A quiet image of Hannelore Knuts floating in clear waters, taken from W Magazine’s January 2001 editorial, ‘Making A Splash’. In a recent interview with The Cut blog (where this image was also sourced from), Michael stated that he liked the 'angelic quality that Hannelore had in this image’ and that she even looked 'dead’. I’ll leave further interpretations up to you!

Speaking of Gorons

In Volume 138 on page 20, it looks like the Goron on the bottom has gained some weight since the last Zelda game. Why is that so?
-Travis Spencer, Scottsdale, AZ

NP: Too many rock sirloins. Either that, or he’s taken the Zora King’s advice to heart and is consuming huge quantities of tasty whole wheat.

Nintendo Power Volume 140, January 2001

Attack of the Two-Foot Robot

How many games were there for R.O.B., the little robot that came with some 8-bit NES systems? There was Gyromite and I think one more. Am I dreaming? I’ve looked and looked, and even been on the Internet, but I can’t find a thing. I swear there were two games for that little guy.
-Daniel E. Schnaible, Via the Internet

NP: You’re not going mad, Daniel. There were, indeed, two games for the loveable robot. Gyromite was one and a lesser-known number called Stack-Up was the other. Believe it or not, we still get lots of requests from people who want to purchase a R.O.B.!

Nintendo Power Volume 140, January 2001