japan life

My favourite time of the day🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿 Afternoon coffee time😍 I got given three たい焼き (taiyaki) from my wonderful friend at work💜💕💜 She’s like a big sister😁 Gym’s closed so got home from work, brewed some coffee, prepped dinner, reheated this red bean taiyaki, poured some pure soy milk into the coffee & read 海月姫 (Kuragehime) for an hour or so💗💕💗💕💗


Met up with Drifter / Youtuber ‘Noriyaro’ at Ebisu Circuit for the Spring Drift Matsuri, and went for a ride around the Higashi course in his mighty R32 ‘Crushed Beer Can’ Skyline. It was one of the most exciting ride alongs I’ve ever been on, he’s got some skills behind the wheel. 

Make sure you check out the ‘Noriyaro’ Youtube channel for loads of car culture videos from Japan

Japan is full of hobby stores selling everything from plastic model kits, rc cars, die-cast replicas, model trains, anime figures and toy robots. The walls of the ‘Pla-Model’ section are lined with model kits for every Japanese sports car you could think of. What I really love about these kits is the box art. So much time and effort must go into illustrating these beautiful renditions of the cars. Here are a few especially interesting ones that I found on my most recent visit.