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そんな植物志向、失礼、盆栽#嗜好 を大いに刺激する一品がこちら。 桜の盆栽。 #桜切るバカ梅切らぬバカ と言われるく… | Flickr

photo by Makioo Makio

桜の盆栽 bonsai of cherry blossom

clarifying dual national passport rules

clarifying dual national passport rules
So I just recently picked up my first Japanese passport from my local consulate, and I have been looking through the threads to find out what I will need to do when it comes to renewing it in 5 years and then 10 years after that, given the nationality law doesn’t change between now and then.When I go to renew my 5 year passport to a 10 year, I will either be in graduate school in the US or living in Japan. I assume the document is the same in both situations so I’m aware I’ll have to answer the question asking if I have dual nationality. I’m intending to answer yes because I would like to not lie to the state and risk whatever might possibly happen, but I’ve read contradicting accounts as to whether this will mean I will not be able to receive the passport or not since, by the time my current passport expires, I will be over 22. I am also intending to not do anything about declaring or renouncing my citizenship either way, since through reading it seems like it’s an unnecessary step as long as I don’t flaunt that I’m a dual citizen to the authorities.My question is will I receive my 10 year passport in both Japan or the United States, depending on where I apply from, even though I truthfully check that I am a dual citizen who has held two nationalities past the cutoff age of 22?









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