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Honestly same, I hate that Hanzo is neglected by Blizzard and wrongfully hated by most of the fandom. As a Japanese person with actual cultural and historical knowledge of Japan, it kind of freaking hurts when such a tragic and high-potential character like him is left for the dogs.

For what we have, Hanzo is a really good, complex character with a lot of potential that I just wish that Blizzard would fucking acknowledge; he could have an amazing healing/redemption arc if they could just get to it. I mean, we got the tiniest glimpse at the new Hanzo in Reflections, but how long now will it be before we get any more content for him? For whatever reason it takes them god damn ages to crank out any lore, when even then it’s only in their 10 page comics at best. The fact that they dropped First Strike to redo it only pushes back the possibility to focus on other characters besides the original Overwatch team even more.

I’m not even overly interested in the news drop next week about King’s Row seven years ago; it appears to be more Tracer stuff.

They neglect Hanzo so fucking badly that out of all the events he only has one thing unique to him; his Demon skin. I don’t count the RIP pose or event voice lines since those go to everyone. Can you believe Bastion has six things? (x

Even so, that only covers Blizzard’s half of it, like- the fandom gives Hanzo such a bad rap because??? A friend of mine (@bewvitched) not too long ago had people giving her shit for saying Hanzo deserves better. They said something along the lines of, ‘He killed Genji, so no, he doesn’t deserve redemption etc etc. 

Like, what the fuck? I don’t even- Just, I don’t wanna go down the many roads of wrongness there. In general, I’m just so tired™ of people legitimately bashing on him.

In summary, I love Hanzo Shimada. I’d die defending him. But also, Blizz needs to deliver him an event fuckin’ soon.


She chose Jiyong even though she first said she was Seungri’s fan and they later found Jiyong’s card behind Seungri’s one [x]