jap crap

I’m not usually a ranter, but

my dad loves Donald Trump and is sexist and racist and homophobic and wants everyone int heir “own” country, even if they were born here and he yells at me for watching “Jap Crap” (anime) because it’s “rotting” my brain (I’ve been watching Haikyuu) and I shouldn’t be watching Dan and Phil (and other YouTubers) because they might be pedophiles so I explained that they might be, but they’re supportive and sweet pedophiles, so I wouldn’t care, and my dad got defensive that he was supportive of me and I had to remind him about him trying to get me to do sports and eat healthy and go outside with friends instead of making fluffy fan art and he thinks I’m going to be a rebel when the most rebellious thing I’ve done so far is eat 4 Italian ices in one sitting.

Thoughts on getting a "real bike"...

Today a fellow came into the store riding an absolutely spotless Harley Wide Glide. A beautiful bike, if a little “cookie cutter”.

As I rang up his purchases (wax, a chamois, and tire shine - which I sincerely hope he wasn’t planning on using it on the bike) I complimented his scoot. He went on and told me what it was worth and how much money he had put into it, etc, and then asked if the “old Jap bike” in the parking lot was mine. I said yes, and he proceeded to tell me how superior Harley’s are to “Jap crap” and how I should get a “real bike” and how maybe I should take better care of my bike, since it’s so dirty and rusty. I just chuckled and said “ah, the rust holds it together” and handed him his receipt.

You know, it really cracks me up when these dudes on brand new bikes come in and trash my bike.

Look bozo, I have a vintage bike. It’s old. It leaks. It makes weird noises. It doesn’t run perfect. I have to let it warm up or it burps oil. It runs better at certain times of the day. I ride 75% of the year, and I know it’s not a show bike. It’s not intended to be a show bike. Its a daily rider, with a lot of my blood, sweat, tears, and love in it. It’s got dirt, grime, and memories in every crevice.

And you know what? I rather prefer it that way.