japan modern

Traveling to Japan as much as I have (15+ visits) can induce a real intoxication with cyber noir. Imagine stepping into a Blade Runner VR but with ubiquitous anime cuteness overload set to max and you have an idea of what it’s like. But it is the persistent glimpses of Japanese history and tradition that keep me coming back. The past is still there if you look for it and tune out the noise; which can be overwhelming. All the plastic and neon is there if you enjoy it but without its history Japan would have no heart. It would be soulless. Mishima believed Japan had already lost its soul 47 years ago. He was possibly right. What I see as an outsider may just be the echoes of greatness. The same can be said for the west today. We are merely ghosts of greatness.


Good wood - bought a bit of land but it’s too narrow to build a house on? Well you need to call these guys… Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed an exceptionally narrow (2.5m wide only!!!) timber house in Kobe, featuring an atrium that allows daylight to reach each of its levels.

  • Hong Kong: like, happy Mother's Day!
  • England: ... to me or China?
  • Hong Kong: both of you, duh.
  • America: hey, my gift is for both England and China too! Plus France~!
  • Canada: I have a gift for England, France... and China.
  • France: oh cuties~!! I have a gift for China as well.
  • Japan: wait... does everyone have gifts for China?
  • England: I think so... I have a gift for China too...
  • Russia: same~~
  • China: wait- what??
  • Most of the countries: ... Happy Mother's Day!!
  • China: ... how did I gain so many children- OH CUTE PANDA DOLL!