Extremely frank Reaper/Gabriel Reyes discussion and analysis follows:

I mean this in the politest yet bluntest way possible:

Gabriel Reyes/Reaper is hardcoded mlm.

I’m going to level with y’all

Gabriel/Reaper is legitimately one of the strongest mlm-coded characters in current media.

And before people go, “You’re biased, you’re pulling this out your ass,” Gabriel/Reaper is basically a “mlm character designed and written by straight men (mostly).”  I’m actually willing to believe that Blizzard has semi-decent intentions with him at this point, but from the outset, Gabriel/Reaper’s design is so blatantly “we aren’t entirely sure how to design/write a mlm character so we’re gonna kinda throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.”

I am not saying all mlm individuals in real life behave like this or do these things.

Rather, I am saying that these are mlm stereotypes perpetuated in the media that artists, designers, and writers at Blizzard have seemingly applied to Gabriel Reyes/Reaper.

Here’s the “we took every major mlm stereotype and built it into Gabriel Reyes/Reaper’s character” list:

  1. Talking with a slight lisp
  2. Incessantly sassy, sarcastic, and sardonic
  3. Wearing jewelry (Reaper canonically wears a silver bangle on one wrist, seemingly only for aesthetic purposes)
  4. being dedicated to “an aesthetic” - single major color palette, with “pop” accent colors like red and silver
  5. Dropping pop culture and music references nonstop
  6. wearing heels
  7. Wearing skintight clothing
  8. His entire “we’re vaguing this” relationship with Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76
  9. The fact that zero female characters in the game hit on him (as opposed to Soldier: 76 and Reinhardt, where Ana compliments the former and straight up flirts with the latter)
  10. Quoting Edgar Allan Poe
  11. frankly, literally dressing himself as the deadass “opposite” of Strike-Commander Morrison (while Soldier: 76 basically dresses “the opposite” of Commander Reyes).
  12. He makes his own Halloween costumes
  13. the implication that the only people allowed to call him by a nickname (Gabe) are Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76 and (rather reluctantly) Sombra
  14. Death Blossom - although the Ultimate title is a reference to The Last Starfighter, Chu has joked that it’s related to Gabriel/Reaper hurling roses at Jack/Soldier: 76.  When someone on twitter make a photoshop of Reaper attacking Soldier: 76 with a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day, Michael Chu joked, “Well, it is called Death Blossom.”
  15. Having a paired spray with another man (Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76) - the Commando “Contra references” sprays
  16. Continuing to call Soldier: 76 “Jack” despite 1) “hating him” (or so we are told), 2) Soldier: 76 trying to obscure his name, 3) Soldier: 76 technically having been “Strike-Commander Morrison” to Gabriel Reyes/Reaper for decades says a lot about Gabriel/Reaper’s attitude towards Jack/Soldier: 76.  Despite having a major fall out and literally fighting each other, Gabriel/Reaper persists in calling “John Morrison” by a personal nickname.
  17. If “This is my curse” is, in fact, a Killswitch reference - holy hell, y’all.  Holy. Hell.  “This is my curse/ The yearning/ This is my curse/ There is love/ Burning to find you/ Will you wait for me?/ Will you desire?/ Your silence haunts me/ But still I hunger for you.”

There is no “cute flirtatious banter” between him and any female/feminine character in the game.  By this, I mean interactions that are comparable to, say, the McCree-Hanzo “this is thirsty work” lines or the Pharah-Mercy “Let’s keep the skies clear” lines or even the Ana-Reinhardt “and you look as lovely as ever” lines.  In fact, arguably, the only lines where Gabriel/Reaper actually has “cute flirtatious banter” are with Jack/Soldier: 76.

Soldier: 76: Well. You sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? (said with laughter)
Reaper: And you sure know how to play boy scout. (said in a teasing tone)

Soldier: 76: One of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you.
Reaper: I invite them to try.

The latter is seemingly the reason why Soldier: 76 will sometimes say “Well, someone had to do it.” when killing an enemy Reaper.

(Meanwhile, on Soldier’s end, he either is entirely oblivious to Ana’s compliment on him “looking pretty good,” or he straight up ignores it.)

Once again, I am not saying all mlm individuals in real life behave like this or do these things.

What I am saying is that these are, by and large, stereotypes of mlm individuals portrayed/perpetuated by media that Gabriel Reyes/Reaper exhibits.  And while I think many of them are more entertaining or better-portrayed than many other mlm characters in media, we should keep in mind that these all snowball into something much bigger.  Something that Blizzard has only seemed to fuel with the Uprising content.  Whether or not they ever actually act upon it in a direct or outright manner is debatable, but regardless, here is what is currently present in the game, comics, and animations.  Furthermore, Chu has recently retweeted “familial Strike team content” from a major fandom artist who has posted and continues to post Reaper76 content.  The official Overwatch twitter retweeted content from a different major fandom artist who posts Reaper76 content almost exclusively (though the retweet was of Blackwatch content).  Even if the content itself does not directly show Gabriel Reyes/Reaper engaging in romantic interactions with another man (Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76, in these cases), it DOES mean both Chu and someone on the Overwatch social media team are watching these artist accounts.

But yeah, sure.

It’s all “subtext.”

(that’s sarcasm, btw.  Because some readers will take that literally.)

anonymous asked:

Do you think the speculation of the Ruby Squad sent to Earth could've been the elite. I mean they wouldn't send just any Rubies, your thoughts.

Anonymous said:
I have to ask about the rubies, I mean in regards to them being possible elites. Just look at veteran Eyeball and cunning Navy, just two of the five. Do you think they could be elites, why send 1 out of 5 experienced rubies to Earth. Except Leggy.

So I’ve received two asks asking about a specific word: Elite. 

And I don’t know about that word because it’s never mentioned in-show. That means that it carries a lot of the baggage and connotations of our world. Elite would refer to the highest, the best. 

For me, it insinuates that this Ruby Squad is the best Ruby Squad there is on Homeworld. And the reasons for this are that 1) It’s Earth. 2) Eyeball and Navy know what they’re doing.

I’ll talk about the latter point first. I feel like Homeworld aspires for higher standards than the bare minimum. Saying that Eyeball is a veteran is not saying a whole lot. I’m all for declaring the competency of the Ruby Squad. It’s something I’ve been reiterating over and over that Homeworld trains its gems and makes sure they can get the job done because they can’t afford to keep wasting resources in failure.

Nonetheless, the point often cited is that Navy was able to deceive the Crystal Gems in Room for Ruby, which the CGs were able to do easily, twice, without much effort. That’s not saying a lot for the Ruby Squad except that on the third try, they finally wised up and beat the CGs at their own game.

Eyeball’s attacking Steven, and Navy’s flinging them out of the plane were signs they were upset and angry and spiteful which is something people tend to be after being sent on two wild goose chases by the same people. But other than that, they did exactly what their job entailed.

My point is, Rubies are guards. They were sent to retrieve and guard Jasper. They were assigned to guard nobility like Sapphire. These are important gems, and they aren’t all trained to fight, again, like Sapphire. Rubies have to be competent, or the rare aristocratic gems with special war-winning abilities would have been assigned other gems as guards at this point.

I’m not incredibly surprised at all that they were able to pull one out from under the CGs because the CGs had drastically underestimated them at this point. 

As for their location being Earth, the Diamonds still think Earth is a relatively safe place. Save for the emerging Cluster, they don’t think there’s a threat. That’s why they sent a lone civilian the first time around, Peridot. And even when Jasper went missing, it wasn’t a threat of other gems that caused them to send for a rescue team. It was because of the Cluster, which hadn’t hatched yet to the best of their knowledge. 

Blue Diamond visited Earth herself without guards to escort her. That’s how safe the Diamonds think the planet is. So I don’t think Earth is a huge factor in sending their best team. 

If there’s anything to take away from this post, it’s really that we should be expecting more of Homeworld and the forces they send. SU has shown us that Homeworld isn’t playing Bond villain. The Diamonds aren’t irrationally destroying everything that irks them and their citizens aren’t bumbling henchmen. They don’t have a huge self-destruct button for their own base that anyone can waltz up to and press. They are an organised civilisation much older than those of Earth and there’s a reason they’ve been able to sustain such rapid technological progress. It’s not to say the Ruby Squad isn’t good at their job, but I’d be hard pressed to say they’re the best.

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hello! Can you please write a Sebastian Stan image where the reader is an actress too and they are in a relationship but no one knows and they’re in New York sneaking around and running away from the paparazzi please? Thank you 😊 by the way I LOVE YOUR WRITING ITS BEAUTIFUL

A/N: thank you so much nonny! i love youuu ♥ || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You slid the last part of your swimsuit on and than a knock came to your door. You walk over towards the door, fixing your hair on the way. When you reached the door, it swung open and hit you right in the face.

‘’Oooww!’’ you howl, holding your nose, stumbling backwards.

You fell right to the ground, still holding your nose, the door hit you hard. You remove your hand from your nose and gasped as you saw blood on your hand.

‘’Y/N?! Are you okay?!’’ sebastian exclaims, rushing in and kneeling down next to you.

‘’Does it look like I’m okay?! You just slammed that door in my face!’’ you whale, climbing back up to your feet.

‘’I’m sorry, it was unlocked and I didn’t know you’d be right there.. I-’’

‘’Just shut up and get me a pack of ice and some tissues please?’’ you ask.

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Your Song

avengers x reader preference

your song with your avenger boo (if you have anyone else in mind that you want with this, i might do a part 2)

Bucky: Stubborn Love by The Lumineers- After about a month of living at the compound, he began to explore the new world that he’d been viciously thrown into. The first thing he did in this new and crazy world was find you, and he felt that was all he needed to do. You put him in his place when he thought that he wasn’t good enough to be in your arms, or around the family he grew to love. So “Stubborn Love” became your song, eventually the both of you had lyrics from it etched onto your skin. You reminded him to keep his head up despite his past crushing down on him daily, and that ‘it was better to feel pain than nothing at all’. When the two of you finally made it to a Lumineers concert, it was no surprise that there were some tears shed whilst they played your sacred song.

Steve: Like Real People Do by Hozier- It was common for him to come home with complaints of people treating him like a specimen in a lab; something to study rather than a friend to listen to during battle. On your first mission with the team Steve quickly realized that you saw through the whole super soldier thing, and you saw him as not only a human being, but a leader. Quickly after that the two of you hit it off, and listening to music together became a thing that you bonded over more than anything else. When he came across “Like Real People Do” by Hozier, he was almost sobbing at how much it reminded him of you. Considering you both had a tumultuous past, and he felt that you pulled him from the “ground”. The love he had for you was out of this world, and you wouldn’t want to be with any other Soldier in the universe.

Natasha: Say I Do by Jonny P- Every day she struggled with everyone having the same misconception that she was a hardass bitch, and that she didn’t have the ability to love anything or anyone. But little did anyone know, you were receiving her love day in and day out. Very few people (You, Steve, Bucky, Clint and maybe Sam) truly knew her lovable side, and how she talked about marrying you every single day. When asked about you, Nat would simply explain that it felt like the whole room lit up when you walked in. One day she texted you out of the blue with a link to a song by Jonny P attached, and when you opened it your heart nearly burst. Still, she managed to surprise you by proposing that night, and “Say I Do” was the first song that the two of you danced to at your wedding.

Sam: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell- When the two of you first got together, it was at a bar on karaoke night. You were singing Tammi’s part, and Sam sauntered onto the small, shoddy stage to help you sing the duet. Once you joined the team and started going on missions, it became obvious to everyone around you that Ain’t No Mountain High Enough explained your relationship fairly eloquently. Both of you would swim across the ocean if it mean saving one another. Even if it was something as simple as you wanting a beer while visiting another state, Sam would drop everything he was doing and fly one to you. Having a boo like Sam was like no other, and you enjoyed making the team sick to their stomachs with your PDA.

Peter: Taro by alt-J- Being that you’re both fairly young, and still exploring the whole entire world while on missions with the team, it’s hard to pinpoint a song that described exactly your relationship. However, both of you bonded over whatever new and obscure music was out, and what small concerts you could attend without being recognized. It all started when you were hanging out in his room, looking at all the small things he’d collected over the years while he fixed a new computer that he found. When you came across a poster for a band that you had never heard of, and Peter played some of their songs through a small speaker in the corner of the room as he carried on fixing the beat up computer. Soon enough the two of you went to an Alt-J concert, and you fell even deeper in love with Peter for getting you into their songs.

Bruce: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley- You’d been friends with Bruce for what felt like your whole life, even before the whole entire Hulk thing changed his life. When you stayed and convinced him he was worth love despite everything that had happened to him, it was like a switch flicked on inside of him and he began to see you in a different light. The change wasn’t just in him, but you also felt a shift in the way you saw him. Falling in love wasn’t easy for Bruce with all the shit going on in his mind, but he was certain that he wanted to be in love with you. When the two of you finally officially got together, the first thing you did was share a dance to the Elvis classic. Being with him just felt right, and you couldn’t help falling more in love with his sweet soul.

Clint: I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder- Most of the time you guys were either in the same room, or he texted that he was going on a quick mission. But you knew when you saw his name come up on the caller I.D., it wasn’t good. He knew when missions were going to go bad, so he would dial your number and pray you’d answer. At first he did it when the two of you split up for about a month, and when you got the call from him just saying that he loved you with explosions in the background it scared you half to death. You couldn’t sleep until he was home safe in your arms. When the two of you got married, it only got worse. But, these calls only made the day of his return that much sweeter, and you kissed him until you felt like your lips could fall off.

anonymous asked:

Different anon here. Let's talk about B's possible future project! Have you heard that G. Oldman will be back as Smiley yet? I think they'll start filming Smiley's People next year. I know B has already many projects waiting after one another. But I really hope that B will reprise his role as Guillam, especially if the whole team return. What do you think?

ooooh great question.

omg this film is in my top ten of all time; and i will forever mourn the fact that oldman did not win the oscar. yes yes yes please; imagine peter guillam, back as smiley’s right-hand man, occasional head of the scalphunters, sometimes head of the parisian secretariat, always brutal and the only one smiley ever really trusts…. but this time older, harder, and with a wider selection of 1960s ties.

and gary and benedict together again is very important.