George Harrison
25 February, 1943 - 29 November, 2001

The man I never got to meet was the one who influenced me the most.

The quiet one that still had a voice that yelled to help Bangladesh and say Hare Krishna. The one who dedicated a concert to fund a clinic that had lost it’s funds but instead the media deciding to focus on a mindless ‘feud’ and a divorce rather than an act of kindness in a dark world. This man has influenced me in so ways. Saying to be humble and share all the world, don’t take too much. That death is just a state of mind, it is simply as if you’re taking off your suit. That comforts me more than it should.

Now, as I sit here in my room, listening to the song that began it all for me, I wish you never left. But as you said before

Life flows on within you and without you.

Thank you, George, and we love you.

Olivia and George Harrison, Ireland, 15 January 2000

Photo © Harrisongs Ltd.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, flowers and messages of concern and compassion for our ordeal. Your kindness and love were a great help and a desperately needed contrast to our unfortunate experience. We would like to wish you and your families a happy new year and hope it will be be peaceful and loving one. We hope to see you again soon. George, Olivia and Dhani Harrison (Om Shanti).” - A card sent by the Harrison family after the horrific attack on their lives at Friar Park on 30 December 1999 [x], quoted in Billboard, 15 December 2001 [xx]

Taylor swift posseses the gift of foresight and why 1989 was actually written about Hillary Clinton

with this textpost i want to bring forth my theory that Taylor swift is in fact a mystical being who was granted the gift of foresight by a higher power and that her album 1989 (2014) was actually about the, at that time yet to happen, events of 2016, in particullary Hillary Clinton, her life and her loss in the presidential election, through an analysis of the songs from the album

Welcome to New York

Hillary Clinton served as a United States Senator from New York from January

3, 2001 to January 21, 2009.

Blank Space 

An obvious reference to the well known Clinton Kill List


‘They’ll tell you I’m insane
But I’ve got a blank space, baby
And I’ll write your name’

‘So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it’s over
If the high was worth the pain’


‘Could end in burning flames or paradise’

the election could have ended with her as the first female president or Donald Trump as the KKK-backed president-elect

‘I say, “I heard, oh, that you’ve been out and about with some other girl, some other girl.”
He says, “What you’ve heard is true but I
Can’t stop thinking about you,” and I…
I said, “I’ve been there, too, a few times.” ‘

basically a summary of hillary and bills relationship

Out of the woods

Hillary Clinton has apparently decided to give up on society after her disappointing loss and lead a life in solituted in the woods of chappaqua, evidenced by all the pictures of hikers who happened to stumble upon her

All you had to do was stay 

In god damn vermont and keep your mouth shut Bernie 

Shake it off 

Hillary having to shake off the constant slander and attacks from the media and republican party

‘But I keep cruising
Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving
It’s like I got this music
In my mind
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.’

I wish you would 

Hillarys wishing people would pokemon-go to da polls and how they fucking didnt 

Bad Blood 

Another reference to the Clinton Kill List

‘Now did you think it all through? All these things will catch up to you
And time can heal but this won’t, so if you’re coming my way, just don't’

‘Now we got problems
And I don’t think we can solve them
You made a really deep cut
And, baby, now we got bad blood’

Wildest Dream 

‘He’s so tall and handsome as hell
He’s so bad but he does it so well
I can see the end as it begins
My one condition is’

The ‘He’ in this is actually a metaphor for the position of president of the united states of america and this song is about Hillarys deep desire and yearning for this position 

‘You see me in hindsight
Tangled up with you all night
Burning it down
Someday when you leave me
I bet these memories
Follow you around’

the knowledge that they let trump rise to power and failed hillary clinton will haunt the ameican people forever

‘Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a nice dress,
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you’ll see me again
Even if it’s just pretend’

expressing Hillarys hopes that she will not be rememberd as the woman who couldnt stop Donald Trump and one day history will vindicate her

How You Get the Girl

tragic and angsty retelling of Hillary and Humas grand love story and how their love has never withered during the 20 years they have spent at each others side

‘I want you for worse or for better,
I would wait forever and ever,
Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together.
I would wait forever and ever.’

This Love

summarising Hillarys hope for success this time after losing the 2008 primaries to Obama

‘This love is good, this love is bad
This love is alive back from the dead
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

This love left a permanent mark
This love is glowing in the dark
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me’

I know places

‘Baby, I know places we won’t be found
And they’ll be chasing their tails tryin’ to track us down
Cause I, I know places we can hide
I know places’

its about those 30.000 deleted emails from Hillarys time as SoS


actually about what is yet to happen. Hillary Clinton leading a happy and content life outside of the media circus. She spends her time hiking in the woods, playing with her grandchildren and will never have to dap again in her life. She falls asleep at night with a smile and wakes up with the certitude that all she will have to do for the day is put on a christmas ornament fleece jacket and streak through the woods. She never wears make up again. No man will ever disrespect her again.

‘Rain came pouring down when I was drowning
That’s when I could finally breathe
And by morning gone was any trace of you
I think I am finally clean
Finally clean
Think I’m finally clean
Think I’m finally clean’

Olivia [Harrison] says that, towards the end, when he [George Harrison] knew he was dying, her husband would comfort her by saying: ‘Olivia, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.’ And is she?

‘Fine is OK, but it is not really good enough, is it? But George was right, I am fine and I am OK, although I will miss him until my dying day. But he walked his road and now I have to walk mine.’

—  The Telegraph, 24 January 2005 [x]

colinlanephoto The Strokes, January 16, 2001. This is on the roof of the Lincoln Building, right across from Grand Central. I used to sneak up there a lot. We had just tried to get on the roof of the Essex House but got busted by some guy on a cigarette break. I thought “Great now they think I’m an asshole and they’ll just want to go home”. Julian had to work, he was still bar tending. But I told them I knew one more rooftop we could try and amazingly they were like “Ya come on!”. So we got up on the Lincoln Building and it was actually better because it had been a gray day but by the time we got up there the sun broke below the clouds and the Empire State Building lit up green and it was beautiful. And I think that’s probably why they chose me to shoot the press photos….because we had this small adventure and did something slightly illegal and had fun doing it…………I’m selling prints of my music work now. Please email me with inquiries…colin@nyc.rr.com

In memory of my sweet dog, more than a dog, a friend. I feel guilty to be not here with you for the very end. You were here when I was sad, go thought difficulties and was rejected by others you were still here accept me as I am. Not udging, just be here.

I hope you are happy were you are now. <3

Lupus january 2001 - 15 january 2017

Even if I was not with you for the past 3 years you were still in my heart and you’ll stay in a part of it.
Rest in peace sweet little dog.