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Emma Frost (White Queen) | 33 | OPEN | FC: January Jones

“Yes, we’ve all had our share of persecution, but we’re fighters. We’re strong. This youth and those like him are weak. And it’s the sort of weakness predators can scent a mile away. It is the sort of weakness that makes its victims stew and fester in their own helplessness and rage.”

Bio: Growing up, Emma Frost was constantly teased at school by her peers for her lower-than-average grades and difficulty concentrating in class. The real reason for this was due to the painful headaches she kept getting; the result of her mutant telepathy powers beginning to emerge. When she realised she could read other people’s thoughts, she would obtain the answers to tests from other students and ended up falling in love with one of her teachers after she read his mind to find he thought her beautiful. However their relationship was short lived when her father discovered the two of them kissing, throwing Emma out of the family home.

After a period of homelessness and low paid jobs, she auditioned as a dancer at the Hellfire Club where she soon met Professor Charles Xavier and declined his invitation to join his school for gifted mutants - creating her own instead. Emma Frost’s life since then has been constantly intertwined with the X-Men, sometimes acting as an ally as well as an enemy. But now that she’s back at the Hellfire Club, she has her sights set on a different team of superheroes to play her games with: the Avengers.

Abilities: Telepathy, Psychic Surgery, Latent Telekinesis, Organic Diamond Form, Superhuman Strength, Durability and Stamina, Expert Tactician, Defensive Training, Master Astral Combatant.


  • Snobby
  • Manipulative
  • Ambitious
  • Seductive

Character Connections:

  • Ex-lover of Namor
  • Has a love/hate relationship with Elizabeth
  • Doesn’t trust Selene, despite working together

[*Some canon aspects of the character may have been altered purely for our group’s own purposes.]