JoJathe donkey kick! Here I’m using two ankle weights of 6 pounds each on the same leg. 20 kicks and then hold for 30 pulses! It’s a good burn to finish off booty day! #jojalife

January 31, 1979 - Jacqui Benton Dies in a Plane Crash

On January 31, 1979, pop singer and Starlight Foundation co-founder Jacqui Benton boarded a plane on her way out of town with her band. Her daughter, Jerrica Benton, having trouble adjusting to her mother’s more and more frequent absences, begged her not to go. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing all aboard.

Years later, Jerrica would lament her behavior, wishing she had kissed her goodbye and told her that she loved her.

(Jem and the Holograms, S02E25 Out of the Past, 1988)

January 31 Birthday Profile

Aquarians born on January 31 have eccentric perspectives. They’re charismatic and can charm just about anyone. What may appear to be egotism is a simple appreciation for their gifts and talents. They are intelligent, yet their brilliance can be undermined by foolish choices.

Friends and Lovers

January 31 people forge powerful friendships. They seem to draw people who can add qualities to their lives that may be lacking. They do likewise with romantic partnerships. They are not adamant that their relationships be permanent. Often, when they have learned the lessons they need, they move on.

Children and Family

People born on January 31 are able to transcend their upbringing. Despite being unusual, they have a practical side that’s seen in the way they rationalize difficulties they may have experienced as children. As parents, they don’t push their children to succeed but allow them to develop at their own pace.


January 31 men and women may endorse a natural lifestyle that includes holistic healing, meditation, a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, and exercise. They understand the need to promote mind-body-spirit harmony.

Career and Finances

People born on January 31 are intelligent and talented. The drawback to their potential success could be that they possess too many talents, so it may be difficult to settle on one career option. If they take an active interest in financial affairs, they are capable. But they prefer to turn financial management over to someone else.

Dreams and Goals

Like many Aquarians, January 31 men and women have the ability to see beyond their concerns and look at life on a global level. When young, it’s easy for them to become disillusioned once they discover this is not as simple as they had anticipated. Yet they’ll always find time to help others, in big or little ways.

They should avoid: Immaturity, fatuousness, addiction

They should embrace: Credibility, enjoyment, altruism

a melody
rang through my head–
but somehow
unable to allocate

the resonance
of our hands,
fingers entwined
in unison

my defiled heart

and with each passing day
i longed to discover
exactly what ballad
had echoed
throughout my head
when i held you
in my arms

but i roll over
into your baby blues,
and suddenly
it all makes sense

-december, 1963 1/31

Perjalanan Menghindarimu

Setiap perjalanan yang panjang selalu akan sampai pada tujuan. Bukankah selalu begitu?
Dan bagaimanapun aku telah berjalan, bukankah akan tetap pulang?
Detik yang menjadi menit, meter yang menjadi kilo, adalah proses yang kunamai kepergian, atau liburan. Entahlah aku tak hendak menamainya apa.
Yang kutahu banyak yang terjadi di selanya dan yang harus kubawa pulang setelahnya.
Hampir seribu jabat tangan dan ratusan potret-potret senyumku selama perjalanan yang masih kusimpan.
Perjalanan kereta; rintik hujan dan terik matahari; suhu rendah hingga tinggi; berjalan kaki; menemui fajar dan senja di tempat yang berbeda. Mereka menamainya perjalanan mencari bahagia. Bagiku, ini sementara. Pada akhirnya aku akan merindukan rumah, tempat aku bahagia tanpa mencarinya. Kamu.
Ada banyak alasan untuk melakukan perjalanan, menikmati kota-kota sebelum usiaku menua, merasakan tinggi gunung dan dalam laut sebelum waktuku melarut.
Dan satu lagi alasan yang selalu kunafikan, adalah menghindari untuk mengingat senyummu, menghindari untuk mencandui ucapan selamat pagi dan malammu. Menghindari untuk tetap menjatuhcintaimu seperti dulu, menghindari untuk tidak berhenti mengkhayalkan kamu.

Satu hari di perjalanan, aku bertemu denganmu di sekelebatan kenang. Seketika ingatan tentangmu datang menjadi hujan, aku kedinginan. Meraih-raih kehangatan dengan melupakan. Lalu aku diam, sudah ke mana rindu dan cintaku yang dulu?
Aku membunuhnya dengan diam, dengan tak membicarakannya lagi pada malam.
Aku mengeringkan air mata dengan menangis sejadi-jadinya suatu waktu.
Menghabiskan rindu dengan terpaksa mencabik-cabik sendiri hatiku.
Kehilangan adalah soal ingatan, aku tak pernah kehilangan kamu di ingatan, meski nyatanya kamu sudah tak ada sejak lama.
Mencintaimu nyatanya tak butuh dibuat mengerti, aku mati sendiri pada misteri yang tak perlu dicari.
Mencintaimu, aku pernah. Hingga tak mau tahu pada situasi yang harusnya dimengerti.
Aku pernah, menghujankan air mata pada telepon genggam. Pernah mengutuki keadaan karena rinduku ingin dimenangkan.
Aku pernah, mencintaimu dengan terlalu, menginginkanmu dengan menggebu.
Aku sedang menghindari yang pernah terjadi dulu.
Tapi, bukankah setiap perjalanan yang panjang selalu akan sampai pada tujuan?
Dan bagaimanapun aku telah berjalan, bukankah akan tetap pulang?


January 31, 2015 at 12.16am

A Day In The Life - 31st January 1967: The Beatles complete filming for the Strawberry Fields Forever promotional video.

The second day of filming for the Strawberry Fields Forever promotional clip takes place on this day at Knole Park in Sevenoaks, Kent.
On the previous day The Beatles intended to film a sequence in which Paul McCartney drops down from a dead oak tree, but poor light makes it not possible. That sequence, and several others, are filmed on this day instead.
In the final edit, the sequence is reversed so it looks as though McCartney leaps into the tree. The planned sequence involves him jumping from the tree and running backwards towards a piano.
The director of both the Strawberry Fields Forever and the Penny Lane clips is Peter Goldmann. The latter promo is later filmed on 5 February 1967.
During a break in the filming John Lennon buys a circus poster dating from 1843 in an antique shop. The poster, which advertises a circus in Rochdale, subsequently provides the inspiration for Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite! on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.