january 24th


Guys we’re in the paper

This is on the first double page spread of today’s (Tuesday 24th January) Metro paper. We made page 3! This paper is distributed for free at train stations which is why I picked it up on my way to college. This is pretty big, right?

Who do I tag
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Gag Me

Originally posted by jeffreydmorgn

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 463
Warnings: Oral, NSFW gif
Prompt: “Do you ever shut up?“

Negan Smut Week masterlist

Negan was not exactly having what he’d call the best day. He was forced to deal with idiots, one minute it was hotter than hell, and the next it was down pouring. Nothing was going his way. And now? Now he was listening to you chatter on about something or another. “Do you ever shut up?” He snapped.

You gave him an amused look, not afraid of him in the least. You were sitting back in your chair, your eyes looking over the handsome man. Leaning forward, you put your elbows on your knees. “Well, you could always make me.” Ever so slightly, you smirked, your eyebrow raising for a moment. His tongue wet his bottom lip as his eyes locked on yours. “You seem a little stressed, sir. I’m sure we could kill two birds with one stone.”

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