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One Piece Facts
  • Olivier Levasseur, a famous pirate known for allegedly hiding a treasure and leaving behind a cryptogram regarding its whereabouts during his public execution ( does this remind you of anything ?)
  •  All the known members of Monkey family have a mark on the left side of their faces. Both Luffy and Garp have a scar,  Dragon has a large tattoo.
  • Robin’s tragic past ( the annihilation of Ohara ) might be inspired by an incident in the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China ( 焚书坑儒 ): scholars were executed and books were burned because Emperor Shi Huangti believed that uneducated people were easier to control.
  • The chapter where Rosinante’s burns down a hospital where doctors refuse to treat Law is similar to a scene from The Dark Knight where the Joker makes a hospital explode.
  • Universal Studio Japan has actually built a replica of the tombs of Ace and Whitebeard as a tribute to the series.
  • Oda stated that if he could have any Devil Fruit power,  he would have Robin’s power so he could draw quicker. WE DON’T DESERVE THIS MAN
  • Luffy’s hat was originally going to be given to him by Garp. Oda also stated that Garp was going to have magic, a plot element absent from One Piece itself.

Although Ryōan-ji, in Japan, has temples built as far back as the 1000s CE, the garden at Ryōan-ji was thought to have been built between 1450 and 1473. Which makes this rectangle of land one of the oldest gardens in the world. A World Heritage site, the garden at Ryōan-ji is considered to be one of the defining surviving examples of a form of Japanese Zen temple garden design called kare-sansui or ‘dry landscape’.

Anyway, I made that post to (hopefully) be the last I have to say about this dumbass trend of accusing what are predominantly teenage fangirls of being “pedophiles” (it gets even worse when they use the same argument against ships that are TWO ADULTS just because there’s a “problematic” age gap).

This shit is stupid.  These people are stupid.  The only people that are the problem are those that are already mentally fucked-up enough to be affected by something like fan art and fanfiction.  People like…the antis.

Leave the shipper kids alone–they’re not doing anything wrong.

Oh, fine. You people are so insistent on drudging up bad memories…

Obviously we don’t get along. The bad blood goes back a long way. The Japanese ravaged my country centuries ago for virtually no reason, then continued to meddle in Korean politics for another several centuries.

Finally, Japan decided that wasn’t enough and that Korea needed to become a part of his “empire.”

He did this under the guise of “helping Korea modernize” and “Korea and Japan as one power.” But it didn’t fool anyone. As soon as Japan was in control, Japanese people occupied all positions of power. Everything Korea did was meant to help Japan. Large quantities of any food we grew went to Japan. Mines were dug to mine minerals for Japan. Factories were built for the sole purpose of making things for Japan.

During World War II, he “strongly encouraged” South and I to take on Japanese names and speak only Japanese. It wasn’t really a choice though, because if we didn’t speak Japanese, he wouldn’t talk to us. He said doing things the Japanese way would make us “model citizens.” So, he tried to erase our culture.

It only got worse as the war went on. We tried to fight back, but couldn’t agree on how, and so South and I just ended up arguing much more than usual. It should have been a warning.

About killing Japan– Oh yes, I wanted to kill him. But I won’t. I know what he fears most, but he’s already survived it twice.

Finally, South and I witnessed the terrifying weapon that brought the empire to his knees. He was never quite the same. Now he’s a meek, scared, sorry excuse for a country.

But seeing a glimpse of a power that terrified an empire taught me something very important…

To survive in this new world order–

–I needed to make myself into something even an empire would fear.

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Giant Salamander As Big As a Dog
National Geographic  

Giant salamanders can grow to 5 feet in length and weigh up to 80 lbs. They face a barrier of dams in Japan, built to control flooding. Now it’s hoped a new system will help these giant amphibians get upstream past the dams to lay their eggs.


PL-Type Soryu - a series of Japanese diesel-Stirling-electric submarines.The first boat in its class entered service MSS Japan in 2009, externally there is an evolution of DPL, Oasi , but can be distinguished by X - shaped rudder, and a small influx on the wheelhouse. Litter type is the largest type of submarines built Japan.

F-4EJ Kai Phantom II

Japan adopted the F-4 Phantom II to replace the F-104J Starfighter. The F-4EJ was not equipped for air refueling nor air-to-ground weapons delivery. The aircraft was built in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and entered service in 1972.

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Did you know, Feudal Japan lords purposely built homes with squeaky floors as a defensive measure against ninjas.

This is why we like roof tops.