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Her name is Bethany, she and Jotaro became friends in college, she was a transfer student from Italy at the time, he still went to a college in Japan just further away from home.  At the time between trying to ignore his PTSD and depression (both of course didn’t work) he was also getting weirdly concerned about what society wanted (you know, he’s aro ace, he doesn’t know that’s a normal thing, he doesn’t want to deal with it, but society is telling him he’s broken and after everything that went on, he’s not surprised). 

Sophomore year in college is when Bethany asks if he’s ever been in a relationship, he says no and they kinda get together then. Jotaro trying his best which is not good regardless. He figures sticking with someone who’s at least a friend would make things easier. going through the motions that he later determines was a mistake, he didn’t need to but he did anyway. 

ENDS UP GETTING HER PREGNANT. First and last time he ever does that. they’re both stuck in a situation that back then you gotta marry whoever you knocked up because otherwise it’s an extreme taboo and everyone frowns on that. Don’t wanna cause more attention to himself and drag Bethany down with him, so they both agree to go ahead and get married. 

Jotaro isn’t very excited to be a father but whenever its brought up he forces a smile. They try to be a happy family. Jotaro himself fighting between ptsd, depression, conforming to society ‘rules’, unintentionally expecting, getting married and college, he’s pushing himself further and further away from his family as a means to cope with it. Does Not Get Help Like He Should. 

Not only is he miserable, by extension of his behavior, so is Bethy. In the end, he’s disconnected himself from his family so much around the time Jolyne is 6, he takes whatever opportunity and excuse to stay away from them. even worse when he finds out stand users attract other stand users. Uses that as another reason to stay away so he doesn’t put Bethany and Jolyne in danger. At the time he’s 29, they’re still not divorced because of how society determines that as a taboo, but its quickly dying out 

The Artist - Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

Hey guys! Yes, it’s another story for ya’ll :) Hope you enjoy! Let me know :) Ps I don’t own Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Characters!

My name is Jolenea Breeze, I am a famous artist. I have been painting since I was 5 years old; I painted to express my feelings after my mom died. Of course, I really wasn’t the best but I never gave up. My dad remarried a beautiful Japanese woman named Amie. She was great; she always helped me and signed me up for painting classes. She also taught me Japanese and Chinese and home schooled me. My father didn’t want me going to school, he was afraid that I would get kidnapped by another gang or mob; oh I should mention my father is a mob boss or people call him an American gangster.

 He runs the Red Gun Falcons, he runs mob stuff all over the USA. He’s not a total bad guy; he saved Amie from a human traffic trade. Well she didn’t even really get there; she was a daughter of the Ice Dragons Leader. He saved her before they did anything to her and her father gave her to him as a gift, it worked out great. They fell in love at first sight, and she is a great person. By the time I was 6 I was taught how to use a gun and made to take kick boxing and so bahk do.

My life was never easy but Amie made it a lot better, we would always practice our fighting skills and by the time I was 12 I was better than my dad. I should also mention when I was 5, Amie gave birth to a little boy, my brother Hiro. He was great I loved his so much; he is the cutest little brother. We looked so similar, except he had my dad’s curly hair but Amie’s dark brown hair color and a Brown-green eye color, while I had blonde wavy hair and Green-gold eyes. I was also known for being anti-social and painting in my room or kick boxing in the gym but Hiro was smart, kind, genuine personality, the totally opposite. I knew that one day he would take over the mob, I was thankful. I wanted to be a famous artist and that’s what I was going to be.  

He gave me a choice when I was 14, he said I could be in the mob or I could live a separate life away from mob life. I had no idea but, I wanted to be free, I had been stuck in our mansion for most of my life, I have never had free time to myself, I had always had a bodyguard around me, plus Hiro. I just wanted to be free, so I went to a famous art school… My first piece sold for 400,000, I was stoked! Come to find out, my dad bought it and said “I bought the first one, because I know that my little girl will be famous one day.” I knew that when I was at the art school, I was never alone even though they thought I didn’t see the body guards around the campus, but I did. I missed my family a lot, I talked to Hiro a lot, he was always there for me and he still couldn’t beat me in a fight But of course he was 4 years younger than me.

Now I’m a 21and never get a break. Jolenea Breeze is a name known all around the world, I’m thankful for everything I have made, Amie, Hiro and my dad but I need to move away. I’m 21, never had a boyfriend, and believe me when I say, I know I’m not by myself, my bodyguard Shion is with me, he’s been one of my bodyguards since I was 13, he was 18 raised in the mob, his father is one of dad trusted workers, he’s gone everywhere with and I’m surprised the media doesn’t think we are dating but I’m sure my dad keeps a hold of that one. Shion, like Hiro is half American/Japanese, 6’2, jet Black straight hair, shaved on the sides, crystal blue eyes and amazing muscular body.

He’s with me always, I feel bad that he never has a life but he says he doesn’t mind, we are like Bff’s, he’s with me every turn. Except when I’m painting, the studio is for me only. My only free time to myself, we are both staying in japan for the next few months, I don’t have any paintings due for the next 6 months. I just sent some in, they are in high demands. I need new inspiration; japan is going to have that I hope.

Shion and I finally arrive at the hotel after getting off the plane; he parks the car my dad bought. As he went and parked the car, he told me to wait outside for him. Always the bodyguard, this is vacation! I want to do, what I want! I wait for him anyway. For five minutes then I walked through the Front door and heard “Welcome to the Tres Spades” I smiled and I started to hear the whispers “Is that the famous Artist Jolenea Breeze?” “OMG, I wonder if she will sign my shirt or hand?!?”

Oh gosh, it already started and I start to play with a blond lock of my hair. Little nervously, I started to walk to the front desk and when I look to the left of the desk I see five gorgeous Japanese men. I believe one of them, is Ota Kisaki, another famous artist like myself, I smile at them, they seemed surprised by something…

Then out of now where I feel two muscular arms go around my waist and pull me close against their body, I know its Shion. He is such a weirdo, I can’t help but laugh when he puts his hands over my eyes and says in a deep voice “Guess who?” I can’t stop laughing, so I put my hands behind me and start tickling him, like I would do my brother. He drops his hands from my face to stop me from tickling him, and I look around to see people looking at us, those 5 men are looking at us hard.

 So I pull him close and whisper “Control yourself we are in Japan, not America. This is not appropriate.” He stops and says “Yes ma’am” I hate when he does that.

I smile at him and grab his hand “Come on handsome, I need to get a room, so I can rest before we explore japan tomorrow”

He smiles and goes up to the desk “Allow me, go ahead and look around” I smile and roll my eyes at him.

I was walking away from the desk, when I saw a beautiful painting that was right before were those 5 men were standing. It was beautiful it was definitely a piece of Ota Kisaki, the way he uses the color is great, and his strikes across the painting, comes out of the pain he has suffered from inside. Before I realized It, I said out loud “How stunning, the strokes come out of pain but not defeat.”

As I finish my sentence I hear “Excuse me, what did you say?”

I look over to the group of men, smile, bow and say “Oh excuse me, I was just saying how stunning the piece was and how the strokes across the page. My name is Jolenea —“

The man with the charming smile and hat interrupts me says “Jolenea Breeze, the famous Artist, we know pretty lady. My name is Baba” Then he points to Ota Kisaki and continues “This is Ota –“ .

I smile and say “Ota Kisaki, I know, famous artist. You have great work; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He gives me a bright smile “Well Ms. Breeze Maybe we could paint together sometime, collaborate on a piece maybe?”

 I smile “I wish, I could but Shion would never let that happen but we could always sneak away. He’s a little protective of me” 

Then the men give each other a look then Baba says “Is he your boyfriend?”

I laugh “Ha-ha god No, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s my bodyguard but he’s my best friend.”

Baba says with an uncertain look “He looked a lot like your boyfriend when you walked in, hugging.”

I give him a look “I’m sorry, I forgot hugging against the law here. Are you going to arrest me officer?” As I look at the one, who looks like a cop.

He gives me a lazy smile “Not today kid, it’s your lucky day. My name is Mamoru Kishi.”

I smile and say nice to meet you. Then Baba points to a sexy mean faced man about 2 inch taller than me with black raven hair and these beautiful dark eyes..

He says “This is Soryu Oh, he doesn’t talk much to woman he’s too nervous”

Baba and I start snickering and I say “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I’m sure you’re not nervous at all, he’s being the mysterious type. Like a bad boy.”

Baba gives a little chuckle “You don’t know how right you are.”

Soryu then says with a glare at Baba “Shut up Baba, and it’s nice to meet you, Ms. Breeze”

I look at him for a second, something looks so familiar about him but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. I must have been staring at him to long because when I really looked at Soryu, he had a blush on his face.

I give a surprised face and stutter out “I’m-m so sorry, I got lost in thought. I wasn’t staring at you.”

The guys are all chuckling at me, and Baba says “This is Eisuke Ichnomiya, he owns this hotel”

I give a smile and was about to speak when he says “Nice to meet you, Jolenea. Is Breeze really your last name?”

Why the hell would he ask that? Unless he knows it’s really not… Because my real last name is Falcon, but he wouldn’t know that at all, my dad had named me with a different last name, just in case I didn’t want to do the mob life and it wouldn’t look like I have gang connections when I grew up.

I smile at him and give a confused face “Nice to meet you as well and of course it is. It was the one I was born with”  

He looks at me like he doesn’t believe and was about to say something when Shion comes up and says “Excuse me, Ms. Breeze you have important phone call” I smile and hold up one finger up, as to say one moment and take a step back and Shion mouths father. I grab the phone “Breeze is in the building”

My father then says “Jolenea, where are you?

I smile and I can see the men looking at me, “I’m in Germany, I’m in Berlin for work dad…So what’s up?”

I can feel all the men’s eyes on me even Shion’s as I say that “I was just making sure you’re not in Italy because we are having some troubles”

I get a confused look on my face and say “Why?”

He says back “We are having problems with a company from them, not Mr. B the mob boss but a gang… I want you to stay clear. Maybe go further away to Japan?”

I smile at Shion “Of course dad, I wouldn’t do that… Of course Japan sounds good, I’ve never really been there before, so I might just have to go.”

Shion gives me a smirks and shakes his head and gives me a no no with his hand.

I smile and I forgot where I was and flicked him off.

Then all the men had surprised looks on their faces, and I hear the end of his sentence as he says “Japan will be good for you, we have tons of family connections and business there. Be good, always carry a gun, and kick ass. Tell Shion to keep himself in order and to keep his hands off you. Go meet with the Ice Dragons too.”

I smile “Don’t worry, I’ll fly out to japan tomorrow and don’t worry I always carry one with me and Shion can’t help himself dad, have you seen me?”

Dad then says in a angry voice “Jolenea Roza, You better shut up this minute do you understand? Do not say something like that to your father. I will have him killed then I will have his old man killed, you understand?”

I just smile and say in Russian “Of course, I meant no disrespect papa. You know I and Shion are just friends, he wouldn’t do anything to betray your trust.”

I can hear him get happier as I say that “Of course my daughter, I love you. I will see you soon.” Then I say love you 2 and hang up.

I look at Shion and say with a smile in Russian “We are in so much trouble; my father is going to kill you.”

He smirks “Please, I could kill him in a second—-“

I cough and say “Kill him in a second with kindness right?”

Then the men look at us, and we haven’t said anything in Japanese, since I had answered the phone. I say in Japanese now “Wow, I am seriously glad that’s over. Tomorrow we have to meet with the dragons.”

He looks at me with a bored face and says in Russian “More mob business seriously? I thought this was a vacation.”

I smile and pat him on his check hard “No worries, we meet with them then we are done and we can do whatever you want.”

He looks at me with a grin and says in Japanese “Whatever I want? Including you…?”

I smirk at him “Sorry I keep business and personal life apart.”

 I smile at him and say “Why don’t you go put our stuff in the room, I’ll be right up.”

He smirks at me and says “Yes Ms. Breeze not a problem.” With that he walks up to the elevator.

I smile as I watch him walk away. That boy is something else, his eyes are hypnotizing sometimes.

Baba then says “Ms. Breeze, what are your plans for tonight?”

I smile at him then look at the group of men “Well I think I might have to go to the casino and win some money. How about yourself?”

He smiles and says “How about we go upstairs and have a private match?”

I give him a smirk and say “Only if my bodyguard can come, and we put some different things on the table.”

Ota says “What are you thinking, Ms. Breeze?

I smile at him and walk closer and whisper in his ear “IF you win I will give you a painting no one except myself has seen and I’ll do a collaborate painting with you.”

 I backed away, when I heard something from behind me. Which was my 16 year old brother and he yelled “Jolenea?! You are here already??”

He walks up quick and I smile and hug him and say “Please tell me that father is not here.”

He gives me a grimace and says “He’s about to come in, you are going to be in so much trouble and by the way you’re not going to be happy about what he’s here to discuss. ”

I look at him “I’m a 21 year old woman, I do what I want. I can make my decisions.”

Someone cleared their throat and I look over to the guys and smiled “Oh excuse my rudeness, this is my brother Hiro”

Then introduced him to the guys, then I heard my father say “Soryu Oh, it’s nice to see you again. I see that you have met my son, Hiro.”

Soryu then says “Yes Mr. Falcon I have and It’s nice to see you again.”

I was about to slip away then I turned and started to walk away I heard “If it isn’t Jolenea Breeze, in person.” Oh shit. I’m totally busted. I’m good as dead. Think Jolenea think on your toes…..

 I smile and turn around and say “Surprise dad! I’m here! I wanted to give you surprise since you said you never see me and I knew you were going to be in japan because I hacked all of your schedules.”

He looks at me hard “So you knew I was coming, that doesn’t surprise me but have you got to meet the leader of the ice dragons yet??”

I smirk of course “I know you like the back of my hand father and no, I told you I would meet with him tomorrow.”

He looks at me and says “No point of waiting this is Soryu Oh, the man you’re going to marry.”

To Be Continued :) 

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