january 16th


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HISTORY MEME 8/10 -O B J E C T S (1/8)


The Act of Independence of Lithuania or Act of February 16 was signed by the Council of Lithuania on February 16, 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania, governed by democratic principles, with Vilnius as its capital. The Act was signed by all twenty representatives, chaired by Jonas Basanavičius. The Act of February 16 was the result of a series of resolutions on the issue, including one issued by the Vilnius Conference and the Act of January 8. The path to the Act was long and complex because the German Empire exerted pressure on the Council to form an alliance. The Council had to carefully maneuver between the Germans, whose troops were present in Lithuania, and the demands of the Lithuanian people.

The immediate effects of the announcement of Lithuania’s re-establishment of independence were limited. Publication of the Act was prohibited by the German authorities, and the text was distributed and printed illegally. The work of the Council was hindered, and Germans remained in control over Lithuania. The situation changed only when Germany lost World War I in the fall of 1918. In November 1918 the first Cabinet of Lithuania was formed, and the Council of Lithuania gained control over the territory of Lithuania. Independent Lithuania, although it would soon be battling the Wars of Independence, became a reality.

While the Act’s original document has been lost, its legacy continues. The laconic Act is the legal basis for the existence of modern Lithuania, both during the interwar period and since 1990. The Act formulated the basic constitutional principles that were and still are followed by all Constitutions of Lithuania. The Act itself was a key element in the foundation of Lithuania’s re-establishment of independence in 1990. Lithuania, breaking away from the Soviet Union, stressed that it was simply re-establishing the independent state that existed between the world wars and that the Act never lost its legal power.

Got any plans January 16th?  Oh, you’re busy during the day?  Then how about at night?  Let’s get together; how ‘bout we get steamy with an all-new episode of Workaholics!  

Let’s make it… Booger Nights.

Forget what the pretenders are saying the season premiere will be, your Workaholics Tumblr can now officially announce that the premiere episode of Season 3B will the TelAmeriCorp-cetnric BOOGER NIGHTS!

We’ve even got the first page of the script for your viewing pleasure; but, apologies, Comedy Central’s Department of Spoiler Affairs redacted some of the information before we could post it clean.  Maybe we can get you the clean page post-airing.  If we make it that far.  Trust nobody.

We’re dealing with a lot of classified information here.  What’s the episode about?  Who’s boogers we talking, or is it a metaphor?  Where does Season 3B find Adam, Blake, and Ders, both financially and erotically?  Is that Alice in charge?  Jillian not preggers?  Tez hanging around?  Surprise returns?  Costume Comedy?  Boogers?!?  

Stay tuned to the Workaholics Tumblr for more exclusive news about the episode and all of Season 3B.

Then tune in January 16th at 10/9 CT for the all-new episode “Booger Nights”, only on Comedy Central!


Incredible Eric Johnson rare shots of Aaliyah definitely rock our community today, but don’t forget about amazing video tributes to Aaliyah fans keep doin’ every single year! Here’s the one made by extremely talented Spally. Enjoy! ♥

Happy 37th Birthday to the Queen of my Heart, Aaliyah Dana Haughton ❤️ 

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and the immense influence and impact you have had (and still continue to have) on my life and who I am as a person. You are someone I can only aspire to be like, so everyday, I try my absolute hardest to make you proud. 

Though we miss you all too much down here, I just know you’re having a ball up there. The Heavens must be putting on a special show for you tonight, I can only imagine the collaborations that will take place. Eric will be having you in fits of laughter with his own unique renditions. You’ll sit perched on the edge of a cloud, clutching your stomach while joyful tears stream down your face…your melodious laughter filling the skies. At least, that’s how I like to picture you 🙏🏻 

Sing a song for us tonight Babygirl. Maybe if we listen close enough, we just might be able to hear you ❤️ 

I love you, always and forever…🌹

Happy Birthday Aaliyah

The last day of shooting of Season 3B saw this special message from our AD Mike Livanos on our call sheet.  

But parting is such loose butthole… and today, what in my opinion is the best crew in TV wraps production on one of the most challenging, rewarding, and overall exciting seasons of Workaholics yet.  

We all can’t wait for you to see it, starting January 16th on Comedy Central.