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Shilla Duty Free Fan Event in Seoul—170513

All Translations by professorjjong

OP was surprised that, when the members chose messages from the fans, they thought everyone but Minho (probably) got a card written in Japanese and they all read aloud the messages smoothly and thought over and over again that their Japanese ability was amazing. OP was moved.

When Jonghyun was asked by the MC “when you go to Japan, what do you want to eat?” Taemin raised his hand. ‘There is a person in Japan who makes our food OO-sann” (he said their real name and made the other members flustered), [we want to eat] the food they make.” His answer was a bust.

Jonghyun tried hard to read the message from the fan but when there was kanji he couldn’t read it.

Jonghyun tried hard to read it, but muttered, “Ah! Kanji!” and quickly handed off the letter to Hyongki (the MC), who read it for him.

The used gifts from the members:

Onew: Sneakers he wore during the concert
(“Does it smell okay?” then Temin smelled them)
Jonghyun: a white cap
Key: A camouflage LSB sweater
(“It’s hot but…”)
Minho: a Running Man t-shirt
Taemin: sunglasses
(“I used them a lot in the past”)

When the person to whom Jonghyun gave the signed apron came near OP, they smelled something nice. The cord around the neck [of the apron] smelled incredibly nice, but it wasn’t the Hermes perfume.
[T/N: Seems Jonghyun has changed his perfume.]

According to OP, Taemin was like a fairy, thin and with his soft purple hair and colored-contacts. He’s not a person of this world.
OP: Taemi~~~~~n… is it really you??
Taemin: Ye~~s
They hi-five🙌

The hi-touch order was Key—>Minho—>Jonghyun—>Taemin—>Onew
Key: his palm was tender and big & warm [hands]
Minho: like putting on a silver filter (he’s seriously handsome); Solid [hand]
Jonghyun: by drooping eyes and inclining his head, the essence of charm. Soft [hand]
Taemin: got sucked up in his colored contacts (as per custom), is definitely an angel. Woman’s hand.
Onew: A negative ion (a little tired). Big [hand]

anonymous asked:

I don't know,don't Japanese sing Kpop? I really don't know,I just personally have japan/korean=Kpop in my mind

Okay, we don’t think you have bad intentions and you only said this because you’re really not familiar with East Asian cultures, but South Korea and Japan are two distinctly different countries. Just like Italy and Greece have similarities but are not the same, so do Korea and Japan. Outsiders may confuse them but they still have different cultures and styles, so it’s not right to say that they’re the same and that they’re both Kpop.

(Kpop, btw, stands for “Korean pop” and Japan have their own pop world called Jpop. They may borrow things from each other, but they’re not the same.)

This is a Eurovision-related blog and we’re mostly focused on European cultures, but maybe it could be cool for you to learn about Korea and Japan and things that make them unique? If two things confuse you, it’s the perfect opportunity to look deeper and see if you can find out more about them. Just a thought. :)