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The USWNT will likely beat Japan by a few given they’re a young side in transition but winning 2/3 games and the Brazil comeback doesn’t excuse the disaster the rest of that Brazil game was up until the 80th minute mark. Or the play vs Australia. All the headlines about the USWNT comeback benefit Ellis the most because if you didn’t watch you wouldn’t have seen how they played before those 9-10 minutes. My biggest fear is that the issues get swept under the rug again. As we’ve seen at the Euros other teams are catching up and the days of playing badly and still winning won’t always happen, especially in 2019. I take nothing away from the comeback but to me it was once again winning in spite of Ellis and poor play. It was relying on individual moments of brilliance to get by. Some people will ask why it matters as long as they win - but again, that’s not how you want to play as the women’s game continues to progress. That’s not a philosophy you want going forward. I don’t want Jill wasting the talent she has access to.

I’m fine with rotation and experimenting but losing/letting in goals because of stupid and unnecessary ways is not progress. I also think you can only use the chemistry excuse so long - at this level they should still know what the game plan as a group. I think that goes back to the coaching tho and that aimless play is on Jill.

I’m not trying to be negative but these are the things that have to be fixed before 2019. It’s been a while since you left a game feeling like they really dominated for a full 90 minutes vs a strong side and everyone was on the same page. I know a few other journalists that follow the team feel the same so I can’t be the only one??

The Most Subtle Joke in Hetalia

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now to show you this joke and why it is my favorite. This is the joke:

This joke may not make sense at first but I’m going to explain why it’s funny. The “William I” Japan mentions is Kaiser Wilhelm I, who was the king of Prussia and the first emperor of Unified Germany starting in 1861.

This guy, he was described as the most histrionic emperor in Europe, he was known for often breaking into tears. Every time he cried and acted dramatic he didn’t get his way. When Japan references Wilhelm, he’s saying exactly the same thing Italy said in the scene, he’s going to give in and not get his way. But he says it in a way that makes it hard to tell what he actually meant, and if Germany kept pressing Japan on what he meant, he would be disrespecting his former emperor, so Japan avoids confrontation, and that is incredibly Japanese. To understand the joke, you had to understand the obscure historical reference and Japanese negotiation tactics, it’s a brilliantly written, multi-layered, subtle joke. Jokes like these are part of what makes Hetalia so great, why I love the series, and why I believe that Himaruya is a genius.

Memories (Harrison Osterfield)

Requested by anon 💕

a/n : hello! this is my first real requested fic! Keep those requests coming! I love to hear what you guys have to inspire my writing. This is a Harrison Osterfield x reader imagine.

The italics means its a memory.

word count : 1221


You groaned as you threw your phone behind you onto your bed, annoyed with the fact that Harrison still wasn’t answering your calls. Before he left on the Spider-man press tour again he promised you that you guys would talk everyday, yet you were going on day 3 of no word. You were a worrier, the worst thing was always on your mind. He had found some one better, moved on to some exotic girl on the other side of the globe, someone who you could never compete with. Great. Since he was in Japan and there was a 9 hour time difference from London, you assumed he was most likely eating some kind of dinner now.
“Waffles are ready,” your mum called from the kitchen.
“Coming,” you replied.
“Any word from Haz,” your mum asked you once you entered the kitchen. She was always curious about how your relationship was going. Your grunt as a response quieted her questioning tone arousing another stern one.
“You know y/n, I don’t think this relationship is a healthy one, you’re such a beautiful, smart and intelligent young woman, you deserve the best.”
“Thanks mum, I know it’s going to be a hard relationship, I knew that from the beginning and especially when he signed as Tom’s assistant, but it think its worth it in the long run. He’s an amazing guy.”
With a nod of your mum’s head she stood and started clearing the dishes. She knew better then to argue with you on this topic. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and your hand immediately jumped to your hip. Your mum glanced in your direction, a warning look in her eyes.
“No phones at the table honey, you know that.”
With waffle still on your plate, you silently pulled your phone out. It could be Harrison and you had to find out. You peered at your phone under the table and at a message from your best friend that read “look at what Haz just posted.” Your blood ran cold. So he could post pictures on Instagram but he couldn’t give you a text back, letting you know where he is? Or how he’s doing? With anger and disappointment you clicked on the app and at the top of your feed was his most recent post. It was him posing with two Japanese girls, clearly fans of his, based off the fact that they were standing so close to him. The caption read, “Gotta love Japan.” Maybe your mum was right.

Once you were in your room after breakfast your bed seemed to be the only think calling out to you. Because Haz sure wasn’t. The familiar give of the springs under your thinning frame gave you a sense of welcome. The weight you had been losing recently came with the urge to sleep more and shut out the unfriendly world. You tossed and turned to face the right wall of your room where your mirror was hung on the wall. it was plastered with wide smiles and shining eyes. There were so many pictures of you and Harrison on the mirror that you could hardly use it for its original purpose anymore. As you rose from your bed, your eyes caught a particular memory that was your favourite. It was you and Harrison’s first ‘real’ date per say. It was the oldest picture in your memoire, so you had to move other pictures out of the way to get to the one you had your eyes on. With the photo in your grasp your weight shifted to your heels and you started falling backwards. Never to stop.

“Harrison,” a smile grew on your face as you opened the door to a bright smile and piercing blue eyes.
“Hi y/n.” A warm voice greeted you in return. As he guided you out the door with his hand on your lower back you turned and let your mum know that you were leaving; you shut the door behind you.
Once you were settled in his car, he got in and started the engine.
“Where do you want to go?” he questioned. Anywhere with you, you thought silently.
“Where ever,” you said trying to sound nonchalant, “whatever is easiest for you.” The familiar vibration of movement on tarmac could be felt through the seats and you relaxed. Your arm fell over the console in-between you two, the only thing separating you. You could have sworn that you felt the shock between your fingers and his forearm as yours fell. You turned your head towards the passenger window and watched the landscape rush by, unaware of how Harrison was gazing at you, the way your hands moved, and how in certain lights he was sure there was an angel in his car next to him. As you rolled the passenger window down, just enough to get your hair moving around, you heard a giggle behind you. You turned to find a smitten Harrison covering his mouth with his hand as he laughed to himself.
“What are you laughing at?” You giggled along with him.

“Oh nothing, its just that you’re so adorable.” A rose blush came to your cheeks, it was the same colour as the clouds in the setting sun. You shamelessly grabbed his hand away from his mouth and you held it in yours. As innocent as ever. The unfamiliar feel was soon to become familiar. You watched him as he drove to an unknown destination wind in both your hair and his, and you smiled. You had found something really worth hanging on to.

Your thin hips came in contact with edge of your mattress and you buckled. The picture with the torn and yellowed edges was pressed against your heart, it was trying to get back in, to reclaim old feelings. You longed to feel like that again. The stress of the day pressed on your lungs and it hung on your eyelids as your arm and the picture fell over the edge of your bed, just like it had fallen over the edge of his console that July evening. Except at the tips of your fingers there was no electricity. Only empty space.

The dreamless sleep that you had fallen into was torn by the notification buzzing on your phone.
“Harrison,” you grumbled, half asleep. It was an Instagram notification, Harrison had posted. Wow. It was a picture of his legs on a plane. The caption read “Where to next? it’s a surprise.” Frankly you didn’t have time or the energy for games. Your head fell to your pillow and you realized it was 6:30 pm. You had slept through the whole day. Sleep continued to call and you answered just and you realized how damp the pillowcase on either side of your head was. You continued to cry as you fell asleep.

The familiar stroke of a thumb on your cheek brought you out of your state of unconsciousness. The music of a soft voice dripped into your ears, worth more then gold. You grabbed his wrist and leaned into his palm as he said “Good morning love.” You knew where you belonged and the feelings of wind in your hair and sea blue eyes against a pale blush sky filled your heart once more.