jap crap

I honestly could not care less about all the Funko Pop hubub everyone seems to be jumping on for an easy reblog. Not every fandom is lucky enough to have good merch, so some people make do with what they got. I get it. Funko Pop are repulsive, bla bla bla. Yeah, I get that too.

What does bother me though, is every annoyingly “witty” retort that inevitably mentions nedroids being hideous, or how all the good Jap crap costs $200.

So next time you see some stupid shit like that, just point them out to this post and say:

“9 bucks”

“10 bucks”

“11 bucks”

“11 bucks”

“Fuck you, it’s 70 smacks, but it’s a Master Grade and it’s hotter than the surface of my dick on a saturday.”

and that’s it.