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Culture Shock: The Mythical Resurgence of Japanese Games

Looking back to why the West proclaims a comeback for the East
by Samuel Wiener - June 15, 2017

I propose we call 2017 “The Year All (Dev) Hell Broke Loose.” Since early December 2016, we’ve seen The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7, Persona 5, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, NieR: Automata, Nioh, and several others I’m likely forgetting have released within weeks of each other. Later in the year, we’ll be seeing ARMS, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, and The Evil Within 2.

It’s a beautiful explosion of titles, but also the result of numerous delays. Resident Evil 7 is the only game in that list that came out on it’s originally planned date; everything else just happened to come out the oven at the same time. Many people believe that there’s a “resurgence” of Japanese games, that “Japan is back,” but why are we using coincidences and timing to support this?

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I’m loving all of the widespread attention that Yakuza 0 is getting, by the way. It goes to show that people actually owning the console a game series is on can go a long way for its popularity.

The reason Yakuza never took off outside of Japan, moreso than the lack of marketing or the perceived “nicheness” of the series, was the fact that it was Sony exclusive. The series best titles were released on the PS3, a console that not many people owned outside of Japan. Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 did poorly because they were exclusive to a console that few people owned. 

Fast forward to now and Yakuza 0 is getting widespread coverage because everyone owns PS4s. People are losing their minds over how quirky and unique it is, even though Yakuza 0 is pretty unremarkable for a Yakuza game. It’s not doing much different from the other games in the series, but for a lot of people it’s their first taste of the series trademark quirkiness and charm and they’re blown away by it. People are writing thinkpieces on Yakuza 0′s brilliant balance between silliness and seriousness even though the series has had that tone balance down pat since the first one. 

It makes me happy to see people getting in to Yakuza 0 and saying “woah this game is nuts, you mean to tell me they’re ALL like this?” and going back and checking out other ones now that PS3′s and used games are relatively cheap. I hope this surge of interest spurs Sega to rerelease the older games in a more accessible fashion now they know that people actually want Yakuza, the people just never knew they wanted it. 

When ppl say “yaoi and BL fetishisize gay men and queer ppl and it’s bad because it dehumanizes them” and I’m like.

Holy shit. They’re LITERAL cartoons. 

Not everything is black and white. Yes, there’s ppl who love the genre don’t give a shit about queer issues. There’s also queer women who enjoy yaoi. There’s also queer men who enjoy yaoi. There’s straight women who despise yaoi, but enjoy BL shipping. There’s also people who don’t know what yaoi or bl is, and still go out and murder kids because they’re not straight or cis. 

Why the fuck. Is it that everything is a spectrum, and we’re all nuanced beings, UNTIL it’s time for a particular group to feel self-righteous and paint EVERYONE with a broad brush because they find out someone somewhere is enjoying something they don’t? 

Just tell me. What is it that is SO WRONG about a straight woman having an erotic fantasy between two fictional beings WHO DON’T EVEN EXIST ON A PHYSICAL PLANE BEYOND THE MATERIAL IT’S REPRESENTED ON!? Or is it just that straight women aren’t allowed to their own sexuality?

Just let people enjoy their sex fantasies in peace. 

Stop making Yuri on Ice a political thing. It’s just a show meant to be enjoyed. It’s not aiming to change legislation in Japan. It fucking airs at 2:30 an on cable. It’s niche programming by women for women. 
It is also really unfair to both praise or condemn it over how progressive/not progressive it is when it hasn’t even finished airing.

Customs forms for BJDs or parts always says something like “contents: Toy parts(USED doll)” and I always think. gee I hope no one thinks this is like, a sex toy or something. But tbh in the long run I think it’d be easier to explain an actual phallic device than a hollow, bald, eyeless, floating head if it were ever questioned.

legs-are-just-for-show  asked:

fun fact: the person behind the soundtrack for Kira Kira Precure also does the soundtrack for Boku no Hero Academia, which is also like incredible and really good.

Oh, really? In all honestly, I’ve only seen the first few episodes of Boku no Hero, but the soundtrack was really good, at least what I heard. Its kind of interesting how the same guy could be behind an anime thats pretty popular outside of Japan, and one that has a pretty niche audience. Its a small world, I guess. 

THEY’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
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I really don't like when yaoi or any homoerotic anime is described as representation for a few reasons

First, if it’s really gay from the GET GO, like say I wouldn’t show it to my BROTHER because it’s THAT embarrassingly in your face about it, then straight guys are immediately turned off. 

 They’re the audience you should be hitting if you wanna claim representation. 

 The horny young 14-year old girls aren’t an audience that matters, they’re not only straight, but weren’t really going to be homophobic. 

 Unless you count fetishizing gay men as your sexual playthings and fantasies as homophobic. 

 But for the sake of not alienating you further from my argument than I already have, let’s not. 

 Second, you can say that it’s “revolutionary” or “game changing” to have a gay relationship at all when Japan is homophobic as hell… 

 But when it’s limited to a gay niche of sexual depravity, sleeping with multiple partners, having kinky nonconsexual sex, and generally being way over dramatic and completely ridiculous at times? 

 Yeah, no. 

 Teenage girls getting raped by tentacle monsters isn’t something you typically see on Japanese billboards or in the Japanese constitution. 

 It’s just one of those weird popular marketing things that you don’t TALK ABOUT. 

 Seriously, guys, hentai is popular and not just in Japan, but it doesn’t mean rape is legal. 

It doesn’t mean fucking your sister is cool, just because there’s a LOT of it on the porn market. 

 And women being kickass in anime also doesn’t mean that Japan is super feminist either. 

 It’s literally just a genre, it’s just entertainment. 

 And you can say that entertainment influences real life. 

 And you’re not wrong. 

 But if your gay couple is sexualized and treated as an object of lust for its audience, then I don’t think you or anyone else is influenced to be less homophobic. 

 if your relationship hinges entirely on the fact that they’re members of the same gender, then no. 

 I’m sorry my standards are so high that I would call that NOT REPRESENTATION.

 But it’s not representation. 

 Lesbians fucking for a guy isn’t revolutionary or game changing. 

 It’s not gonna convince a homophobe that lesbians are fucking people just the same as anyone else. 

 The only thing that can do that is showing a lesbian couple being absolutely normal and raising their kids the same as any parent, going to work, going to the store, going to bed and just cuddling while watching a movie. 

 Maybe they won’t be down at first, but they’ll at least get their fucking hand out of their pants and start seeing without that sex haze. 

And honestly, I think yaoi fangirls think that because yaoi isn’t just porn, because it’s got “deeper” relationships or whatever, that it’s more meaningful, that it’s representation because the men involved are likable and have more depth than the average hentai slut. 

But it’s CONSTRUCTED to appeal to GIRLS.

Who are harder to turn on that horny straight boys. 

So I don’t consider that an excuse. 

Nor do I consider having any development, no matter how shallow or surface level, to be an excuse for portraying gay relationships as inherently coercive, invasive, and just plain uncomfortable for the “uke.” 

Seriously, so many people seem to think that yaoi is somehow more acceptable than regular porn, and sure, you’re getting more, but the REASON is still the same. 

Girls masturbate with their feelings, right? 

A bunch of guys having dramatic rapey sex is hot cuz it’s not just SEX, it’s EMOTIONAL sex. 

So when you say that yaoi is representation…it brings up another topic i wanna talk about, the less explicit types of homoerotic relationships described as “representation.”

 Having a gay couple in a sports anime isn’t going to convince anyone that gays are very normal people if that gay couple plays up every yaoi trope in the book and then has the balls to go there finally, but then forgets that by playing it up too hard, they invalidate whatever it is they’re trying to do by putting themselves into that weird flamboyant niche. 

 Genre notwithstanding. 

 Of course that is a hypothetical. 

 A complete and utterly not real hypothetical. 

 Just something I completely made up. 

 Not indirecting any show, I promise. 

 But can you imagine that, think about that for a moment please? 

 Seriously take your hand out of your pants for just a second, I promise you can put it back in there in just a minute, and think on this. 

 Anime itself is a niche sort of market. 

 I know it’s commonplace to think Japan is anime land and everyone’s cosplaying 24-7, but believe it or not, there are actually Japanese people who aren’t into fucking anime. 

 And they go about their days blissfully unaware of your common anime tropes. 

So imagine you had a gay couple in a genre… 

But it’s not the shonen genre. 

 It’s not like an action show, a murder mystery, a drama, but aimed towards people who have an interest in the activity it portrays, specifically a sport. 

 A sport…that’s like ballet. 

 A feminine coded sport, and don’t immediately get up in arms about how it’s not femine- BY CULTURAL PRACTICE, you will find most people find football more fucking manly that figure skating, ok- I mean ballet. 

 And imagine your show decided to sort of canonize that gay ship. 

 Eureka right! 

 Homophobia is fixed! 

 No more homophobes guys, because a show that’s aimed towards girls has done something that ONLY THAT SPECIFIC AUDIENCE WILL LOVE and convince them to buy t shirts and figurines and other merchandise.

 Imagine that for a moment. 

 Imagine my completely hypothetical and not not scenario. 

 Now look me in the face and tell me with all seriousness how anime is gonna one day legalize gay marriage in Japan. 

 That is. 

 If you even knew gay marriage was illegal in Japan and didn’t genuinely believe that because yaoi is a genre, that homosexuality was more accepted in Japan. 

 Because if you DID know that, then just tell me how much anime means to the LGBT community for showing us how cute 13-year old lesbians getting it on a broom closet or a 30-year old male fucking an 18-year old regardless of whether he’s consenting or not. 

 Tell me. 

 Go ahead and tell me.

otaku culture literally IS destroying the animation industry in japan and miyazaki has every right to dislike it and goddamn, if you care about animation, you should too.

big name famous animators and producers are repeatedly having to now turn to crowdfunding in order to make OVAs and other anime. 

this is because anime studios know that yes, series are a gamble, so it is best to play it safe and make things they know will secure money - anime adaptations of manga, games, and light novels, and, most especially, anime that caters to an incredibly tight niche market of gross mess who fetishize women and young girls. they can rest assured that these things will have all of their merchandise bought up quickly and easily by “otaku” - the extreme fans - and therefore make a profit. 

it is all in the name of making profit and not making stories at this point, animation is an INDUSTRY, but the industry in japan has decided to focus on the niche otaku market and it perpetuates disgusting stories, disgusting thought processes, etc.. but it WILL secure them ever increasing profit. 

after all, anime in japan is not necessarily for any age group - it can be incredibly broad and expansive, unlike here in the states where the western view on animation’s audience is limited - BUT they willingly limit the audience to who will pay top buck for a semi-nude figurine of super sonico or buy 25 things with the attack of titan logo emblazoned onto it.

miyazaki is a super famous guy. hes got his own animation studio! but do you know why we seldom hear of other incredible anime filmmakers, animators, and producers? it is BECAUSE of the broken anime market. miyazaki was able to break out and gain worldwide recognition early on before this market had really BEGUN, but there are many other incredible artists whose work will barely even grace the western anime watcher’s radar because their work will fail so hard in japan.

this is why if you love an anime (especially if it isnt based off of pre-existing source material) - SUPPORT IT!!!!! support it all you can!! buy the DVDs, buy any merchandise, even just encourage people to watch it. support what you love and you show to the studios who decided to take that gamble and make that original series that it HAS a market, and you’re then supporting another creator’s dream from faltering.


Sega’s Project Diva-like Miracle Girls Festival

It’s like Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, but with characters from a bunch of anime I’ve never seen instead of Vocaloids. Which is fine, because the Project Diva gameplay is really enjoyable and I’ll take it in just about any context.

This comes out on PS Vita in Japan this December, and Sega has been localizing some really niche-y stuff, like all those Mikus and the Dengeki Bunko fighting game. So there’s a chance you could play this thing, even.

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How Do You Lose a Whole Continent?

So far on Decoded, we’ve talked about music and characters cut from Brawl; but there’s one topic we haven’t gone into quite yet: Stages. Unfortunately, there isn’t any data to be found in Brawl’s disc to suggest cut stages. There are some prototype and testing/debug stages, but those can be found in every Smash game. In fact, throughout the entire Smash series, there is only on-disc evidence of a single stage to have been cut during production. Get ready, because this time, Melee is going to be …

Melee’s Missing Stage: AKANEIA

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