japan here we come


from kumamoto, we took a bus (round and through the mountains) to minami-aso, which turned out to be… mostly paddies and dairy farms. super, super peaceful. a really nice place to get away from the big city bustle


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Full EinsLive Interview with Harry

Interviewer [in German]: So, Harry Styles, already a mega star with One Direction and now he’s solo. His first solo record is out today - also called Harry Styles, thanks, he’s really mindful of our pea brains.. Memory of a solar-powered calculator - and he’s taking it on a big world tour this year too. USA, Europe - he’s coming here -, Singapore, Australia, Japan.. We talked to Harry and asked him isn’t it weird to tour the world without the One Direction boys?

Harry: […] When you say it like that it sounds.. scary? I’m joking, I’m joking. I love touring and I’m incredibly excited to see some fans who’ve got tickets to the show

Interviewer [in German]: In order for your band mates not to forget you, you did something like.. a lot of celebs don’t send video messages or facetime.. but you did a movie. We’re gonna see you as an actor in the summer and Hollywood’s got its eyes on you: Channing Tatum gave you a stripper name, in case you’re gonna star in Magic Mike at one point.. Did you know about that?

Harry: I did not know that. Tell me what the name is!

Interviewer: The English Muffin

Harry: I think we all know what he was intending with that.. Thank you, Channing Tatum

Interviewer [in German]: We’ll forward the message later when we’re in the club with Channing [laughs]. Okay, Harry Styles, thank you so far! See you on October 27th, when you’re performing on stage in Cologne, right?

Harry: Wonderful interview, thank you so much. You should come to the show!

Interviewer [in German]: We will, bye!

special thanks to @amyscntiago for the full audio!


GUDETAMA! 🍳 I’m off to Japan with @sacredhangnail (Joe) in a few days WE ARE SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to see this little lazy egg 👴 Check out joes blog, it’s crazy good x

I will do a big blog post on my adventures and the many craft purchases I KNOW I will be making, so keep an eye out 👀

❤️ SAYONARA for now, 🇯🇵JAPAN 🇯🇵 HERE WE COME! ❤️

Thoughts on where Yuri on Ice!! could go.

I have a strong suspicion that there will be some kind of fallout between Viktor and Yuuri in the course of the show. I’m predicting that at some point Viktor will leave/discard Yuuri once they’ve had more time together. Here are my reasons:

1) The Eros routine.
Viktor clearly made that routine to reflect his understanding of Eros. It’s a well-known fact that he is a bachelor hottie who follows his own instincts regardless of how it affects the people around him and is extremely self-centered. This is shown in that he has no problem being overtly sexual in casual settings, the fact that he forgets basically EVERY promise he makes, and that he only does things that HE wants to do and only HIS way. Clearly Viktor is the definition of a Playboy™.

The story of the Eros routine is such that a playboy comes to town and is admired by many women. He only has eyes for the most beautiful woman in town, however, and pursues her relentlessly. At first she resists, but eventually he seduces her. But once he has her, the Playboy casts her aside, having grown bored.

And here we have Viktor coming to a new town (Japan) with eyes only for Yuuri. We all know that Yuuri chose to play the Beautiful Woman in the routine instead of the Playboy like Viktor initially intended. He even got special lessons just to behave more femininely on the ice for this routine. What it comes down to is that Yuuri literally had to seduce Viktor to stay with him in Japan. Completely intrigued, Viktor declared Yuuri the winner. Aka Playboy has his Beautiful Woman. But the Eros routine’s story did not end there. Because of this, I am 100% expecting Victor to grow tired of Yuuri at some point and abandon him.

2) Viktor is suspiciously 1-dimensional.
Don’t get me wrong, I like him and think he’s a fun character. BUT he seems pretty flat right now (as of episode 3). Just look at the differences in characterization between Viktor and both Yuuri and Yurio! We, the audience, get to hear many of Yuri’s thoughts as part of his characterization. We know what he’s really thinking and feeling because his emotions are laid out for us and have seen almost a full spectrum of Yuri’s emotions by episode 3 - joy, sadness, envy, fear, sentiment, affection, confidence, Eros, and even mild forms of anger. His struggles are central to the plot. And even in this short time, we see him grow quite a bit. But he’s the main character, so OF COURSE we are shown these things, right?

Then what about Yurio? He’s a side character. And though we don’t get to hear his inner thoughts, we still get quite a bit of characterization and depth from him (especially in episode 3). There are multiple flashbacks to help us understand his motives and behavior, such as his promise with Viktor or his memory of his Grandpa. These were put here to help us understand Yurio more fully. We see him confident, abrasive, cheeky, thoughtful, irritable, aggressive, dissatisfied, and vulnerable.

But what do we get with Viktor? Nothing. No inner thoughts, no back story to speak of, no flashbacks and almost no natural, genuine feelings. For such an important central character, you’d think the writers would expand on him AT LEAST as much as Yurio. But they don’t - and I think that this is very intentional. So far, Viktor seems to have two modes: Excessively cheery/excitable and quietly contemplative. And I would say he is excessively cheery maybe 95% of the time we see him. Because of this, his mirth seems very… Fake. I’m not saying that all of it is just a show - I just think that he may be exaggerating one of his real emotions while hiding the rest. Example: Making cutting remarks to Yuuri about his weight while still smiling. He is definitely eccentric, so we have to take that into account with some of his behavior… But even eccentrics have more dimension than cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

Which brings us to the 5% quiet contemplation we see from him. Every time we see this, he’s observing Yuuri or Yurio’s skating. But even during moments like this - which are ideal for cluing the audience in on a character’s thoughts - we get nothing. He might say something aloud that gets overheard by another character, but it’s always relatively vague and hints at what he might do next, while giving us nothing about him. There is a great air of mystery about Viktor because we are teased with hints that he DOES have more to him but we never get to see it.

You might argue that his sexuality is an extension of himself and therefore counts as characterization. I would say yes and no. The way he wields his pheromones and sexuality resembles that of a worker with his tools. I definitely think his overall sexy behavior is a real part of him, but I don’t think he does it in a genuine way. This goes back the the Playboy analogy. Whenever he gets really sexy, he’s usually invading Yuuri’s personal space and trying to get to know him better… Much like a playboy would. And Yuuri, flustered by all the pheromones, retreats or freezes up… Like how the Beautiful Woman resisted the Playboy in the story. So I would say that Viktor’s sexuality as of right now is only as deep as his base instincts. Playboys feel genuine sexual attraction, but will act on it by using it as a tool to attract lovers.

This is a long way to say that I think the writers have until now intentionally written Viktor to be 1-dimensional and shallow. This makes me think that he will either abandon Yuuri at some point, or he’s actually not as important of a character as we were initially led to believe. Yes, he’s central to the plot. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s written to be relatable to the audience. And in a lot of shows that have a central pair, there is almost always equal characterization and depth - both leads have to be interesting, or the whole story will suck. Even if one of the leads is meant to be mysterious on purpose, they MUST be given some dimension. In any romance, such a flat leading love interest would be a total bore to the audience. Flat characters can be used as catalysts for the plot, but usually get moved to the back burner as the story moves on.