitely likes watching Shiro play it.
- Shiro and Keith are kind of millionaires. They don’t have much use for money but they have tons of old stuff and have saved up a LOT over the years. Vampire perks.
- Shiro has serious PTSD from his time as the Champion and still has nightmares about it. (This will come into the fic.) Keith is used to him waking up in a cold sweat and needing comfort and reassurance about where he is and who he’s with.
- Shiro was Keith’s first, but Keith wasn’t Shiro’s first. When Shiro left Japan on the sailing trip that ended in tragedy, he had a lover back home who he was going to be engaged to. He never saw her again and he doesn’t talk about it.