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The 2ps on New Years Eve

2p America: He’s getting piss-drunk at a party and waking up in a stranger’s house with half his clothes gone ngl 

2p China: Similar to Allen but his wallet’s gone too oo ps 

2p England: He’s staying home with some close friends and is in bed as soon as it’s 12:01. It’s a miracle he could even stay up that late. But now his friends feel awkward

2p France: He’s staying inside and watching the Ball Drop on the TV, thinking about the good and bad (mostly the bad) things that had happened that year

2p Russia: He’ll be alone, if not for a few close friends and family members, and while he won’t stay up much past 12 he’ll make the most of it

2p Canada: He’ll get dragged to parties by Allen but would rather be home, instead he’s making sure his brother doesn’t get himself killed

2p Italy: He’s at some high-end party drinking champagne and reminiscing about the year with the higher-ups. What a douche 

2p Germany: He’ll be with Allen and Matt, he manages to get home (he took a cab dw) but took like three girls with him 

2p Japan: He’ll simply stay home and celebrate with traditions from his country, making a blank slate for the next year.

i think what honestly interests me that makes my Black ass want to go to Asian countries like Japan or Korea is the ability to walk around at night and be safe bc that’s so different where im from & i feel like ppl would leave me alone bc im Black anyway so it’s like trading one devil for another.

one thing i remember about going about Japan was how my home stay parents did not bat an eye about me walking around the neighborhood at night and there’s just so little violent crime happening i was gagged.

Dear anime fic writers

In Japan…students don’t change classrooms…the teachers are what changes….

Hetalia Characters When They're Sick
  • Italy: Extra weepy, even more begging people (read: Germany) to help him with things, basically just lies in bed. Tends to get people (read: Germany) sick because he forgets he should stop being so touchy.
  • Germany: One of those people who thinks if he denies being sick it will just go away. This works alright for a cold but if he's really sick he needs someone to convince him to actually rest up.
  • Japan: Just stays home and takes care of himself, not going to bother anyone but also not going to go to work. He takes long, hot baths, because baths are always the answer.
  • America: Complains loudly, also his sneeze is really really loud too. He goes by the general rule that fevers or throwing up mean stay home, anything short of that means get up and go to work anyway.
  • England: Whiny, drinks his weight in tea. Kind of like Japan though, will just stay home until it's over. Also gets really pissy at people who ask where he's been, for some reason.
  • France: Dramatic about it. The world is ending because France is sick. He'll also actually just pamper himself even more because he deserves it.
  • China: Has some herbal medicine to cure whatever it is, always. Whether it always works is another story. Is kind of a sickness denier, like Germany.
  • Russia: Tries really hard to carry on like normal, to show he's strong. If it's bad enough that he can't though, he'll just go to bed and stay there however long it takes to sleep it off.
  • Canada: Has the tiniest sneeze, so small. Only calls in sick when he really can't bring himself to go, and even then he'll be so very apologetic about it.
Leaving and not telling anybody where I’m going is not my style… I mean, this guy - he leaves me a note. He says he’s going after Shelburne, disappears for a week, and he doesn’t call. He doesn’t say, I am alive. He doesn’t say, everything’s okay.
—  Danny worrying about Steve after he takes off to Japan, 2x21 Pa Make Loa, Hawaii Five 0.