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Do you have any more stories based in China/Korea/other Asian countries? I think the biggest difference I've seen between Western horror and Asian horror is that Asian horror is more about the paranormal where as Western horror is more about "jump scares" and gore? Maybe I'm wrong, sorry!

Hey there, I do feel that Asian and Western horror are pretty different as well! Maybe the differences aren’t so obvious from stories, but you can really tell from the movies. 

I’ve always told my friends, if you wanna watch horror movies alone, go for the Western ones, because the gradual, slow, subtle buildup of storyline works better when you’re watching along with no distractions. But if you’re looking for something to watch with your friends, something fast-paced with lots of scary ‘holy shit’ scenes- Asian horror is your go-to for all that. 

Anyway. On to the pastas:










https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/3ismze/why_i_never_answer_when_someone_calls_my_name/ (this one is Hawaii-based but there’s a bit of stuff about Malaysia in the comments)




Here’s some horror manga I’d posted awhile back: 




Other Jap stuff: 







Day 11: What is your dream pairing?

Yukino x Soichiro – Karekano
Do I really need to explain this? I LOVE this manga. I LOVE their relationship.
That’s all.

I highy recommend you this manga, it gaves me a lot of feels… At the beginning it looks like an usual shoujo manga, with a love story and little problems, but it grows along with the characters and become way more serious. And they’re just the best OTP ever

Hey cuties! I have finally got round to setting this all up so here we go!!

I am setting up a kawaii/anime/japanese/cute secret santa! The idea is you reblog, then I give you the url of someone else who reblogged, give someone else your url and then everyone exchanges lovely messages and gets to know each other on anon, eventually revealing themselves on Christmas day!

                               These are the important bits!!

  • Reblog this post as much as you can, and feel free to like!
  • If you are entering please send me an ask with your three main interests, for example a certain anime you’re really into or maybe you like photography or something. This will help match you with people with common interests and will stop me from hitting post limit whilst giving out urls 
  • Must submit by Midnight on the 30th of November (GMT)
  • I will be giving you the url on the 1st or the 2nd, depending on how many notes this gets
  • You don’t have to like kawaii/anime/jap/weeb stuff, but it will help if you do!
  • I won’t include anyone that doesn’t send me an ask!!
  • Don’t take part if you’re not 100% sure you can keep up the responsibility of messaging them daily 

And that is all! Please inbox me if you have any questions!