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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, Episode 5

This single scene just encapsulates my entire life as an American in Japan. Mikuri, we hug all the people for all the reasons. You have no idea. I didn’t even notice until I was here for a few years and then boom! I want to hug. I WANT TO HUG ALL THE PEOPLE AGAIN. Get with it Japan, come on! Let’s hug it out. Let’s hug goodbye. Let’s hug hello. 

Once at a party I hugged another American goodbye and a Japanese acquaintance was all, “I didn’t know you knew each other.” But we had just met a few hours prior. That’s how it works, yo. Come to the darkside. We have hugs!

[ Top Flirts. ]
  1. 2P!Germany / Lutz Beilshmidt likes to flirt with girls for the sake of flirting with them; he likes to see them blush or get flustered. He’ll flirt with someone even if he doesn’t genuinely like her or even if he wouldn’t care to sleep with her. He doesn’t try too hard but he thinks it’s fun – “Casual flirting.”
  2. 2P!China / Zao Wang is more fastidious over who he flirts with – the girl needs to have decency, and if she does, he’ll teasingly mess with her. If there’s a certain girl he genuinely likes, he’ll still toy with her, but flirt with her - and only her - in a more sexual or perverted way. He’ll also get ‘touchy’ and shatter all personal space. If she ignores him, he’ll only get desperate and more attached. “Playful flirting.” - for the most part.
  3. 2P!Italy / Luciano Vargas is more suave and charming with his flirting. He’ll act 'gentlemanly’ at first, such as politely kissing your hand as a greeting, complimenting your hair/ accessories, and using any sly excuse to touch or get close to you. He’ll do cute things like whisper in your ear, wink, and snicker –  “Classy flirting.”
  4. 2P!America / Allen Jones’s way of flirting is a lot more open and obvious. Catcalls, groping, and whistling are common. Though he mostly hits on girls with “hot bodies”, it doesn’t always mean he has feelings for them. In fact, the girls he likes usually aren’t the ones he loudly flirts with. – “Lustful flirting.”
  5. 2P!Japan / Kuro Honda is usually a quiet individual, but if he sees a girl he finds attractive (or deems interesting), he won’t hesitate to bluntly tell her. In a conversation, he’ll monotonously state inappropriate comments to the girl and not show an ounce of emotion except for the occasional smirk or eye-lidding. – “Sly flirting.”
Prussias contact names

Germany: West
Italy: Italien ♥
Romano: Mad tomato
Japan: Otaku boi
England: Da brit
America: Hamburger
France: Francypants
Spain: Spainiard
Russia: Big boi
China: Boy?
Netherlands: Frittes
Belgium: Waffle Queen
Canada: Maple Syrup


It just occurred to me that I never posted this here…
Dare to take the challenge and guess all my Fav Characters?


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